Killer Six Pack Abs – HiitCore #1

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okay today"s hit course set your time is five rounds fifty seconds on 10 seconds rest we"re going to hold a plank I"m elevating my plank today we"re stepping out each leg and then we jump in for a half Burpee what we"re looking for as always or a perfect straight body line making sure that your heads in line with your spine you"re pulling and engaging those ABS to support your back you don"t have to use the bookable for this you can use anything you want or you can just put your hands on the floor this is a tough exercise if you find that the jump is too much for you then just have a rest or just stick to the steps keep going and pull that core in don"t stop you"ve got 15 seconds to go you"ve got this you should be feeling this all over your core your abs your obliques everywhere just keep your form tight can you pull your abs in just that little bit tighter for your last few last one well done okay the next exercise the set up is exactly the same get that plank position this time you"re going to take your legs in and out on a jump and then bring your legs either side up to your elbows here we go jump in and out and then ski ab up to your elbows well done in and out ski ab up to your elbows try not to lift the bun too high try to stay low and when you pull in with the ski ab you need to be pulling in with your abs really engage your core and feel it jump as high as you can the idea is you"re meant to be jumping either side of the ball or either side of your elbows if you do this properly you"ll see results if you just go through a motion is going to take longer so make sure you jump really high and you"re bright up stay low engage your core and breathe eight seconds you"ve got this seven seconds five can you do a couple more can you pull a bit tighter two one well done a ten second rest in Paige you can touch Chuck if you don"t have any interval if you"ve got affinity or whatever you"ll use in make sure your back is on the mat you"ve got no arching your back you"re going to choke and talk so pull the ABS in all the way your head stays high making sure your breathe in and you"ve got perfect form if you keep your feet off the floor this is going to make it a lot harder so try both can you do them give it a go give both exercises ago try adding different weights and find your level keep going all the way up all the way down you"ve got 25 seconds really concentrate on making sure that that back is on the mat as soon as you start arching your mat then you need to stop bending your knees or losing the weight keep going you"ve got ten seconds come on do a few more get a few more out with perfect form if you need to look in a mirror it"s perfect to make sure that you"re doing this correctly keep going three two last one next overhead I can either stick to your you can you boy or well the weight is lighting its light bending the knee again making sure the back takes on the lat you"re going to raise the weight above your head towards the ceiling and come up into a seated position it"s very important that your back stays flat on the mat and you try and get a flat back when you get to the top of the exercise engage your core pull it in and breathe at the top okay keep going really make sure that you drive up as hard and as fast as you can and pull those abs in brilliant form well done keep going you"ve got 20 seconds I know you"ve got this I know you"re strong enough to finish it and then know that you"re all over it and just keep pushing never stop trying to go that little bit further push yourself a little bit harder that"s what"s going to make changes happen faster five seconds four three two last one the next exercise is our big finale is we"re going to star in a plank now you can do this on your knees if you need to or you can just stay in the plank you"re going to go up and down with one pushup so these are your alternatives you can just do the up and down you can do the up and down on your knees if you need to or you can just stay on a planet this really killer exercise for your abs you"ve got to make sure that your bottom is low and that you are really engaging really pull them in it"s going to be tough Child"s Pose is your resting posture or you can stay in the plank I know it"s tough but if you need a break get one and then you just jump straight back in don"t stop you"ve got 15 seconds this is your last exercise once you"ve done this you"re done you"re all over it you got ten seconds come on let"s finish big eight seconds seven you"ve got this one more five four three two last one well done hit it again if you want to go all out 


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