Jennifer Part's Her Expertise with TreadClimber
In 2012, Jennifer from Idaho modified into once featured on a Bowflex® TreadClimber® business. As a single mother of a 3-365 days-earlier, Jennifer a in reality grand to be active along with her son. Nevertheless between working a corpulent-time job and being a corpulent-time mother, she modified into once discovering it exhausting to withhold.  Working out at a gymnasium and weight loss weight loss contrivance didn"t seem to abet. After the pounds began to construct up and her neatly being began slipping, she seemed to a Bowflex® TreadClimber® machine for an extremely-efficient, at-residence exercise.

"Interior a pair weeks I noticed inches coming off. First time in my existence I have confidence care for I"ve in point of fact found one thing that works. I misplaced 50 pounds from working out on the TreadClimber! This machine is a miracle."

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my name is Jennifer I"m 30 and I"m a mommy to a wonderful three-year-old boy he"s my world and I love being a mom I wanted to be active I wanted to be able to run around with him and you know it that"s really what motivated me until they wake up and get it together I"ve never been happy with my figure or my way I look at pictures of myself you know the old me and I just looked miserable you know I"d put on a smile but it wasn"t a genuine smile the yo-yo dining it would take the weight off for maybe a month but then it would just come back on and I would just go to the gym and just kill myself at the gym tried personal training and nothing ever seemed to work but when I started using the treadclimber I would burn 500 calories in just 30 minutes even a spin class or a kickboxing class you"d have to go an hour to burn that amount of calories I lost 50 pounds from working out on the treadmill first time in my life I feel like I"ve actually found something that works and will be permanent I say it"s a miracle it is it just it was effortless almost and is six months and it was the weight was off 


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