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I'm at Buckingham Palace and we're gonna invent you be conscious cherish a royal princess. A royal Pilates princess that is.

Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness teacher, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was as soon as also objective nowadays named FITNESS Magazine's Most attention-grabbing Wholesome Residing Blogger.

hey pops does Cassey here and welcome to
Buckingham Palace today we have a very
special workout for you the Royal
hotness workout I'm going to target your
abs your bum your thighs your legs arms
everything and I will not keep talking
like that the whole time because you're
probably gonna kill me
I bought this special hat just for all
of our London workouts so you'll know
that every time this pink thing comes
out we are in the UK so I'm gonna take
off my jacket and we're gonna get down
we're gonna get down and royal style
let's do this alright guys so start off
standing on the edge of your mat go
ahead and roll your shoulders back
inhale through your nose exhale through
your mouth and go ahead and bring it
forward big wide-open chest stand like a
princess long neck tall back bellybutton
and I want you to crawl down your legs
nice and long and then walk all the way
out to the edge of your mat right there
go ahead and hold it in plate belly
button in tailbone tucked if your wrists
hurt go ahead and come on to your
forearms and just hold it right there
for me very nice okay so I'm going to go
back on my hands but you can stay right
here what I'm gonna do is go into that
advanced plank okay so lift up your
right arm and your left leg and let's
just hold it right there really strong
tight core inhale through your nose
exhale through your mouth point the toe
point the fingers and place it back down
other side let's go reach long hold
focus eyes in one place you've got it
keep going guys hold hold hold three two
one and bring it down beautiful now
Pippo is known for having a really
awesome butt right so I'm gonna work the
butt right from the beginning hands down
right here or on your forearms I want
you to lift up that one like let's go
ahead and pulse lift lift lift lift
again keeping that tailbone tucked and
that belly button in keep pulsing so
we're working your abs and your booty at
the same time and that's what I love
about Pilates everything is like a
double triple quadruple whammy
beautiful lift lift give me ten nine
eight seven good six eyes four five four
three two hold one and bring it down
other side let's even it out and lift up
up up every time you lift that like I
want you to squeeze your booty nice and
tight beautiful keeping that back nice
and long I don't want to see any dips no
tips good and give me ten nine eight
seven six five four three two one and
down press up into that down dog press
your heels into the mat and me bending
really getting that nice calf stretch
good good good and down onto the knees
Child's Pose now we're gonna go right
into our oil riggers so both hands in
front of you one leg nice and long in
the back point that toe our elbows are
gonna come right by your shirt's so
you're gonna inhale down and you're
gonna exhale lift okay really working
that tricep getting rid of those been
going good and lift today is such a
beautiful sunny day but the great thing
about England or London at least felt
like randomly rains and then it doesn't
rain the Sun comes out and then it goes
away I have no idea but honestly I'm
loving it here I'm loving the energy -
ready seeing so many of you guys in the
streets already I hope to run into more
keep going give me three and left come
on give me that power two and up last
one point that toe down and one quickly
switching the leg evening it out and
let's come down and lift you know what I
like my hair cuz I surely do is like 20
pounds 20 pounds it was quite expensive
but I'm gonna wear it with all of my
London workouts and so you'll know it'll
be like a special workout one of our
international ones good down
and lift lower and up you can give me
three more three and lift - one more one
and up and bring it all the way down
excellent job now on to your knees we're
going to work those thighs inner and
outer and the booty at the same time
hands in prisoner position elbows wide
bring down low hand and onto your hip
long beautiful legs go ahead and circle
circle forward really killing that booty
and trimming down those thighs you know
what I like that this hat - keeps my
bangs out of the way and my bangs are in
a really awkward growth stage right now
they're like too long to be bangs but
they're like too short to be real hair
so actually this headband is helping me
a lot
good keep going ford ford ford for
pointing the toe lovely job lovely keep
going and you will give me ten nine
eight seven six five four core tight
three two one reverse that leg on you do
not put it down ah you keep it up there
that's right I'm watching you
and all these people are watching me
keep going
pointing that toe love it and you're
probably asking just Cassie care that
she's doing it right in public in her
booty shorts and um no I I don't I'm
doing it for you that's why he going
give me ten nine eight seven six little
bad burns at five four three two one
list oh ho I have one more for you
pulsing up with up up up that's right
I'm so mean that's how we do in the
British land or whatever you probably
don't call it that
my friend Steve is behind the camera he
just laughed at me he's a real English
man and he thinks I'm just nuts he goes
Lizz Lizz live come on higher give me
nine eight seven six five four three two
one and down Oh give that a British
booty pot awesome or a bump at right go
ahead and bring the hands behind all the
way down and lift that leg out pointing
the toe again going forward nice tiny
circles beautiful inhale through your
nose exhale through your mouth I love it
keep going guys now this side might hurt
a little bit more just because we worked
the other but already so now it's
holding you up excellent job and you
might remember these from that workout
perky butt and long lean legs one of my
absolute favorite so easy to do that's
so effective ten more now give me ten
nine eight seven six five four three two
one reverse up like they'll put it down
nice keep going it's on your head
it's all in your head if you tell
yourself you can you will okay forget
that pain think about the vision think
about the results you got this give me
ten nine eight seven six five four three
two one last pulse it moves come
on bring it up lift lift lift oh yeah
that booty is burning and it feels good
I really love it and I hope you'll love
it too
booty work in front of Buckingham Palace
we're doing it royal style give me ten
nine eight seven six five four three two
one and down Oh another British booty
pot that was awesome
okay we are going to end with some ab
work because hello hello can you end a
royal workout if we don't any do any abs
so come back on to your back hands
forward inhale through your nose exhale
slowly roll down with control beautiful
hands long behind you inhale through
your nose on the exhale go ahead and
peel your back off the mat into a
Pilates roll-up really extend
that's fine your princess-style came
till there's like a book on top of your
head and your spine is tall you're gonna
roll all the way back good inhale
through your nose exhale lift all the
way up very very tall coming down and up
again lift and hold halfway right here
into that earthquake hold it hold it
hold it
all right now do a little bit of growing
and you're done okay so keep your legs
right there
you're gonna wrote down infinity sign
and other side and down and side and
side very good I'm gonna make it a
little bit harder to one bring those
legs up press back back good job
come on keeping those lightsworn knees
together toes together we're almost
ten more of these figure eights ten nine
eight seven case smile and Kate Morgan
push hard oh you've got five four come
on three two one and bring those knees
all they went give them a big high yay
guys good job that was brilliant
I don't know every time I talk British
my like voice goes up like ten octaves I
have no idea then I sound like Julia
Child anyway great work let me know in
the comments below if you like this
workout and what you think I should do
in my next UK London workouts wearing
this hat and I will see you later I love
you so much

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12 thoughts on “POP Pilates: Your Royal Hotness Instruct | Invade London”

  1. June eleven calendar, i true watched by it! Took a little bit damage from the final ones and I'm ready for this one! Looks to be tricky I'm quite panicked!

  2. Here is formula too exhausting to stop with… I modified into falling over within the leg circles XD June 22

  3. I'm so ecstatic u didn't talk love that the entire time because I would die of laughter haha you're droll cassey

  4. You would possibly well successfully be the most straightforward I and not utilizing a doubt enjoy misplaced 5kg by doing all your work outs and drinking wholesome I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!

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