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Cassey Ho is an award-winning fitness trainer, entrepreneur and online personality. She is the creator of Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on Youtube. In a revolutionary partnership, Cassey"s habitual structure, POP Pilates© which launched on Youtube in (**), has change into a stay class that will even be taken at every (*******) Hr Neatly being health club in the US. She"s the creator of the supreme-promoting ebook, Hot Body (***) days Spherical and is the dressmaker of her maintain activewear line, POPFLEX.


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my sister made me this this blanket I. mean yeah hey guys Cassey here I cannot. believe that in just a few days it"s. going to be a brand new year 2017 is. upon us and let me tell you um I"m kind. of excited for a whole new year look the. first Monday of 2017 is going to be on. January 2nd and I thought why don"t we. do a challenge together it"s not going. to be like any other challenge you"ve. ever done with me ever so I think all of. us need to be on board if you feel like. you"ve been working out super hard and. you put in all this time and effort but. your body still isn"t changing and. you"re getting really frustrated so let. me tell you the culprit is probably the. food that you"re eating it"s true and I. was in denial for a really long time so. if you feel like you"re in the same boat. this challenge is for you it"s only 28. days long we start on Jan 2 and we end. on Jan 29 so I need your commitment your. full commitment that you will stick with. me for 28 days okay so here"s the. challenge we are all going to go on the. 28 day Lisa what does that mean. basically you"re going to stick to whole. natural foods stay away from processed. foods for 28 days the reason why I need. your body to be in a clean state is. because we need to figure out what foods. are causing inflammation what foods are. bloating you giving you pimples gas and. all those sorts of things that sometimes. we feel like is really normal but it"s. not by doing this 28 day reset we"re. going to reset your body back to its. best state and the cool thing is when. you do that and when you feed your body. with these natural Whole Foods you"re. gonna feel so much more energetic and. your skin"s gonna clear up and that. stubborn weight you"ve been trying to. lose that stubborn fat it"s going to. naturally start falling off so here are. the rules for the 2018. you set you"re gonna miss five things. the first thing is dairy so I"m talking. about things like cheese butter milk. gone for 28 days okay the second thing. gluten so things like bread and pasta. set that aside for 28 days. number three added sugars so candy. donuts pastries cakes all those sorts of. things I don"t have natural sugar number. four processed foods so basically things. that come in package where if you look. at the ingredients you don"t really. understand what is in there five alcohol. no alcohol for four weeks I know you can. do this and you can be really fun and. happy sober it"s gonna be great. I know kind of sounds like I just said. you can"t have this this and this but. trust me you"re now going to make a room. for all of these other foods these. fruits and vegetables and lean a protein. that"s really going to feel your body. get you energetic and also clear up your. skin and if you look so good now the. second part of the challenge is I want. you to commit to working out six times a. week so whether that means you"re going. for a hike or a jog outside or you"re. following the Blogilates workout. calendar which is totally free or you"re. doing hit 28 for 28 days which is the. perfect companion to the 28 day reset. whatever you choose to do just get. moving I just need you to promise me. that you will commit with me and with. thousands of other pop stores all over. the world for the 28 days okay I know. you can do this do not give up on. yourself and once you finish those four. weeks you will feel how amazing it is to. be at your best potential physically. mentally spiritually you"re gonna want. to be gone so you guys are excited for. you feeling kind of confused as to what. you can eat no worries I took care of. you if you download the PDF right here. it"s completely free. I explained to you what meals. you can have in a sample meal plan and. why we"re omitting the things that we"re. emitting and how you can safely add them. back into your diet so that you can. figure out what is giving you food. intolerances for example for me I"ve. been playing on and off the dairy and I. know that every single time when I have. it I immediately get pimples on my face. I get super gassy and my stomach really. hurts. so once I started taking that out of my. diet my skin is now so much clearer. community and and I just go better right. some feel a lot better plus a lot of. Asians and Asians out there. we usually lactose intolerance so this. is probably a good thing to take out of. your diet anyway and I love almond milk. and cashew milk which is so many options. and I"ll tell you so good the other. thing that I started to take out of my. diet more I wouldn"t say permanently but. more seriously I noticed that when I. have foods of gluten in it I start to. get really gloating like not just kind. of you know feeling a little bigger like. looking like I"m pregnant you know I"m. talking about where the lower belly just. basically pops out and it"s just like. hard and full of air or whatever my. stomach just cannot handle it so ever. since I started taking out gluten from. my diet I really have felt flattered in. my stomach and just really a lot tighter. so those are the two things that I have. started to seriously take out of my diet. of course you have it once in a while. your body will bounce back you are. resilient and it"ll be fine but in the. long haul if you want to always feel at. your best you can we pay attention to. the foods you"re putting into your body. and how you feel afterwards you are. going to be your own best doctor and the. 28-day reset will help you create a lab. of your body to figure out what works. for you and what does it"ll find that. some people can handle certain things. that. cannot on January 1st before we start I. want you to keep your core picture for. yourself and like a Sports Bra short. nothing too scandalous guys keep it in. your phone and then after the challenge. is done on January 29th I want you to. take an after picture a grind inside. from the same distance so we can see how. the changes are if you don"t see too. much NORs. just keep going for a little bit longer. sometimes it takes a different mount of. time for each of our bodies to really. kick in the changes my body is one of. those types of bodies that takes forever. so don"t be discouraged I just want you. to keep going because what"s also going. to keep it going is how you feel and how. energized and lively you"re gonna be. also if you guys feel like you have a. hard time sticking to a meal plan or. just sticking to anything in general my. advice to you is to write things down so. I saw that a bunch of you guys already. got the 2017 Blogilates fit we are. almost out of these and I can"t believe. I did do a youtube video to show you. guys um but now I am the reason why I. really love this adjustment planner so. much is because we have water hydration. goals right here on top so you can color. that in as you go throughout the day and. you all stick to write down your. breakfast your lunch your dinner your. snacks as well as the workout you"re. going to do that day so for those who do. it like tip just write down like pin 1.2. or whatever and stick to it you can put. down the time you"re going to do it. because make it like an appointment make. it a date and you will not miss it hours. of sleep very important that is the. third pillar to your physique success. which is food workouts and sleep so. don"t forget try to sleep around seven. to eight hours a day if possible and. look there"s even a to-do list this year. which really makes this more than a fit. planner it"s like a life planner so. everything all in one. oh and I forgot to say I can"t forgot to. say this okay if you guys want the. official coin a day reset ebook and the. p20 program everything is on sale right. now. until January 2nd everything is 30% oh. and the code is pick 2017 that"s P at at. T 201 7 so make sure to get it now so. you can read up on basically how. everything works. guys you have all the options you have. all the support and you have a new here. the first Monday of the year to start on. what a better day to start then on. January 2nd plus my birthday is on. January 16 so I want all of us to do. this as my birthday present can you. promise me that give this video a thumbs. up woman in the comments below if you. are in and invite a friend to do it with. you because the more people who are. going to do this and the more support. you have the more successful you will be. ok everybody. you"re gonna stay committed for 28 days. we"ll celebrate with a night all right. ok I love you so much now soon. [Music]. [Music]. 


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  1. I’m thinking of trying it! Nonetheless, my husband is choosy and I cook dinner since it matches our schedule. Has anybody else who has a S.O. to possess in mind when trying this out? Thanks!

  2. I did this savor 2 years ago and I misplaced 4 kg in a WEEK !!! Idk if that’s completely wholesome but I didn’t starve myself or did I employ my day at the gym but the outcomes were crazyyy

  3. Kudos for the Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I’d fancy your notion. Contain you heard about – Taparton Total Cleanse Takeover (attain a google search)? It is miles a huge recurring product for discovering a extremely efficient health cleanse minus the headache. Ive heard some fine things about it and my GF after a protracted time got amazing success with it.

  4. 2 years later I possess to assign this out, I in fact possess complications with my health, expectantly this will relief me to assemble a lawful formula to dwell and I shall be in a recount to cook dinner as wholesome as which which you might also judge of whereas having fun with it. Who's in 2019 with me?

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