How To: Zigzag-Over Row Stabilizer



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What"s going on Nation? Today we"re going to talk about the bent over row now.  This is a really great exercise to help strengthen your body throughout your posterior chain however.  I want you guys to start off doing this exercise with just a light bar or something like this have a PVC pipe.  Because I want your form to be perfect now the muscles that you"re going to be using throughout this exercise.  Your primary move is going to be your lats.  You"re going to hit your rhomboids.  Your traps, your posterior delts, your teres major and your.  Teres Minor now some of joints you"re going to be hitting as well.  Maybe the ac the shoulder joint they get some scapular retraction as well doing this exercise now. There"s also your.  neutralizers and your.  Stabilizers, they"re pretty much the same thing however in this video. They may be acting as.  Stabilizers when doing the exercise with weight they"re going to be neutralizers I"ll explain the difference when we get to that.  But that"s the whole point of this video is to get you ready for doing the exercise with weight now.  When doing this exercise what you want to do is you want to stand with your feet about shoulder width apart.  You want to hold on to the bar.  Just a bit outside of shoulder width then you get a slight bend your knees keep your core nice and tight.  You"re going to bend over, you"re going to be at a 45 to 65 degree angle so anywhere basically from here.  To up here now.  We can tweak the form of this exercise.  To hit the back a couple different ways if you want to hit more of the lats all we"re going to do is.  Bring the bar down a bit good to here and pull up kind of towards the hips just like this now.  Obviously while using a bar with not much weight you"re not really going to feel it too much throughout your lats.  But if you keep everything nice and tight you also get some feeling down there.  And you can still practice the form however.  If you want to tweak this exercise to hit more of the upper back all you have to do is pull the bar kind of higher.  on the abdominals and closer towards your sternum, just like this.  And you hit more of your upper traps and posterior deltoids.  now.  The reason why like I said you"re using the PVC pipe or light bar is because you need to work on those stabilizers.  neutralizers what those are going to be are your spinal erectors your hamstrings your glutes your.  Abdominals and your abductors, okay now if you"re in this position, and you have a weight on the bar.  You should be able to just pull with your arms and have nothing else move my stabilizers are keeping me in place.  they"re neutralizing the exercise so all I"m hitting is basically muscles in my posterior chain, okay if.  Those Muscles aren"t strong. You"re going to see a lot of this.  Bending over and pulling okay?.  This isn"t helping you and this can also lead to injury so what I want you guys to do is.  Go over this video all the stuff we just said grab your bar get into position.  You"re getting nice and tight and hold it for 30 to 60.  seconds giving you a practice just pulling the bar back low and.  High.  and once you"re able to do this and your neutralizers are keeping you in place.  Move on to using weight, so that"s how you do a barbell bent over row properly.  Hope you guys enjoyed this video and as always.  More good stuff coming soon.  


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7 thoughts on “How To: Zigzag-Over Row Stabilizer”

  1. Immense Movies Scott!! I'm 51 years susceptible, Starting up getting abet into “free weight” training about a twelve months ago, and I’m finding out so grand!! You need to to perchance well be extremely most well liked!!

  2. Being an fool and a noob, I pulled my abet this day doing this notify with unsuitable originate. Did exactly what Scott mentioned I shouldn't be doing. Going to be sidelined for a week or two, nonetheless positively going to recede my ego on the gate next time spherical and discover these guidelines. Web over feature, originate over feature rattling it.

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