Pillow Workout for Slothful Days | At Dwelling Ab & Butt Workout routines

Are you ready for a entire ab, thighs, and booty workout the utilization of...factual your PILLOW!?! Or no longer it"s a ways the finest at dwelling workout routine. No equipment. No gym! Nonetheless do now not be fooled by the comfiness. Your abs will likely be shaking, your thighs will likely be burning, and your butt will likely be on fiyah!


Bridge pulse
Thigh grasp
Single leg bridge pulse
Toe drops
Pillow circulate
Diamond hammy curls

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hey guys Cassey here I hope you"re having an amazing holiday season and I hope you are choosing to stay active because you don"t have to wait till January first to get started we can start right now I decided that today we"re gonna get a little bit comfy we"re actually gonna be doing a polar workout so grab your most favorite softest comfiest pillow we"re gonna use this to help work our abs and our booty it"s gonna be really fun and so go ahead and roll out your mat and let"s get started alright guys go ahead and grab your pillow from your bed or a couch it doesn"t matter make sure that it"s not one of those itchy pillows with all the sequins or else I think you"re gonna hurt your knees as you do this workout okay so first thing we"re gonna do Bridge go ahead and squeeze that pillow nice and tight in between your knees this will activate the inner thighs and we"re going to lift up slowly just like that okay roll your shoulders back place the upper back into the mat relaxing your head hands down on the mat and you"re simply gonna drop the hips and lift I mean this is your bridge pulse pretty standard but because we"ve added the pillow element here you"re actually working the inner thighs at the same time which is great because it"s a double whammy move nice lift and lower up and down in fact I feel my quads firing up too because I have to hold something cuz you know when we"re just doing the regular bridge by itself you"re lifting your pelvis which is still really hard but here we"re activating so many more muscles and really forcing them to keep this pillow in place because you don"t want to drop it you are not going to drop it okay down and up and low and lift perfect good keep going inhale down exhale up boom and lift so are you the type of person to decorate your apartment or your house for the holidays I always feel kind of conflicted because when you put it up then you have to take it down and I don"t know I I"ve only it was when I was living at my parents house when we decorated like like I don"t know I think they decorated like once once out of my entire life we put some icicle around the edge of the house and then we like kept them up way too long because you know those neighbors that just don"t take the under decorations I mean that"s really annoying so I don"t want to be one of those people so sometimes I just I just don"t decorate but inside I think I"m more of an indoor decorator you know what I feel like I can I can handle that a little bit more four and three whoa feeling it too hold it up one okay guys lifting it up I"m gonna just if I pill a little bit cuz I felt like it slid all right now I want you to simply squeeze in in in this is basically the ThighMaster okay pressing in in now my pillow seems to be a little bit squeezed over a lot squeezable if you have more down inside or more fluffiness inside you"ll have more of a squeeze factor but the thing is I am feeling so much right now because I"m trying so hard to squeeze and touch my other knee whoa while keeping my butt up this is crazy oh this is harder than I thought in in relaxing the shoulders lengthening the neck good guys you"re feeling that this is actually wild right now boom boom boom keep going give me eight seven six five four three two keep it up all right we"re not going down I know you"re in this with me go ahead and raise one leg hold it that"s all I want you to do hold it now bring it down other side hold it pointing the toes lifting the hips and hold it good stuff one more time on the other side hold it now we drop and lift your razor legs nope come on down and Oh whoo firing up that leg feeling crazy four and three and two and one bring it down relax in the air not down Oh other side ready and down and up low and lift so good guys keep going very nice and four and three and two and one oh my goodness okay guys place the pillow in between the heels okay see how my heels are like this my feet are flexed gonna place it right in between it"s gonna be very wobbly all right what I want you to do is place the hands underneath your tailbone like so we"re gonna go ahead and perform Froggers if I can keep this in-between alright that"s part of the challenge keeping your feet flexing a V you"re going to press it out and bring it back in whoa my pillow is doing like a somersault okay that means you know what that means I haven"t squeezed it tight enough so it"s telling me then we need to get a little bit tighter here boom stay in there stay in there here we go huh and we"re coming out and in oh ho oh man these are hard these are hard and this pillow is feeling so heavy right now keep the feet flexed you"ve got this for four and three your knees are staying wide wide wide wide - one more one and in wowsa okay move the pillow to the knee area okay now I"m gonna go ahead and activate the ABS upper and lower what I want you to do is place the hands behind the nape of the neck knees in tabletop lifting up right here and look if you lift up high enough you we"ll start shaking without even doing anything right now because your body is like uh what"s going on okay elbows wide neck long we tap the toes we go back to tabletop we tap the toes back to tabletop very nice just like that inhaling down exhaling up inhaling down shoulders staying off the mat eyes looking forward we"re not tucking our chin all the way into our chest we are opening up good down and up two more low and lift one more down and up okay so that was the baby version of what we"re about to do next which is the pillow pass it is basically a combination of double leg lifts and and then holding a pill and putting it over your head okay so bring the legs up bring the legs up go ahead and squeeze it between your your calves and your feet you"ll point the toes or flex it"s really up to you and we begin bringing the hands and legs out bringing it up passing pressing the heels together just like that y"all inhale down exhale lift inhale down exhale lift so good you know I feel like I tricked you by saying that oh it"s gonna be a comfy pillow workout which it is but this is actually really hard I think I checked myself keep going four and three nice two last one one and in okay guys okay now I want you to slowly get up and you"re gonna grab one more pillow okay because it"s gonna be for your hips so I"m gonna pick this guy this guy looks nice and fun so this one"s gonna go right here so that it can save your hip bones from jutting into the floor if you don"t have one just roll up your mat into am a little speed bump okay so try to put yourself down so that your hips go right on top of the pillow and then this is gonna be the hard part you have to figure out how to place pillow read the heel part of your leg right there okay excuse coochie-coochie are we good are we good okay now in the same position that you were with me Frogger I"m gonna do the same thing with the heels here so heels are pressing into the pillow all right my toes are flexing out my hands are gonna go right underneath my forehead okay making sure that my neck is in line with the rest of my spine my knees are out wide in diamond shape now what we do next is we lift up we extend and bring it in extend and in you do not have to go into a full extension just a little bit so here we"re working your lower back we"re working your upper butt and we are working your hamstrings which are the elevator to your butt so if you want that little perk bit that"s what you gotta do go to work the entire area give me four and three and two and one okay relax now close in your feet so that you"re holding the pillow more instead of just the heels okay so you have more stability see that all right guys final move we"re simply going to pulse the pillow up and really get that last bit of booty part are you ready go ahead place the head down and bring the knees up you guys let"s go lift and lift and lift just like that boom beautiful I wait a slightly hold it as you"re lifting that pillow up and up good high and high now give me eight seven keep going you got four you got three you got to you"re gonna hold one hold it hold it hold it hold it lift it higher and bring it down oh that Oh was grazie going to bring the hand that I need the shoulders bring yourself up into a child"s pose Oh what my pillow decided to come right here for me all right underneath the butt cheek who in hell their nose exhale through the mouth and slowly lift up and you can now take a nap on your mat thank you so much guys for joining me today it"s an amazing give this video a thumbs up if you made it this far and let me know in the comments below if you"re excited for new years and what your new year"s resolution is all right I"ll see you guys next time bye [Music] [Applause] [Music] 


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