Tone Your Legs with Dumbbells

When heaps of of us insist of dumbbells, they insist of workout routines for biceps, triceps, and shoulders.  However dumbbells can even be very without concerns broken-the total blueprint down to tone and design strength in your legs moreover.  On this video, Bowflex Health Consultant, Tom Holland, walks you by four workout routines you"ll want to moreover form the employ of dumbbells to tone your legs and bear them looking generous!

The workout routines shown in the video are:
1) Squats
2) Lunges
3) Deadlifts
4) Calf Raises

Build these four workout routines collectively into a circuit, doing three sets of 8-10 reps at a weight that feels hard, however still lets you preserve your invent.

Here are some assorted well being resources you"ll want to moreover win priceless: - Derive the total well being ideas you will be able to ever want to enable you to be healthy. - Head to the Bowflex Insider blog to read doubtlessly the most modern in all issues connected to well being and well being.

hi I"m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness adviser and here are a few ways to tone your legs with dumbbells so toning your legs with dumbbells what we"re doing is we"re taking body weight exercises we"re adding a little resistance so Katie"s going to walk us through a few of the most easy yet most effective exercises we can do we"re going to start with a squat so she"s going to go a little wider than shoulder width apart holding those dumbbells at her sides and she"s just going to squat down up and down give us a few repetitions Katie the more you want to challenge your legs the more weight you"re going to hold if you want to make it more challenging you add resistance how much resistance is up to you you want to challenge yourself without losing form but these dumbbells really help make sure that we"re challenging those muscles so squats with dumbbells another great exercise is a lunge let"s add resistance so katie is going to go into a stationary lunge one leg forward one back and she"s going to drop straight down once again holding those dumbbells at her sides adds a little bit more resistance a little bit more of a challenge to the movement and then she"s going to bring the other leg forward working both sides same thing dropping down focusing on one leg at a time phenomenal way to tone your legs third way is a deadlift a little bit more advanced so Katie"s going to hinge at the waist and just let those dumbbells fall down to the ground a little bit more advanced exercise but it really targets the glutes the lower back and the hamstrings nice slow repetitions you"ll see she has a little bit of bend in her knees soft knees that"s one way to do it a great way finally if we want to target one muscle group our calves tough one to get not with dumbbells so all she has to do is raise up those heels as she"s holding those dumbbells great way to add some resistance to tone those calves you want great-looking legs dumbbells are the way to go throw squats in throw lunges in some deadlifts finish up with some calf raises and there you have it great exercises with dumbbells to tone your legs for more tips just like this and more Fitness content please subscribe to our Channel get fit fast with home fitness solutions by bowflex at be fit for life 


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