Shredding 8 Minute Abs Workout w/ Coach Kozak – 8 Min Abdominal Exercises – Abs and Obliques at Home

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Compile shredded with Coach Kozak"s 8 Minute Ab Workout! Our Stout 8 minute belly workouts routine will motivate you all tricks on how to your six pack abs. Poke to or for the workout"s directions, extra videos, free meal plans, and other health tricks. for the most life like likely free workout content routines for males and females at dwelling or in health membership. 

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hey coach Kozak here from Hassman.  and this is an 8-minute ab workout class.  this workout requires no equipment at.  all I"m going to do the workout with you.  and be there to push and motivate you.  through the entire thing feel free to.  throw me up on the big screen of your.  living room and workout along with me.  all right let"s go.  okay let"s get started start lying down.  on your back first of all we"re going to.  do is hold the clamp I want you to put.  your feet together your hands on your.  head.  and we"re bringing your elbows to your.  needs now I"m going all the way up to my.  knees which is the perfect method but if.  you"re just getting started and that"s.  about all you have that"s okay too.  now try your best to get your elbows all.  the way to your knees this first one.  we"re doing we"re only doing 30 seconds.  forget graded change to the next.  movement and switch okay next one we"re.  going to do a twist you either do a line.  knee twist or you can do a line leg.  twist the leg twist is more advanced.  version all the way back and forth side.  to side so it"s either knee twist right.  now for the leg twist you decide which.  one is right for you and you"re giving.  fitness level from the side so I decide.  very good and next one if you drop the.  ground we"re going right into a reach.  crunch.  I want you had feet on the ground I want.  you to bring your shoulder blades up off.  the ground every time and reach straight.  up through not coming forward like a.  sit-up we"re reaching straight up into.  the sky every time get your shoulder.  blades up off the ground reach reach you.  push in here agree we have another five.  seconds of this one and break okay next.  one we"re gonna put your hands under.  your butt legs out straight we"re going.  to do from zero to 45 degrees here over.  40.  we review those for 15 seconds right.  here zero four cuts out all the way up.  three or 45 345 I want you to breathe.  and push it"s an eight minute ab workout.  I want you to give you everything you.  got in this eight minutes okay next one.  we"re going 45 just 9 45 and 90 keep.  breathing all the way every time.  45 in half keep this pace up keep.  pushing yourself very good okay next one.  we"re going all the way up all the way.  down zero to 90 should be burning right.  now come on keep pushing yourself let"s.  go how bad do you want those ABS come on.  keep pushing let"s go let"s go let"s go.  many as you can get through to 90 0 and.  90 there we go good job come on you push.  ok next we"re doing side planks easier.  versions on your knee pull them yourself.  harder version is up on your foot giving.  us good straight line if you want half.  the time on this side and then we"re.  going to flip we"re going to do the.  other half the time on the other side.  just hold either here or underneath.  either way your whole grade obliques.  exercise red cord come on keep old you.  push okay switch under your other ties.  now and hold great job keep the oxygen.  going don"t forget to breathe breathing.  is very important good job keep pushing.  yourself.  almost so we got ten more seconds of.  this one come on keep holdin don"t stop.  open and three two one okay line back.  down going back to the ending we"re.  doing clams answer on your ears meter.  together oh geez.  let"s go thirty Seconds to this one guys.  thirty Seconds we"re all warmed up now.  pick up the bags come on pick up the.  pace Kiku.  push push push let"s go only eight.  minute workouts over eight minutes I.  need to go 100% Papes come on keep.  pushing keep pushing keep pushing.  little stop three two one all right.  line me twist or line leg twist your.  decide which side to side side to side.  come on it"s ours when I know I know I.  know your afterburning mine are too.  we"re more than halfway done no come on.  don"t stop now don"t stop now keep.  pushing through it keep pushing through.  it I"m burning too.  I can"t stop so you can"t stop okay feet.  on the ground we moon to the next one.  Bridge crunches let"s go shoulder blades.  off the ground every time don"t just.  crank your neck walk your bring your.  shoulder blade up off the ground and.  reach they can hide every time reach big.  it"s all come on keep reaching keep.  reaching good job come on keep pushing.  seven seconds left on this one I know my.  degree to get a good full ab workout.  every muscle okay good.  next one we"re back to the 45 zero to 45.  your 45 there you go good job it"s 15.  seconds at this level keep working keep.  moving keep moving okay a second we"re.  going to go for 45 to 90 you"re ready to.  make the switch.  okay we"re tight enough good job come on.  and as you can get 45 tonight keep those.  legs nice and straight abs are burning.  it"s okay okay full range all the way up.  all the way down.  I"ll live all the way down remember if.  you want to get a six-pack half of it is.  how nice strong abs with other half is.  you have to be lean so if you"re not.  lean enough make sure you go to an hands.  fit check out our guide you"re losing.  fat it"s free we don"t selling anything.  there everything there is free just.  download that meal plan follow it okay.  come on keep pushing I know office or.  two I"m getting tired too.  okay two minutes left back up on your.  side thirty Seconds record hole three.  the oxygen come on keep pushing keep.  pushing we got men and 50 seconds left.  in the day that"s it come on Oh slow.  down down now it"s not the time to slow.  down come on come on come on keep.  pushing stay with me stay with me hold.  hold.  come on almost there almost there hold.  don"t give up don"t give up four three.  two one switch eyes so chest min and a.  half left guys mid hapless.  come almost there we"re nearing the end.  look me up sweat you sweat now home do.  come on keep pushing don"t let up.  knocking up I want you to fight through.  it in the very end we only have a minute.  and 15 seconds left and I want you to.  give me everything you got put it all.  out there don"t hold back come on.  eight seconds hold it hold it don"t fall.  down I know it"d be easier to let your.  hips sink.  don"t let it sink push through all the.  way to one zero last one we"re either.  going to do a high plank or high playing.  for your knees but either way once you.  get up a bunch of hole right here I"ll.  go for my top it has to do for your.  knees but we"re hoping last minute.  keep holding people no no no 45 seconds.  left.  abs tight keep breathing keep the oxygen.  flowing think about why you"re here.  think about what your goals are focus on.  come on focus up think oh happy you"re.  going to be when you start leaning out.  your ass start coming in figure out how.  good that"s going to make you feel come.  on keep pushing keep pushing.  get a buck for this goal if you"re going.  to earn it come on fifteen more seconds.  guys I know I"m burning - don"t let up.  don"t let up only 10 more seconds almost.  there that"s ten come on fight through.  the end fight through the belt we"re.  almost there finish life finish line.  come on two one zero.  all right great job guys we"d make it.  all eight minutes every time you do this.  workout make sure.  you push yourself a little bit more if.  you take a few less breaks and when you.  got this one master there"s hundreds.  more free workouts at Hanscom calm and.  then there"s also that free guide to.  losing fat that I mentioned earlier that.  I highly suggest you pick up again i"m.  coach Kozak from has fit and if you like.  it check us out on Facebook and even.  subscribe to our YouTube channel I"ll.  see you again next time.  


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9 thoughts on “Shredding 8 Minute Abs Workout w/ Coach Kozak – 8 Min Abdominal Exercises – Abs and Obliques at Home”

  1. I exercise 5 occasions per week mon-fri im bout to launch week 2 the next day to come. Your videos helped me the first week. I real wanna dispute thank you and im gonna protect pushing for these 6-8 pack abs! :)D>

  2. my abs stopped responding at round 2. Kept at it anyways, nonetheless with an awful invent.Doing the 30 days anxiety to salvage in shape (from the classic determine applications). This is week 4 and its starting up to in fact feel expansive !I indicate it to anybody seeking a free exercise at house.

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