This Is Why You're Elephantine! | BULKING & CUTTING MISTAKES EXPLAINED!!

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This Is Why Which you need to also very properly be Elephantine! | BULKING & CUTTING MISTAKES EXPLAINED!!

What"s going on Nation? I got a really special video for you guys today.  I"m going to eliminate all the confusion you might have about what to eat.  How much to eat whether your goal is to build muscle or lose?.  Weight and the reason why this video actually came up is because I do a lot of one-on-one Skype.  Consultation and when I explained this to my my consultations on my clients.  It"s like bells and whistles go off in their head, and they"re like.  Oh my God, how come I"ve never seen a video about this before and the answer is because I have made one yet.  But here. We are today. We"re going to be talking about it, and you"re going to love this video so much.  That when you think of the green lantern you"re going to think of me and not that Ryan Reynolds.  Fiasco that came out a Few years ago.  So what I did for you guys is actually made a whiteboard with some information on it.  I will put text across the screen if I feel like while.  I"m editing this video you guys can"t see what I"m talking about so want to make it as easy to understand as.  Possible for you now.  I will say that I have a custom meal plan app on my website.  That will do all these calculations for you and figure all this out.  I"ll post that link down in the info section below.  but.  You know whether you use my meal plan app or not to figure out your macros and your vitamins and minerals and all that stuff.  For your goal.  It"s so important that you guys.  understand basic.  Concepts like I"m about to explain to you so that as you"re reaching your goals you understand why you"re doing certain things.  Because if you understand the why behind what you"re doing?.  It"s going to make you more inclined to want to keep doing it because you know you know what"s happening.  Or why it"s benefiting you if you don"t understand why something"s benefiting you most of us don"t appreciate it.  So we just kind of slack, and I don"t want you and you guys slacking all right, so further ado.  Let"s get started all right, so let"s pull up my pretty board right here and as you notice.  I got it separating the two sides I got muscle game and I got fat loss.  And I did have these numbers in the middle right here, and all I did is I took some average numbers.  so we"re going to call this guy Joe because Joe is an average name my best friend"s name is Joe so it"s higher if your.  Name is Joe and said your average. You just know what I"m trying to say.  anyway, so.  Jill burns.  2,500 calories at rest and what that basically means is when Joe gets out of bed. He goes to work.  He does his thing he comes back home. Maybe he takes a shower. Maybe he has a friend over.  I don"t know, but what if I tell me goes the dead?.  He burns like 2500 calories.  Now that same guy if he gets out of bed does all that and goes to the gym and does a hot cool workout?.  He"s burning.  3000 calories and where I got that 500 Calorie difference guys.  most people burn on average between.  500 to 1000 calories when they train all I did was take the low end of that scale for my number.  And that doesn"t even really matter because I"m just explaining concepts to here to you guys.  You can you can apply this to you after this video is over.  So we"re going to go over here to muscle gain now.  Joe wants to start building muscle, and he wants to bulk up.  He needs a place in itself in a caloric surplus in order to do it now you have to understand guys when you"re building muscle.  You have got to eat more calories than you consume.  What does this mean it means you not only build muscle, but you will put on bits of fat.  That"s why when you guys say is it possible to build muscle and loosed at the same time.  The reason why you get usually a yes or no answer is because if you are an absolute beginner.  And you"ve never trained before as you start eating better.  And you start working out you will lose muscle and gain fat at the same time for the mere fact that you"re a beginner.  but if you"ve been lifting for a while.  You"re going to put on bits of body fat when you bulk. There"s no way to get around it.  You can make leaner gains.  We don"t put on as much, but you will see little bits of body fat.  But that"s why this is so important because I want you guys to bulk and be happy with your muscle gain.  But not look in the mirror and see that you"re setting to hold a lot more fat around your waist area.  We don"t want that. So the average is going to be between 250 to 500 calories a day surplus.  I took the higher end of that scale.  Which is usually what I recommend for people.  And that"s where we"re going to get this number and this number so what these two numbers mean is.  while Joe is on his rest a.  Tinis only burning 2500 calories.  He wants to build muscle make lean gains he needs to be consuming 3,000 and on days where he"s in motion.  And he"s burning 3000 calories because he worked out if he still only ate.  3000 he"s going to make no gains because there"s no surplus.  So what do you do? You boost your calories 500 on workout days?.  So now you"re consuming 3,500 on workout days and 3,000 on rest days.  And where does this 500 Calorie difference come from?.  for most people myself included I keep the fat the same and I keep my protein the same and all I do is adjust my.  carbohydrate intake and you take 500 calories you divide that by 4 because it"s 4 calories per 1 gram of.  Carbohydrates, and what do you get?.  125 grams of carbs so all I do is on days. We"re on that rest. Let"s say.  I eat 200 grams of carbohydrates on days where I go to the gym. I eat.  325 grams of Carbohydrates, and then on days where I rest.  I just reduce it back down to 200 very simple guys now the problem with all of this is that most people.  Only figure out what their macros need to be on days where they train so what happens if Joe stats to consume?.  3500 Calories a day every single day well if Joey works out three days a week and he.  Rests four days a week that means on each of these four days.  He is now in a calorie surplus of a thousand calories so each day. He"s getting an extra 500 so it"s.  500,000 1,500.  2,000 calories.  So every single week if Joe only consumes the amount of calories.  He"s supposed to consume when he works out every single day if you add up all those rest days in a month its.  2,000 calories a week that"s 8,000 calories a month it only takes about.  3500 Calories to put on one pound of fat that means every single month on top of the small bits of fat.  You"re already putting on because you"re bulking you"re going to gain an extra on too close to two-and-a-half pounds of fat.  every single month and.  Adds up really quick, and if you"re doing a five or six month bulk.  Let"s say six months that"s going to be close to an extra probably thirteen to fourteen pounds of fat.  extra that you"re going to have to lose and.  in my opinion.  And ain"t worth it because you"re going to gain the same amount of muscle.  doing the lean bulk that you"re going to gain doing the dirty bulk and gain all that extra fat the main difference is if you"re.  Dirty bulk you look like you look really fat and gross because you don"t want to look like that.  And if you were to do it the right way, you don"t gain little bits of fat.  And then only probably take you like a week or two to get rid of that if you wanted to shred down.  So that"s the main difference here you guys have got to adjust your calories for days where you"re training.  Versus days when you"re resting and when you"re bulking.  It"s super easy all you have to do is lower the carbohydrates down now that that"s out of the way.  Let"s talk about the fat loss section all right, so I got my chat back up here now.  Let"s say Joe you want let"s say. He"s done bulking let"s say. It"s the same guy let"s say.  He"s done bulking and he"s put on some muscle.  And now he wants to drop his body fat down to get shredded obviously.  I don"t recommend doing a massive dip in calories because there"s no need to and if you follow the same guidelines.  you can do the same exact thing just the opposite way, so.  Once again, BMR at rest 2500 BMR emotion 3000 we want to be on the higher end of the scale so usually I suggest.  250 to 500 Calorie deficit if you"re trying to lose weight I usually put people on the higher end of that scale which is.  500 so that means on rest days if your BMR at rest is 2500.  You should be consuming 2,000 calories on.  Workout days if you"re burning 3000 calories, and you want to stay within that range of 500 then you need to consume.  2,500 calories, it is very simple right any guys are watching this video, and you"re like oh my God.  This is the most simple thing I"ve ever seen in my life.  How did I not know that well hit that thumbs up button and I"ll teach you more stuff.  so now let"s let"s talk about down here real quick, so.  once again.  if you fudge up your meal plan and.  On days where you"re at rest and days you"re in motion if you eat the same amount of calories.  So let"s say you ate let"s say you workout days or 2500 calories if you didn"t adjust them and you continue to eat those.  2500 Calories on Days will you rest.  You"re not going to be losing any fat because there you"re going to equal out and now if you have the mentality.  behind your head that you can cheat a bit more on days where you"re working out because you"re working out and.  Your calories your calories end up being close to the 3,000 because you achieve it a little bit.  Thinking in your head it was okay.  Because you"re lifting.  well if you"re only burning 3,000.  And you ate 3,000 again you have no games you have got to have this deficit and remember so the average workout burns about.  500 calories, and that"s where I"m getting these numbers from and.  Typically well for fat loss. It can be a little different. Just because it depends.  how many calories you"re eating in total, so.  Obviously for bulking you have more calories to play with but when you"re when you"re losing weight.  Especially for women you might not have the ability to take away all those calories from your carbohydrates if you"re only eating.  150 grams of carbs a day or for some women they"ll eat as low as 100 if they"re really petite you can"t exactly remove.  125.  Grams of carbs if you"re only consuming 100 you know what I mean.  So you will have to play with your meal plans a bit more but for the average person watching this video.  You should be able to still remove the majority of those calories from Carbohydrates.  I would try to remove as much as you can from your cubs first and.  Then start pulling from fat and protein to kind of make these numbers match for your rest days versus your workout days.  So it can be a little bit more difficult to do that.  And I can actually help you in the form section of my websites very simple guys.  Don"t watch this video get frustrated because you don"t know your numbers.  Take action make a profile on my website go to my form section say these are my macros.  How should I adjust them to maximize my fat loss and we"ll help you out.  because that"s what we like to do on my website now for that same person though if.  You aren"t adjusting your calories all right? Let me pull this board back up if.  You are consuming.  2,500 calories on workout days, okay, A-And. You"re not adjusting your calories that means on days. Where you work out?.  Let"s say Joe is still only working out three days a week.  That means the nose three days are the only three days is having a caloric deficit of 500 which means for the entire week.  He"s only burning an extra 1,500 calories because his BMR at Rest is.  2,500 and that"s how many calories he"s consuming so the basically on those rest days nothing"s happening.  He"s just kind of maintaining and only burning 1,500 calories a week.  That"s not even one pound of fat after two weeks because that"s only 3000 calories and it takes.  3,500 to lose one pound of fat.  And that"s why this is so important to understand especially if you"re trying to lose weight.  Because if you don"t adjust your macros your weight loss will be super slow.  And I don"t want that to happen to you guys.  I do want to say one more thing if your goal is weight loss, okay?.  I actually have a video that explains.  It"s called how to build your meal plan I really want you guys to watch this video with this video.  And I"ll even post it as a link in my endcard after the video ends so you can click it right away.  It will explain to you how to do all these calculations.  To make sure you"re eating the right the right amounts of protein carbs and fat based on your body type.  And I also have the video in article format on my website. Where you literally.  Can highlight it.  copy and paste it and then put your numbers in.  Where I have mine and get what you need to know it"s super easy to do took a lot of work.  So make sure you check it out, but you there are certain windows where you can adjust your carbohydrates.  So that you can have rapid fat loss and that attica will go over this, but when it comes to losing weight.  You can get away with a bigger deficit if you"re trying to have rapid fat loss so for example.  I could even get people as high as maybe.  750 to a thousand calories a day deficit for a few weeks. Maybe like a month max for Rapid fat Loss now.  You do run the risk of burning a bit more muscle tissue obviously if you"re in that much of a calorie sit.  But if 500 calories a day deficit isn"t fast enough for you.  What"s not working as fast as you would like know that you can boost it out to like 750 to a thousand a day.  But if you start to obviously look in the mirror and see your muscles like deteriorating and depleting and going away.  Then maybe the deficit is too high for you the main thing is you have to keep in mind that?.  You burn a certain amount of calories on rest days you burn a certain amount of calories on days.  Where you go to the gym.  And if you do not adjust the amount of food you"re eating to make up for how many more calories you"re burning on rest.  You"re burning on workout days, and how many calories less you"re burning on rest days.  You"re not going to hit your goal as fast as you want.  so I hope you guys enjoyed this video - like my sixth take because I was making it so.  overcomplicated, and I wanted to make it as simple as possible my buddies were here watching me get frustrated because I up a bunch of.  Times because they look at them like I"m looking at my camera, and it"s like 22 minutes long.  I"m like oh my God just cannot be this long.  I need to be short and sweet so thumbs up for that thumbs up for refilling again if you have any questions.  Let me know down that comment section below.  Smash that like button.  Click that notification bell so you never miss a new video upload and guys I am super active.  On my instagram if you want to hang out with me, my Instagram is @Scotthermanfitness I do fun stories.  I do post every day especially when I travel is that I"m also.  It"s very easy for me to be active in my comments section so a really great place to get a hold of me and ask.  Questions, it"s not in the comments section on my instagram. Hope you guys enjoyed the vid and as always more good stuff coming soon.  See you guys.  you.  


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  2. I needed this video. I both indulge in ample to breeze laborious and manufacture a small bit more corpulent than I might likely well silent or my exercise depth goes down the drain. I didn't exercise into consideration having varied calorie wants for exercise days and relaxation days. I am subscribing.

  3. Thank goodness I lean bulked earlier than looking at this or else my mini-prick session would grasp had to been a tubby-blown cutting session lol. Soo ecstatic I watched this resulting from I for no topic illogical cause conception that you had to indulge in within the an analogous surplus on relaxation days due to the muscles desiring additional energy to restore themselves. It's agreeable to know that on relaxation days, you exercise the an analogous quantity of energy as your upkeep.

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