What Makes You Aesthetic Workout


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all right so it"s Friday beautiful out so we"re gonna do it on the porch again for exercises 1050 12 minutes it"s gonna be a lot of jumping around so you"re gonna have a really good cardio you should be breathing heavy after the first set so I"ve incorporated some different moves within the fifty seconds Callie loves the sunshine so she"s out she wanted a little bit of camera time and say hello so there she is hello how are you so she"s gonna go up in her chair like always and watch and we"re gonna get started alright but going all right here we go locked and loaded first one"s going to be surfer to squat jumps and then to pop office and then you"re jumping over again back note to squat jumps up and then remember to jump over come right up like a missile hit right down you should feel this in the legs almost pop up as high as you can all right that"s one next one it like should be burning five mountain climbers one five star jumps get as wide as you can three four five back down five star jumps alright put your shoes wow this is all legs get down as far as you can Wow alright this is a killer workout killer all right we got push-ups do push-ups one Burpee one took make sure you"re breathing get the legs up as high as you can go yes you have three rounds all right two forward lunges we"re just getting started two forward lunges two squats two upright rows back up try not to collapse the knee try to keep it straight on sit back in the squat upright row flip the bag back up squat and press that"s right on back of servers now if you can"t get up pop up as high as you can and then come back really try to absorb the blow and your legs with a good deep squat you want me sitting back you can"t do this squat jump just go down for two and then come back it"s brutal five mountain climbers five star drops get right down keep the hip still right back now if your legs are spent you can just do the Hat as a modification lot up all right I got push-ups - burpees it sucks now if you"re thinking this is easy think again because it"s not should be sweating by now modification all right lunges Wow lunch right forward right back it"s you squat and press get deep should feel this in your hamstrings and in your butt and then roll it up side to side flip the bag back up I sit right back put the bag back up really important not to arch your back either when you"re going down turn the core on all right boss don"t quit do not quit get their ticket a little bit longer do not stop man plans star B concentrate on your breathing [Music] five mountain climbers really drive that knee up get the legs out as far as you can go Oh push-ups Burpee tuck way up push-ups Burpee legs up baby back down Burpee give me atop your legs on heavy there"s something wrong you"re not going quick enough all right last one got lunges this has been all legs all jumping all the time all the time here we go finish it up strong get down as far as you can widen that base ready exercise hits the shoulders and also hits obviously the legs get right down nice white bass push right up throw it throw it not gonna stop not gonna stop there that"s it 12 minutes that was tough that was that was just as hard as the I"m all yours work out maybe even more so moderate it if you can"t do it believe me you"re gonna have to so much jumping just moderate the tuck jumps if you can"t get up do this jump up as high as you can with the Stars even just doing the motion a lot of this stuff try not to hop knees over the toes focus on that that"s gonna be a big mental a mental aspect of this workout because you"re gonna be tired toes might slow her knee might slip a little bit over the toll from time to time but really try to stick here stick your butt out and get a good squat in all right that"s it that"s all for today look at this thing look at Callie look at Callie just enjoying the Sun oh my all right that"s it we"ll see you all next week post your times and push your scores let us know how you did all right thanks we"ll see you next week you 

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  1. And I thought I changed into once being a shout little one for thinking this w/o changed into once REALLY
    a beast!! Ha! I did all 3 full! rounds and I’m feeling love 1,000,000 bucks πŸ™‚
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