How to Manufacture the Overhead Press for Greater Shoulders (5 Mistakes You’re Likely Making)



Properly-developed, rounded shoulders are one in every of many key facets that dramatically improves and completes a ambitious having a discover larger body. And so as to simplest develop this muscle and to answer to the in overall requested question of “ rep bigger shoulders”, there’s absolute self assurance that the standing overhead press desires to be a staple in your routine. Nonetheless, no topic the seemingly easy motion pattern of the barbell overhead press (is also referred to as the “shoulder press” or “military press”), there’s lots more that goes into it than simply lifting a bar overhead. If fact be told, precise kind overhead press produce and shoulder press produce in customary is what’s going to motivate you to rep massive shoulders most successfully while minimizing your possibility of damage as you manufacture so. Subsequently, in this video I’ll dawdle by  shoulder press successfully by discussing the 5 most standard overhead urgent device mistakes of us compose.

Mistake 1 (Flaring Elbows): Zero:Fifty one
Mistake 2 (Crooked Bar Direction): 2:06
Mistake three (Arched Relieve): three:18
Mistake four (Twisted Wrists): 5:49
Mistake 5 (Utilizing Momentum): 6:32


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Scapular plane:
Kyphosis & lordosis makes press much less efficient:
Thoracic mobility:


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well developed rounded shoulders are one
of many key features that dramatically
improves and completes a powerful
looking upper body and in order to best
grow this muscle there's no doubt that
the overhead press should be a staple in
your routine as it not only enables you
to effectively target the shoulders and
the several other upper body muscles are
shown here but it also enables you to
easily overload and lift the most weight
overhead when compared to other shoulder
movements however despite the seemingly
straightforward movement pattern of the
overhead press if you want to maximize
your shoulder development while reducing
your risk of injury then there's a lot
more that goes into it than simply
lifting a bar overhead therefore in this
video I'll cover the five most common
errors people make with the overhead
press and more importantly I'll show you
how to easily fix them right away
one common overhead pressing mistake is
flaring the elbows out during the
movement which from the front view looks
like this where your elbows are pointed
directly out to your sides throughout
the press this is often mistakenly done
by gripping the bar too wide which
causes the forearms to be misaligned
with your hands as shown here what you
want to do instead is grip the bar such
that your thumbs are positioned just
outside of your shoulders enabling your
forearms to be positioned directly under
your hands like so leading to a stronger
and safer press and in addition to this
at the bottom position you need to be
initiating the press and something
called the scapular plane such that at
the bottom position your elbows are
pointed slightly forward or in other
words at roughly a 30-degree angle from
directly sideways then only as you press
up should you naturally allow your
elbows to turn out to the side and then
return back to the scapular plane as you
descend back to the bottom position this
has been shown in multiple biomechanical
analysis studies to not only be a safer
and more comfortable position for the
shoulder joint to be in but also more
effective for overhead pressing which
you likely immediately notice after
implementing this fix
in order to perform the overhead press
most efficiently the barbell path needs
to be as short as possible meaning that
it needs to travel in almost a vertical
line from start to finish rather than in
a curved path around your head but to
successfully accomplish this you need to
create space for the bar as you press
this is done by first very slightly
leaning back by sticking your chest up
and out before you initiate the press
then you want to also pull your chin
back such that the bar is able to travel
straight up as you begin to press then
as the bar passes the top of your head
you pull your chin back forward into its
neutral position such that at the top
position the bar is positioned directly
over your shoulders hips and feet in a
straight line
avoid excessively sticking your head
forward when doing so and also avoid
positioning the bar too far back at the
top instead focus on moving the bar
vertically as this will keep your center
of gravity in an optimal position and
enable you to lift the most weight
keep in mind though that this mistake
may also be due to various mobility
restrictions that your body is
compensating for which will be addressed
in the next mistake excessively arching
the lower back is probably the most
problematic mistake that lifters make
when it comes to this movement not only
does the literature emphasize that this
mistake often leads to acute back
injuries and lower back pain but it's
also been shown to significantly reduce
overhead force and your ability to press
heavy loads which is obviously
detrimental to shoulder development in
the long run so instead you want to keep
your lower back as neutral as possible
throughout the lift but if you're
struggling with this and you're not
using a weight that's too heavy for you
then there's a couple of things you need
to do first you need to ensure that your
body is as stable as possible throughout
the movement and to do this before you
even initiate the press you need to
first actively squeeze your glutes quads
and your abdominals contracting these
three muscles before and during the
press will provide your body with the
stability of needs to prevent your lower
back from our changer in the press
however in addition to this hyper
extending in the lower back is often a
compensation for a lack of mobile
in other areas one such area is the lads
since one of the key attachment points
the lads is the back of the upper arm
when this muscle is tight which it often
is it actually restricts your ability to
lift your arm overhead which your body
then compensates for by arching your
lower back during any overhead pressing
movements so to improve this shortly
before you begin your sets of overhead
simply foam roll side to side along both
sides of your lats do this for a few
minutes in order to loosen them up and
afterwards you'll likely notice your
press feels a lot smoother and easier to
execute properly now another problematic
area is something called thoracic
extension or in other words your upper
back mobility again similar to the lats
and as stated in this study from the
Journal of orthopedic sports physical
therapy the higher you raise your arms
overhead the more thoracic mobility is
needed to maintain proper shoulder
alignment therefore without sufficient
thoracic mobility your body will tend to
once again compensate by arching your
lower back to get your arms fully
overhead so to improve this after you
finish foam roll in your lats you can
then place a foam roller on your
mid-back like so with your hands placed
on your head you want to simply let your
upper back extend over the foam roller
as you exhale while avoiding excessively
arching your lower back hold this for
five deep breaths and then repeat this a
couple more times further down your
upper back another common movement area
is excessively bending the wrist or in
the press there's not only strains the
wrist but will also limit your pressing
strength since the wrists are now at a
mechanical disadvantage instead you want
to keep the wrists in a neutral position
and in line with your forearms as you
press and I find that the best grip to
accomplish this is something called the
Bulldog grip where you first place the
bar such that it sits across the base of
your palm then rotate your hands inward
and then grip the bar if you've never
used this grip before you'll immediately
notice that it feels a lot more secure
and easier to keep your wrist neutral as
you press overhead
during the overhead press your body
should be thought of as a stable pillar
with your arms moving overhead to press
a weight however what a lot of people do
especially when they begin to fatigue is
start to incorporate more of their legs
into the movement by bending then
extending them in order to push up more
weight or more reps and although this
isn't necessarily a bad thing it is a
completely different movement and it's
actually something called the push press
which shifts some of the tension away
from the shoulders so if you tend to do
this it's simply an indication that you
should lighten the weight up or
implement the previous fixes discuss
such that you're able to perform your
overhead pressing sets with no cheating
whatsoever do keep in mind though that
performing the push press separately can
be an effective way to improve your
strict overhead press but it is a
separate movement that involves more of
your lower body and less of your
shoulders when compared to the overhead
press and therefore it shouldn't be used
simply as a compensation to lift more
weight when performing your strict
overhead pressing sets so the sum of the
video up here are the main points as
I've said before choosing the right
exercises is one thing but performing
them optimally and safely is really what
makes all the difference in the long run
and if you're looking for a complete
evidence-based program that shows you
exactly how to do this with the use of
in-depth tutorials for each and every
exercise so you can be sure that you're
maximizing your efforts in the gym and
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that's it for today do let me know if
there's any other exercises you'd like
to see me cover in future videos and
it'll do just that I'll see you next

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