White spots on skin: what they are, why they appear and how to eliminate them

White spots on skin: what they are, why they appear and how to eliminate them
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white spots on skin

White spots on skin, those little hard white dots that suddenly appear near the eyes or facial area. They are neither pimples nor blackheads, what they are called is milium. This is a small epidermal cysts located in the superficial region of the skin. The do not contain sebum but keratin , the substance that makes up the most superficial layer of the skin.

Why do they appear? Who does it appear on?

Milium is very common in newborns , but can appear in any person, mainly when the skin is in the process of healing. This is due to the proliferation of epidermal cells within the dermis, which may be due to genetics or general healing process.

How to remove the milium

To extract these mini-cysts a deep cleansing of the skin is needed. It can be done by a specialized professional, or by using professional equipment like this one at home

There are techniques and equipment that facilitate the extraction of milium , which can become yellowish with the passage of time. Aesthetic clinics, for example, use ozone vapor immediately after exfoliation to help open pores and leave skin softer.

In this way, in addition to drainage, the use of exfoliating creams, diamond , crystal or chemical peels , application of retinoic acid and even the use of a microneedle may be necessary for the extraction of milium, in case it is required to break the skin that covers the cyst to drain its contents.

After removal of the milium , a high-frequency device can be used to help the skin heal and relax. A mask is also applied, usually soothing, according to each type of skin, for about 10 to 20 minutes, to reduce irritation and soothe the affected area.

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