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(0: 23)- MY measurement, MY desires!
(1: 15)- SHF Meal Thought!
(1: 45)- Arnold Traditional
(2: 28)- Fan Artwork Winner!
(3: 12)- Tuesday Tune-Up!
(4: 15)- Tri-HARDER!
(4: 57)- Saturday Exercise Explosion!
(5: 34)- Studio Change
(6: 12)- Sean"s Particular Song
(6: 28)- BOOK!!!

what"s going on nation today"s februari 27th and this is your sh f Wiggly update i have been reading some comment on some videos that said Scott you"ve been doing this for a year and a half and you don"t look any different you should have gained 20 30 pounds of muscle by now blah blah blah blah blah blah blah you know nothing about fitness I look the way I look because that"s how I want to look that"s the whole point of Scott Herman fitness is we help you reach your goals my goal is to stay five percent body fat 172 172 super lame and super strong and that"s how it"s always going to be so deal with it and if the by your standards should have gained 20 30 pounds of muscle on a year well working out since I was 12 that means that by now 26 you should be the size of the Incredible Hulk doesn"t make any sense you regulate your size by your meal plan my meal plan is very strict it allows me to maintain muscle mass and get stronger if you need help with a meal plan go to Scott nerd Fitness calm and check out the meal plan sister that system yet sister system that we offer because what it does it takes your body your goals your height your weight your body fat and where you want to be and shows you how to eat towards your goals and you can change it daily weekly monthly as your body changes so super awesome meal plan check it out and check out the demo now let"s get to some fit and stuff alright so i will be at the auto classic this weekend if you would like to come over and check it out check out the booth we going to be at i will be the train like a freak booth be tons of free clothing and stuff they"re giving away apparently i"m going to be there on me like you"re a herman x here you go so make sure you come over say hi I"m gonna have my video camera out doing some blogging for older man that"s my other channel two guys haven"t seen it so if you want to be a part of that and have some fun come over we"ll be right next to the bsm booth which is obviously you know one of the sponsors of Scott hundred fitness it"s going to be super awesome time and no I"m not competing I just never really was into the competing stuff I didn"t mean I guess there"s two routes you can go and go competing or you can go modeling and I just said I"m gonna go model and that"s what I"ve been doing the modeling which brings me to to the fan out went out of the week Erin shields you made a super awesome cool amazing photo one of my goals I haven"t been on the cover of a magazine yet and I"m kind of waiting the cover that I want first is men"s health but they don"t let just anybody on the cover of men"s health to be in a movie or you know type a celebrity or whatever you just can"t be a guy who works out you"re gonna have like a reputation or following or be super famous so that"s my goal my goal is cover men"s health it"s been my goal since I was 18 years old and the photo that you made for me is me on the cover of men"s health many of you thought I actually got the cover which is awesome thanks guys that boost my confidence up but Erin shields awesome photo thank you so much you"re the fear not winner of the week Tuesday tune up this week or last week last Tuesday was cabin fever fitness a super awesome amazing routine for anyone looking to destroy the total lower body either at home or at the gym you can do them both places if you haven"t seen it yet make sure you check it out mrs. routine hits everything jacour well it does some core work the stability work down to work and hit your quads glutes hams hip flexors add up to his abductors calves your soleus your gas anemia sell these are the fun words you want to use anything from the weights down we hid it in the cabin fever fitness so make sure you guys check this out and you guys seriously you should share these work out with your friends you know if you like the workout repost it on your Facebook page do an email blast about it send it to as many people as you can Scott urban fitness about teaching fitness to the world so let"s teach it this Tuesday however we"re taking you know taking a reverse turn 180 going back to the muscle gain route I was in north attleboro what Sean last week I think on one monday night let me found a couple of different routines for muscle gain this tuesday is try hot up get that we said TR i dash harder try harder get it awesome yeah you"re gonna love it so super awesome tricep routine it"s going to shore your triceps and one of the side of the exercise explosion videos wasn"t actually called the weighted dip and the way to dip is in the try-hard routine as as well as some close grip bench in single long dumbbell overhead tricep extensions trying to that five times fast some seated overhead easy curl bar extensions and some other fun stuff i"m not giving away every single thing because you wait until tuesday but there"s tricep routines gonna put some serious mass new triceps so if you want to get the horseshoe make sure you check it out let"s see what"s going on oh so Saturday excise explodes like I said weighted dips the hip thrust crunch was the exercise I told you guys about that I invented that works awesome if you do this exercise properly you"re going to hit the middle to lower part of your abs and it"s going to destroy you 12 to 15 reps nigga be like oh my god I do that the end of my ab routine to give it a shot and I by the time about 28 it was I was like dying because this exercise you do kind of slow you focus on just like crunching it flexing ahhh it"s really good I already came up a part two of the exercise it"s like a film that big eyes soon but make sure you check those out studio update um the pain should be done by the first I should have lots of things moved around by the end of this month it"s just been crazy between doing everything but you know the wall is it done the standings done this you primed and painted by the end of this week and then things can really start rocking and rolling I"m super excited about it you know that I"ve been on the community page as much as I can but I"ve had to take some time off the community page to go to the studio and get things ready but once the studio is done productivity is going to shoot through the roof let"s see last but not least Sean click right here saying you guys a wonderful song about kettlebells I"m he"s saying it monday night as we were filming it was like two in the morning and he was really tired and I"m like let"s do this do these videos and he"s like no I want to sing a song about kettlebells it"s pretty good singing voice it makes you guys check it out that"s gonna be right there oh I almost forgot so a lot of you guys asked me if I"m gonna write a book and I do want to write a book and I"ve had like a bunch of ideas down of things I want to talk about you know but what everything else has been going on in the site if I if I ever leave you the t-shirts you know I didn"t release the t-shirts and tank tops two guys really wanted them you know I"m not gonna not just gonna do something to do it to you know bring money in you know what I want to do is release things to you guys that you want a lot of you requested that I do a book so I think of what I"m going to do first you start reading books again I used to read goosebumps all the time I"m just kidding you read more important books like that I am educated I have a four year bachelor"s degree in business management what"s top of the class but someone has mentioned this book and it seemed interesting to me it"s called the 4-hour body and i went to barnes noble to pick it up and from the photo didn"t look like it was that big it"s pretty thick book and it says on the back it says how to lose 20 pounds in 30 days without exercise on the uber simple slow carb diet page 70 how to prevent that gained while binging xmas holidays weekends how to increase that loss three hundred percent with a few bags of ice how Tim gain 34 pounds of muscle and 28 days without steroids and in four hours of total gym time how to sleep two hours per day and feel fully rested how to produce 15-minute female orgasms have a triple testosterone double sperm count how to go from running five kilometers 250 kilometers in 12 weeks how to reverse permanent injuries how to add 150 pounds plus to your lips and six months how to pay for a beach vacation with one hospital visit I kind of last part kind of sound of weird actually but you know it seemed interesting couple Herman I"d suggested that i read it and give our response to it so i think what i"m gonna do is i"m going to start reading it and then you know every couple chapters talk about it on my older remaining channel which is right here so i"m excited i"m excited to get back into reading i think i need something like this to kind of calm myself down in and the night so I stopped going to bed so late so this is what i"ll be doing reading this book and that i told you about it i have to read it because if I don"t guys gonna yell at me so that"s your shf weekly update for this week I hope you guys enjoyed it and as always mortgage stuff coming soon see yes 


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7 thoughts on “SHF Sunday Change: MY measurement, MY desires! Meal Thought, NEW Triceps Routine! E-book!”

  1. Lol
    Searching at this again and think it's silly.

    I indicate genuinely, Scott…why now not contact upon the genetic limits of natural athletes? Perchance half a pound of muscle a week before every thing, then it lowers as you advance.

    It is now not entirely unfeasible to be 5% the total time nonetheless man, you aren't 5%…

    Scott is setting folks up with unrealistic expectations.

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