Scoliosis Exercises – Exercises to Increase Scoliosis

SCOLIOSIS EXERCISES - EXERCISES TO IMPROVE SCOLIOSIS ⭐️Jessica again brings her expertise as a Bodily Therapist and Pilates trainer to this efficient routine created for folks with scoliosis. These scoliosis workout routines and stretches for scoliosis namely purpose immobilities and asymmetries in the backbone, on the side of core and hip strength.⭐️

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hey everybody thanks for stopping by so today we are going to do Pilates scoliosis routine with some other exercises thrown in and the first one is so popular I"m so glad you guys liked it so hopefully this will just give you some options to that so if you haven"t checked out the first one you can definitely check out Pilates for scoliosis part one and then add this to your routine as well so we"re going to work mostly on just a movement through the spine and I"ll talk as we go along so I"m going to be sitting here on the ground but if this isn"t comfortable for you and it definitely might not be you"re just going to find something to sit on two inches four inches six inches whatever you need you can even sit in a chair and do this entire warm-up that we"re going to do so it"s whatever is going to be comfortable for you that"s what matters that you can have both sit bones down and then you can be up in this nice tall posture I know that your curve is going to throw you a little bit one side to the other that"s why I want you to sit up if you need to so I want you to just find that level that you need to sit on that"s going to allow you to feel as tall as possible and allow your hips to relax a little bit okay so once you find that come hug back and we will start so what we"re going to do is just have the hands on either side and I want you literally to start to feel a little bit longer and each side waist but let your shoulder blades drop down so that"s going to be one of the keys to this is feeling the shoulder blades down as the spine gets nice and tall we"re going to sweep the left arm up and just lean over for what we call a mermaid stretch it"s just a simple side Bend and we"re going to come right back up bring the left arm down right arm over and sweep it over and we"re going to do quite a few of these in this warm-up so this is really meant to actually re-educate your spine so I don"t just want two or three stretches for people with scoliosis stretches are great but one or two stretches isn"t going to make a big difference as much as literally retraining your body how to move one direction is going to feel much different to you obviously than the other direction when you"re doing these side bends and you"re just going to go with it I don"t you to judge yourself I don"t want you to get upset where you feel tight all you"re doing is letting your body move a little bit feel the movement feel the tightness that"s cool it"s fine and you"re just kind of working into those tight spaces a little bit and maybe each time you go over you"re getting a little bit looser or a little bit longer so on this one we"re going to reach over stay there just for that nice open stretch try to keep the sit bone down and let"s lift bring the hand down and over to the other side and then back up alright so that was our side Bend we"re going to do a similar exercise for rotation so I want you to bring your hands up towards the ceiling we"re going to rotate to the left first you"re going to come down your right hand comes to that outside of your knee your left hand comes behind you you"re going to come back up and switch sides and again all of these you can just do sitting in a chair or sitting wherever you need to it"s more the idea of either side bending or rotating through the spine motions that they may not your spine may not have done in quite a long time inhale and then the breathing is important as well exhale and inhale breathing is going to help your spine move so just find a breath pattern that works for you and rotate and up and we"ll just do a few more here again it might seem like a lot of repetition but that is the point that"s what I want I want repetition and consistency which if you watched the other video you know I talked a lot about okay so on this one we"re going to go over and again we"re just going to stay there you don"t need to really crank or twist on your spine here it"s just a gentle rotation I really want more that idea of lifting up pulling the belly button in towards the spine and let"s sweep the arms up and go to the other side and again maybe a gentle rotation and then a lift rotate lift so you"ll see there"s Pilates exercises through this and principals there"s a little bit of yoga there"s definitely physical therapy that I use for my patients and then let"s come back up arms come down and I want you to walk yourself out and we"re just getting a stretch in the back but also a stretch in the hips especially if your legs are crossed at all you"re going to feel this in your hips and let"s just walk back up if your legs are cross just cross them the other way if they aren"t that"s okay just leave your legs where they are and we"ll just do the same thing just forward fold or walk yourself out and then we"re going to walk back up from there and then we"re going to come around onto all fours so some of these exercises are going to be similar video to video because they"re so important for the spine let"s start here hands under the shoulders knees under the hips and let"s exhale to round and then inhale to arch it just lets you practice a little more let"s you add some different components in here too I don"t want you to worry the key is not worrying about what spots are moving what sparks aren"t moving just move just let your body move and if it"s a little bit tight there that"s okay see if you can maybe put a little more breath into the tight spots or maybe just go a little bit slower in the tight spots but your body will find a way to move where it needs to if you"re consistent with these exercises okay let"s go halfway in between so this is your neutral spine this is going to be a little different it"s a side then what I want you to do is think about having a tail and you"re going to twist and look at your hips so I"m looking over my left shoulder I"m sticking my left hip over to the left and trying to look at it then I"m coming to the other side and trying to look at my right hip so it"s like I have a tail and I"m just wagging my tail side to side looking my tale then the other way keep pressing away from the hands we"ll just do one more in each direction and then let"s come back to centre knees come wide press back for a child"s pose and then here - we"re going to add some stretches I want you to walk your hands over to the left let the right hand cross on top let"s stretch out the right side and let"s come back to Center and take it to the other side and then we"re going to come back up to all fours and add some strengthening to that so we"re going to find your neutral spine again which means you"re going to round and then you"re going to arch and then you"re going to find the halfway point in between those two and I want you to bring your right arm out in front of you so the key here is not letting your spine move at all when you do this I don"t want your tail to stick up I don"t want your abs to drop and then you might just hold this if you"re okay with it the left leg is going to go back behind you and I am i right arm reaching forward left leg reaching back and my belly is pulling in so we"re strengthening every muscle in your core and in your back here it"s called spinal balance and let"s just come back down and find the other side take the left arm in front of you so it"s really important not only just stretch and get movement in the spine but then to strengthen the areas around it now take your right leg back and breathe and then come back and we"re going to do that again alternating sides right arm left leg slowly come back down left arm right leg and just check yourself each time to make sure that the spine isn"t moving around that you"re keeping the core engaged feel like you have a glass of water on your back and on tailbone and you"re trying to balance it there and let"s do make this one the last one and come back alright we"re going to take it straight into a plank I want you to take your hands forward slightly knees come back knees together and we"re going to shift forward into a plank on our knees we"re going to start with a modified plank here make sure that elbows aren"t locked so another great way to engage the core is to work on flanking squeeze the legs together nice long spine if you have wrist or shoulder issues you can do this down on your elbows right here which is just fine okay now let"s just take it back so your choice we"re going to do another plank you can either stay on your knees or you can come up onto your toes so I"ll show you toes version you"re going to do toes separate your legs to hip distance and lift up onto your toes and again we"re just going to breathe and hold it make sure that elbows aren"t locked you"re nice and long here all right now from here I want you to take it back into an inverted V if you"re familiar with yoga it"s similar to down dog this also you could just do on your knees if you need to all right now what I want you to do this is going to be a little bit different in a little advanced you"re going to round out your spine okay so from here think cats instead of being a flat spine I want you to round round round you"re going to come forward over your toes and then lift and here is your extension okay over your toes round back into your flexion so this is just like our cat camel that we did except it"s up and we"ll do one more onto long arms and long legs so like I said this one"s going to be a little bit more advanced so just skip it if you need to I just want to give you some some of you an option to work into the core let"s come back into plank and then knees down and send it back very good and roll your spine up and then we"re going to swing the legs in front of you so some of you have asked about having surgery for scoliosis if you have rods implanted in your spine if your fused a lot of these are going to be out of the realm I know for you if you have that so we"ll work on another video that works a lot on hip stability and strengthening if you do have that going on so if you have a fusion in your spine for any reason if you"ve had surgery anything like that then obviously you"re not going to be rolling through the spine so keep that in mind please with these so we"re going to have legs out in front of you arms in front and I want you to curl your tailbone and roll yourself down with control till they"re all the way onto your back bend your knees nice long spine here also knees are bent we"re going to go into a bridge exhale curl the tailbone and roll yourself up so if you"ve done video one you know we do a lot of pelvic tilts and a lot of bridging inhale exhale curl and roll yourself back down so we"re just going to add some stability to this so what I want you to do is roll up curl the tailbone inhale at the top exhale roll down we"re going to do a future warm-up and then we"re going to add a little bit of hip stability so what we"re doing is strengthening loops and hamstrings and hips and then also working the mobility through the spine and I"ll show you a couple different things we"re going to do so on this one we"re going to roll up and stay there alright so stay here now I want you to feel like your hips are on a skateboard and what you"re going to do is take your hips over to the right one inch and then roll down one vertebrae hips now to the left one inch and roll down one vertebrae right and roll down left and roll down right left and work yourself all the way down your spine this is going to feel a little bit funny and a little bit slow but that"s the point this is so good if you could do ten of these a day I won"t make it you time we"re just going to do two okay so once you get to the bottom curl your tailbone roll yourself back up in a normal bridge okay get to the top you"re on a skateboard again take your hips to the left then roll down an inch then take them to the right 1 inch and roll down basically one vertebrae or one inch so what you"re doing is try not to let your knees move to actually try to keep the knees still and it"s just the hips moving side to side and then you roll side roll side roll so we"re trying to make each little vertebrae move on its own all right inhale the bottom exhale curl we"re going to roll back up and do a little more for the hip stability now try to keep the hips centered and level lift the right leg up to tabletop lower it down left leg and so your goal is to keep the hips lifted not let anything else move so one of the keys to schools is getting those hips nice and stable and strong inhale exhale curl rolling back down they"re a nice let"s hug the knees into the chest keep the right leg left leg straightens out left hand onto the knee take it over your body and across for a rotation stretch so your knee is to the left you"re looking to the right come back up let"s switch sides over feeling that length as much as you can from fingertip so on this side left finger tip down to the left knee and then come back to Center let"s straighten both legs out arms are back inhale exhale tuck your chin and we"re just going to try to roll up one vertebrae at a time if it doesn"t happen that"s okay you"re just going to roll to your side and sit up over your legs three step and let"s bring the hands down and we"re going to come back to our starting warm up a little bit just to see if it feels any different so you"re going to sit up nice and top whatever position you were sitting in to start cross-legged or find your chair or your bench we"re going to bring the left arm up and up and over inhale and exhale and just see if there"s any more freedom of movement now than there was feel like you"re moving in between two panes of glass so you"re trying not to rotate forward or backward last one and let"s come up and we"re going to do the same thing with our rotation turn inhale up and turn so maybe just maybe you"re rotating and side bending a little farther maybe it feels a little more free and back up and let"s bring hands down and again just go into your forward fold here possibly walking your hands forward restocks switch the ankles if needed one more inhale exhale tuck your chin walk forward and all the way back up and thank you so much for joining me today and I hope you have a great week 


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  1. Are you presupposed to build up out this the fashion she does it? I mean she's doing it hasty and isn't this long for a beginner?

  2. Handiest scoliosis video on youtube… by some distance. I've been in anguish for years, and whereas other videos helped me a bit, this specific one is the one which has launched the most power in my spine and the leisure of my encourage and hips. I guess it need to be the combo of the exercises which works so neatly for me. Doing this twice a day, noticed a huge distinction after the first durations, and a honest increased feeling after doing 7 of them.

  3. i'm starting on the contemporary time! how many times raise out you reccomend doing the exercises?, i carried out wearing my brace for the reason that docs instructed me to, but i'm staunch a bit afraid.

  4. okay so i were going through scoliosis for the past three years.Within the beggining i used to be at a extraordinarily execrable degree danger 64 degrees upward and 53 downward.I used to be instructed i had to contain surgical treatment but then opted for a brace or corsett then yet again you may maybe perchance perchance perchance also name it.I in level of fact were through hundreds of of physiotherapy plans and these excercises were an unbelievable facet blueprint to build up out on the fitness center or at dwelling when i used to be off my in fashion therapy.

  5. Jessica, thank you, thank you thank you. After having carried out this video for about a years, practically on day by day basis, I went for a bone density scan the different day. I in level of fact like a practical curvature within the upper encourage. The bone density showed my hip and spine improved. You may maybe perchance be so accurate – consistency is the main. I raise out 5 – 7 times per week. Thanks yet again! By the fashion, I am 63 years young.

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