The Energy of Eccentric Practicing

What"s eccentric coaching, and why is it so significant to your workouts?  In this video, Bowflex Health Advisor, Tom Holland, explains what eccentric coaching is, and why it"s miles so significant to make certain eccentric coaching is a segment of your workouts.

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hi I"m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness adviser and today we"re going to talk about the power of eccentric training eccentric training is just the negative it is the down phase of any movement now most people lose that part of their exercise and not only are they diminishing the results when they do so they are raising their chance of injury to things that we don"t want an exercise right so by simply slowing down the movement we are drastically increasing the effectiveness of each one so it"s not how much weight we lift it"s how well we lift that weight so else is going to show us how most people do a bicep exercise incorrectly they swing really fast using momentum not engaging the bicep that"s the muscle we want so we like to focus on a two-second on the up about a three to four second on the down so she"s gonna lift up on a two count and go down slower when you go down slower it is much harder so you can"t use heavy weights weights that are too heavy for you and continue to do this for 10 to 15 repetitions and by doing that she is dramatically again increasing her results with lower weights and that"s a great thing we need to use weights that are difficult yet we can still maintain our form and by the way eccentric training applies to everything when you whether you"re doing a push-up or a squat you want to slow it down and don"t let gravity take over slowly lower the weight down bring it up slowly lower the weight down if you do that I guarantee you you will see incredible results for more tips like this and more Fitness content please subscribe to our Channel get fit fast with home fitness solutions by bowflex at be fit for life 


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