Unhealthy Ass S-Hiit – HiitCombat #3

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okay hit combat one of my favorites 50.  seconds on 10 seconds rest this eight.  exercises and we"re going to go through.  this three times oh yes we are in two.  seconds time give me four head hooks are.  you ready four three two body hooks one.  two three four jumps imagine you have.  got a skipping rope and you have got to.  jump as high as you can all the way down.  when you"re doing your hook slow.  I want to flat back I want your knees.  not going over your toes when you"re.  doing your hooks get the whole body.  involved this isn"t just upper body this.  is every single muscle get that foot.  involved right from the fork right up to.  the top of your body get every single.  muscle working here 20 seconds left.  come on push as you notice I"ve got.  handheld weights on there one pound each.  what this will do is increase the.  exercise so if you"ve got the weights.  from the t-bar or if you"ve got.  something you can use get them involved.  six seconds push four three two last one.  okay abdominals get yourself on the.  floor I"m going to use my t-bar.  everybody that"s got your sandbags.  everything you"ve got that you use to.  increase where you get it you"re going.  to need it right now so lie on the map.  make sure your weight is over your head.  legs are flat or they can be bent if you.  want this less intense so all the way up.  what I want you to do is try and keep.  the bar above your head and head it.  towards the ceiling and only come up a.  slight distance engage the core and.  breathe all the way up all the way down.  come on push all the way lift them.  shoulders off and then hold it the.  reason that my legs are straight is.  because it makes this harder I really.  want you to challenge yourself challenge.  your body keep going and keep pushing.  try and add some weight you can always.  put it down we want to see changes and.  we want to see you doing things that you.  wouldn"t normally do push yourself out.  of that comfort zone come on six seconds.  five four three two last one okay this.  is probably one of the toughest.  exercises you are going to do especially.  by the third round you"re going to feel.  this for ski abs.  or in and out jacks for in and out legs.  and for reps have some shops of ski apps.  you come up to the elbows in and out.  jack push-ups open and together open.  together as fast as you can for four in.  and out in and out with the legs using.  your abs to bring it in and then for.  reptiles that"s left and right bringing.  your knee to your elbow with a straight.  body line so let"s see it again you.  should get three rounds of this easily.  come on push all the way out you go your.  back is flat you"re pushing you"re using.  every single muscle in your body right.  now come on push fall in and out you"ve.  got this I know you all over in 15.  seconds come on don"t stop reptile.  push-ups I need to get four more skips.  out of you come on nine seconds for more.  ski m76 come on five four three two last.  one absolutely awesome job well done.  you"ve got seven seconds then we"re.  going to do a squat and a kick you can"t.  do the squat I want you to do a deadlift.  with a kick we can find information on.  the website just head to the head to the.  website and these loads of alternatives.  there so this killed my legs it"s.  awesome if you add weight to this and.  you really make sure that you are doing.  your kicks correctly it is brilliant so.  you"re going to squat back when couch on.  your knees on going over your toes then.  you"re going to kick to the side as high.  as you can engage in every single muscle.  now watch my opposite for I make sure.  that my opposite foot is placed before I.  kick so place your foot and then add the.  kick don"t rush this it needs to be done.  precisely to protect your body from any.  injuries.  eight seconds keep that head high and.  breathe come on six five.  come on four three two last one I want.  to know what you thought about little.  exercise because it absolutely killed me.  with extra weight five seconds left four.  three two okay let"s go squat back flat.  back all the way again set and then kick.  set your intent with one leg and then.  kick with the opposite not flick.  the leg kick with precision all the way.  down side well done.  okay is your head high your abs in are.  you squatting all the way down really.  getting deep into that squat so when you.  come up and you click you feel in every.  single muscle keep pushing head is high.  breathe heart high making sure that.  you"re not locking out on any of your.  joints you"re not flicking your leg.  you"re kicking with precision come on.  twelve seconds you"re nearly there get.  me a few more in you can always put the.  weight down but please try to finish all.  the way to the end.  five seconds come on push four three two.  last one keep hold of your weight if you.  can do this with weight I would really.  really like you to give it a go because.  it will only push you grab a sip of.  water if you need one we"re going to do.  Condor so imagine you"ve got a bar in.  front of you you"re going to duck under.  that bar you can do this without weight.  but if you add weight and make sure that.  you"re keeping a flat back your absolute.  going to be working your legs are going.  to be working it"s going to be working.  your back your work in every single.  muscle now as you can tell I"m really.  going through the motion here and making.  sure that I work in every single muscle.  taking it slow and keeping my form as.  spot-on as I can my knees aren"t going.  over my toes on a sit back my back is as.  flat as possible and I"m imagining I"m.  going under a bar I"m ducking my.  opponent so come on 13 seconds all the.  way you should feel this on your legs.  your abs your obliques you should be.  breathing heavily by now if you"re.  adding weight keep pushing four three.  two last one absolutely awesome okay.  next one eight high knees left eight.  high knees right two burpees and I want.  to see that tuck jump add some weight to.  one let"s go eight knees left all the.  way come on eight really drive up flat.  back bent knees support your body.  vo your abs pull those bad boys in.  really drive as high as you can go for.  it.  burpees two of them tuck jump let"s go.  all the way down Burpee let"s go tuck.  jump.  so add the press ups get it again let"s.  see you I want to see some power I want.  to see those ABS working can you go a.  bit faster can you pull your abs in a.  bit harder.  can you drive those arms a bit higher.  really go for it come on 15 seconds then.  get two more burpees in let"s go to jump.  let"s go I know you"re tired by now if.  this is your third round like me you"re.  going to get tired you"re going to keep.  going because that"s where the changes.  happen that"s where we make things.  happen.  last one well done okay new exercise get.  your mats on the floor we"re going to do.  a roll with two two cabs either side and.  a jump so get yourself on your mat this.  is how it looks you"re going to roll on.  your mat then roll onto the side and do.  one two cab and then come up now to make.  this harder when you roll down feet off.  the floor shoulders off the floor.  one two cab rolled one took ab roll took.  again then come up so what do I want to.  see when you sit back making sure you go.  all the way down and then engage while.  you talk try not to let your feet or.  your hands touch the floor this is all.  about core and control hope you get and.  jump from the bottom keep going keep.  that head high and those ABS engaging at.  12 seconds I found really difficult it.  really challenges my core really.  challenges my balance so keep going four.  seconds three two last one.  absolutely awesome you should feel every.  single muscle hit again I want three.  rounds.  


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