The Pilates Lengthy Stretch Sequence on the Reformer

In one in every of her Pilates Anytime Next Trainer Contest movies, Jessica takes her consumer thru these 5 feeble Pilates reformer workout routines: The Lengthy Stretch, Down Stretch, Up Stretch, Elephant and Lengthy Abet Stretch. For more tutorials and chubby length movies please discuss over with

hi I"m Jessica Blunt and this is my husband and student Brian Valon and he is an intermediate Pilate student and today we"re going to be demonstrating five different exercises on the Pilates Reformer for you long stretch down stretch up stretch elephant and long back stretch so we have reddit and a blue on our Pilates Reformer today so that would equal one heavy in one medium you can adjust the springs if you need to be reclining and here we go so we"re going to start standing up on the reformer I just have a pad here for Brian"s feet during long stretch so he"s going to have the balls of his feet in between the shoulder rest here"s a little wider than shoulder distance apart perfect and then he"s going to drop down into a plank to start you want to keep this beautiful long neutral spine during long stretch so when you"re ready take a big inhale and then exhale he"s going to come forward over the foot bar perfect keeping that long neutral spine to Sparty him and then inhale to press back filling the lungs expanding and keeping those abdominal muscles pulled in the whole time ribs knitting together beautiful so energy shoots out through the crown of the head and at the same time it"s pulling back through the tailbone so you have this oppositional energy pulling pulling pulling perfect with the legs you can see they"re super active nice job so when they"re about two more so we"re gonna inhale to press back and then he"s going to exhale pull himself forward you"ll see he"s not dropping down the shoulder blades at all which is great last one and then come all the way forward very nice somebody"s going to come down on to his knees and we move into down stretch so we won"t be our sticky anymore he"s going to have his feet up against the shoulder rest hands are basically in the same position knees come the same distance apart as the feet so now I"m down stretch we"re looking for a slight bit of extension through the spine shoulders are still really engaged in this Joe and so it"s like you have a string pulling you up through the crown of your head again belly button pulled in that"s perfect so you"ll see this little slope through the spine that"s what we want but abs are engaged is not sinking all them breathing is going to be the same so it"s an inhale to press back with the arms exactly and then the exhale is going to pull him in and then you feel this energy reaching up through the crown of the head nice job we will do a few more here perfect and then the exhale like the Rising Sun up over the bar to come back in so you want to wash during this whole series wrist pain a real common complaint during this series typically it actually has to do with weakness up in the shoulder girdle in organization problems up in the shoulder girdle so you"re just going to always check with that you want to engage through the lats which are going to feed down into the oblique muscles and help keep that entire abdominal corset engaged last one and then all going in that was perfect all right so we"re going to come up four up stretch I think this is the hardest of the bunch that we"re going to do so we"re going to come up and we"re going to be in a high heel position and what you really want to watch for what makes up stretch unique is this flexion that"s going to occur in the lumbar spine and really throughout the whole volume here so perfect exactly it"s going to start here let the head drop just a little bit more exactly alright so what we"re going to do is drop down so press the legs out and you"re going to keep a little bit of flexion in the lumbar spine as you do that exactly drop here just a little more tuck your tail yep there now he"s going to come forward like long stretch also bring your chest up over the foot bar coming all the way forward all the way as close to the carriage hitting as you possibly can then lift the hips up stay around it and the legs come underneath and those lower abdominal muscles are engaged the whole time exactly so we"re going to drop down drop the tail but keep almost a little squeeze on your buns as you do it yet then come forward with the shoulders exactly so over over stay round stay flexed yes and then you"re going to flex here to lift up and let the legs come underneath yes and let"s do about two more of those so we"re going to drop down so this is an inhale here to drop and then exhale to pull forward forward forward forward forward forward yes and then inhale to lift drop the legs one more time filling the lungs so long inhale there exhale to come forward all the way with the arms with the arms with arms yes yeah exactly and that lifts lower abs are working like crazy here perfect nice hamstring length exactly and then you can step down so all you"re going to do here the elephant is bring the heels down against the shoulder rest and we"re going to maintain that flexion so it"s just a nice flow straight into elephant here so maintain the flexion let the head again drop heavy and then it"s an inhale press back with the legs about six inches or so and exhale just to fold them underneath you yeah but around here more yes there so that was a perfect adjustment right good and then exhale to pull little belly is lifting almost eight you"re going to be punched up in the duct as the legs pull in toes or relax try not to grip the toes and again really nice work up in the shoulder girdle he"s not letting those shoulders creep up at all I"ll do it about two more inhale exhale so deep exhale to pull in last one and then exhale perfect and then last one will come down for long back stretch so he"s going to step off the reformer you got it thanks Chuck here it"s going great it"s a hot day here in San Diego so Brian"s going to bring shut up perfect so safely onto the foot bar with the hands on either side of the hips the palms are going to face back the feet are up against the shoulder rest and so he"s brought his tail off the bar a little bit so this already a lot of work up here so he"s going to press down away from the hands to lift up out exactly and you want that long spine that"s really the goal here so now keeping long arms you"re going to press yourself away from the bar yes so now tricep dip bend your elbows back towards me exactly now come back towards the foot bar and then lift up press through the arms and keep this long yep two more like that so in inhale out bend your elbows exhale pull in belly stay then and then lift up last one press out then the elbows legs are active go in and lift through the crown of head okay last time we"re going to reverse direction bend the elbows yes and then press it out and then straighten the arms and then pull it back in on the exhale yes two more inhale bend your elbows exhale pressed yep straighten the elbows come back in last one Bend yep watch the shoulders press out with the arms exactly straighten the arms up so think again energies lifting up come all the way in and tail back up on the foot bar and rest nice job how to use me up so thank you so much for letting us teach you today we have a great time we look forward to teaching you some more have a great day 


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