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(0: (*******))- Routine Sets & Reps
(1: (**********))- Overhead Tricep Extension
(4: (***********))- Skull Crusher
(8: (************))- Twisted-Over Overhead Tricep Extension
((*****************): (*********))- Alternating Reverse Pull-Down and Push-Down
((***************): (********))- Single-Arm Reverse Pull-Down

What"s going on Herman nation? I"m here, and I"m going to do my tricep workout for you guys.  This is my personal work out that I do for my triceps and I also want to take the time today to emphasize.  How important a spotter is especially if you want to increase your strength I have  a video called force repetitions check it out right here.  But basically when you"re trying to get stronger you need to have someone help you push over your weights.  so you can mentally realize that you can do it also.  f you"re feeling a little tired you want that extra push a.  a spotter to help motivate you and help you on your reps so for this workout.  we"re going to do six to eight repetitions per.  Exercise you can do a drop set for your first set and if you don"t know what a drop set is or a burn set is.  You"re going to do as heavy as you can six to eight.  Then drop it down 30 to 40 pounds do as heavy as you can 6 to 8 drop it down again.  And you might drop it a fourth time some exercises don"t require that.  But remember on the last one if it"s light enough do [fifteen] repetitions.  [okay].  For this routine I"m going to go through each exercise for one set.  Remember at home.  You"re doing a drop set for the first set and then two more.  Regular sets of just six to eight there no burn set in drop set.  So first let"s  introduce my spotter, [we] got Tommy over here.  [Tom] is going to be spotting me for the tricep workout, and are you ready? Yes, He"s ready [alright], then.  So I get to start I"m going to overhead tricep extensions, okay?.  Now what I like to do is grab the dumbbell throw it on my shoulder.  And then sit down and then place the dumbbell over my head I have a demonstration video for this as well.  I"ll post a link right here.  so.  Make sure you don"t hurt yourself.  You want the dumbbell to face the mirror.  Keep the elbows nice and tight.  I like doing my drop sets and my burn sets because it gets the blood right to the area and it"s a great feeling.  Now my light set 15.  All right now.  remember you needed two more sets of six to eight reps with this [heavyweight] as you can.  Okay, if you have your spotter spotting you all he had to do.  was stand behind me and just slowly lift the dumbbell up.  Same thing six to eight repetitions.  And now Tom come over here, please.  What Tom is going to do is when I go backwards.  I"m going [to] get my head so that it"s kind  off the bench.  Tommy"s going to step on my toes.  By stepping on my toes is allowing me to put all my energy into my arms.  Keep your core tight now even though these are called.  Nose breakers, or skull crushers, okay? You actually don"t want to do.  This come down [to] your forehead or your nose because if you do it that way all the pressure goes into your elbows.  what you want to do is bring the bar [behind] your head like this and.  push straight up.  Take the pressure out of your elbows, and it keeps your triceps engaged the whole time.  And make sure you put a lot of pressure on my toes.  Ready?.  All right.  You make sure you keep your wrist straight, too.  Don"t worry. They"re not going to break if you drop them straight for those of you complaining about people dropping weights in the gym.  Be more focused on your own work out. Don"t worry about what I"m doing. It"s just me.  All right, so last one now. It"s light enough that I don"t need someone standing on my toes.  So what I"m going to do is keep my feet on top of the bench.  I"m going to flex my abs as hard as I can and [get] my core involved in this lighter set.  That"s skull crusher"s now remember two more sets of six to eight repetitions as heavy as you can move on to the next exercise.  Now this is another version of overhead extensions like the first exercise we did.  Now the way I do this is a lot of people will use the rope or the triangle bar and push straight down.  when you"re lifting heavy and the weight weighs more [than] you do a.  Lot of times your shoulders will come up.  And you have to use a lot of like your own way to kind of push it down and the angle you push.  Isn"t that good so I perfected a way to do it [that] allows me to [focus] just on my tricep.  not really hurt my shoulders and keep proper form and.  Tom is going to spot me on here. So Tommy have you stand out in front of me.  Just stand off to the [side] for the first one.  And again 6 to 8 [repetitions] and do the burn set the drop set [for] the first set you do.  Put your foot up then you pull twist and turn your whole [body] like that, okay?.  Get your body straight get your leg up takes all the pressure out of every part except your arms.  Now drop it same thing.  drop it again.  Now what you"re going to do.  two more sets six to eight repetitions.  the next exercise.  You"re going to do standing tricep pushdowns.  Followed by standing reverse tricep pull downs and what I like to do is.  three exercises that require a lot of strength and a lot of.  pushing and to do them.  Followed by two easier exercises to get that final extra pump in my tricep okay, so for this exercise.  [I"m] not going to go super super heavy because for this one.  You"re not going to a burn set you"re going to go back and forth three times as fast as you can.  Doing eight to twelve repetitions.  [okay], I"ll show you what I need, so.  for the first one.  Start off with the reverse pull downs.  Bring the bar here down.  Soon as you finish. Roll it over put your hands on top bring it down now do 12 push [downs].  And what you do is if it gets heavier obviously like it is.  Drop the weight a little bit go right to your next set 12 more reverse 12 more on top 12 more reverse.  12 more down.  soon as you finish that.  you"re going to end with my favorite exercise and triceps with.  It"s a single arm reverse pull down now this one I want you to do kind of light. I want to focus on form.  Concentrating on the full extension and concentrating all the blood going to the tricep.  So get a lighter weight.  Stand up tall.  If your pulley moves around a lot.  hold it.  I want you to do.  8 to 12 reps per side.  and again.  You"re going to do two more sets eight to twelve reps per side and that concludes the tricep workout so as you can see.  Just from doing that little bit amount all the blood goes right to the upper body.  Right to the triceps and you feel pretty good.  after doing it so.  For more good stuff be sure to subscribe to my [channel].  They"ll have the bicep workout coming soon. I"ll attach it here once it"s posted and as always.  More good stuff coming. Later guys.  


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  1. 💪 CLICK THAT NOTIFICATION BELL SO YOU NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD!Spacious triceps = big fingers. It's that straightforward!

  2. A query …. you would possibly furthermore very successfully be walking us thru the first put of residing of each explain. Are the second and third put of residing upright straight items of 6 to eight reps?

  3. The vertical seated dumbbell extension is a stretch explain…. on the different hand you became as soon as doing the lockout part, making an strive to assemble tennis elbow! Appears to be like love maniacal ego lifting!

  4. Thank you Scott Herman for the triceps Extensions explain for this morning. I did accumulate so powerful fun doing this Triceps explain. Kaley

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