Yoga for Bootylicious Buns & Lean Legs- BeFit Yoga (Rainbeau Mars)

Yoga for Bootylicious Buns & Lean Legs- BeFit Yoga with Rainbeau Mars is a grand lower body-sculpting Yoga workout that became devised to burn paunchy, elongate muscle, and tone the legs, hips, thighs, and butt thru a series of strength-basically based mostly poses. Prepare to field your self and sculpt long, horny legs as World-Notorious Yoga Educated, Rainbeau Mars takes you via her efficient ways in which may shape your lower half of and compile you results quickly! Learn to level of interest your breathing, lengthen your balance and suppleness, reinforce circulation, release stress, and reinforce oxygen movement with this weird segment from the all fresh "BeFit Yoga" Sequence from BeFit, that contains Sadie Nardini and Rainbeau Mars. Rainbeau transitions you via several core-strengthening, lower body-firming poses that can pull the belly into the backbone, open the chest, and shape the glutes to occupy you ever turning folks"s heads and taking a bid your simplest very hasty. Turn into your self from the inside of out and tune in every Tuesday for fresh episodes. For additional free Yoga workout routines, Click Right here:

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hi I"m rainbow welcome to bodacious booty and lean legs this is the time where we"re going to get focused on that which we"re standing on we"ll start in a stance that"s a little more than hip width and then we"re going to inhale and just come down to a squat so if you can"t get your heels on the ground you can use a blanket if you want to modify follow our now so exhale you"re going to fold forward but keep the knees slightly bent inhale bend the knees you"re in a chair pose elbows to knees and then exhale we"re going to come on to one leg using the leg the entire time the muscles hugging the knee up into the chest I"m just drawing and then inhale extend simply extend exhale drawing and he"ll reach out so we are toning our bot here strengthening and lengthening our leg and at the same time creating world peace so we"re multitasking it"s awesome let"s do two more inhale shine out you might fall it"s okay and last time exhale go ahead and come back to squat in the center inhale exhale fold so you get a little blood flow and lengthen the backs of the legs and then back into a chair pose and we"ll move to the other side the easy side exhale draw in inhale extend so it"s all about the leg that"s on the floor it"s not as much important as like how far you lift this leg up you could bring it down a little bit further exhale come on up two more use the belly towards the spine and exhale back into a squat on an inhale sink down reach up on the inhale exhale fold keep your knees slightly bent and bend the knees into chair pose you"re doing great this time we"re going to step it back into a crescent position and just bring that knee to the ground the back knee to the ground you can bring your hands to your thighs or also to the sky and then all we"re going to do here is straighten the leg so you"re not going to even think of lifting the knee up but just straighten the leg bring the knee down straighten the leg down straight exhale and last time good okay and this time we"re going to come forward inhale reach the hands up exhale we"ll squat again exhale straighten slightly bend the knees good we"ll move to the other side Crescent pose knee drops set yourself up good and then just straighten the leg back good for one and two you"re toning your but your lengthen your leg you"re also lifting organs up off your chest for two more and good ok so last one and then we"ll come forward reach the hands up this time hold here inhale to squat down toning the thighs exhale to straighten the legs bend down halfway chair pose all of this is giving us a shapeless or a very shape full bodacious booty okay we"re going to go ahead and come into a rest so this is great for the hips bringing blood flow and circulation you"ll stay here or otherwise wrap it into Eagle pose you can use your legs and you can also use your arms to bring it one step deeper if you have your balance you can also bring your elbows to the legs or one to start to feel burn in that hip right keeping the knee bent we"re just going to release bringing the bottom hand to the floor so it"s right underneath the shoulder and then opening up into a Halfmoon pose Halfmoon is where you"re stacking a little bit so you should be able to bring a hand over a hand the back foot should be flexed the hip is right over the toes let"s take one more breath here spread across the chest and then we"ll exhale place that top hand to the ground and revolve around the toes are pointing towards the floor okay so this is a little tricky it works balance but it"s also great for toning the butt and the legs so stay here or use the floor to come up and twist all the way up to standing point the foot spread the toes it helps release this so as it"s a little easier that way so we"ll come back down on an inhale and we will exhale to come to standing you want to spread the toes this works focus coordination balance and after this things like handstands become even easier twist good and then we"ll release to the center release the hips come on down on an inhale exhale straighten the legs and fold or move towards straight exhale bend the knees into chair pose and we"ll switch to the other side the easy side take your hip release so either resting pigeon or eagle switching and crossing the arms breathe into the booty into the legs whatever is like that thicker tissue just allow the breath to create circulation fresh cells blood cells so from here we"re going to gently just look and see where your toes are make sure that their the foot is balanced whoo and then release into Halfmoon pose stacking the body so as if you"re like there"s a wall behind you shoulders move down away from the ears make sure you"re breathing if you"re not breathing you"ve gone too far and then release that top hand to the floor toes go down to the ground and so you"re lengthening this leg back up a hamstring as well as toning the but that"s up towards the sky so here the opposite hand will come towards the sky and then you"ll use your core to come all the way up to standing and twist point the foot spread the toes so just two more times you can do it it"s good if you can do it today it"s better if you can do it tomorrow you"re always welcome to modify but it"s that challenge that creates new neurons in the brain that allows us to continue to grow good we"ll switch go ahead and do a stretch we"re going to come into a wide stance we"ll just bend the knee over to the left you can bring the opposite toes up towards the sky you did awesome now lengthening the legs one of the things I just heard is if you want to have a really great but you have to open your groins and your hips so they"re all connected and then we"ll switch to the other side toes up foot flexes breathe take one more breath here and then just come into soup - or a baddha konasana feet together bound angle angle pose flush of the seat is going to come back and like I said getting into the groins and the hips you"re just going to open your feet like a book a book in which you want to imagine your legs your hips your butt being the most awesome expression of yourself that they can possibly be so thank you for joining us for bodacious booty and lean legs and we"ll see you next time thank you and namaste 


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