How To: Glute Bridge



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What"s going on Nation? And welcome to the glute bridge demonstration video now.  This is a really great exercise to help tighten up that rear end.  Build some muscle in the glute now some of you might already be doing this.  Exercise and some of you might be doing it with weight. This is a non weighted version.  And I really want you guys to pay attention to the form and the key points.  I"m going to go over because even if you"re doing it with.  weights if you"re not doing it the right way you"re not going to.  Maximize the amount of glute that you"re gonna stimulate throughout this exercise.  Okay, so couple key things to keep in mind when.  you set up to do this exercise you"re gonna bring your heels as close to.  Your butt as possible.  And you also want to make sure that your back is flat.  on the ground.  you"re gonna keep your core tight.  and you can also have the option to use your arms to help keep your body stable if you"re.  a beginner and you may have done this exercise before.  So what I"m going to do is I"m gonna get into my position and I also want you guys to pay attention to my hip.  We"re gonna go over a hip.  Hyperextension so what I"m going to do is bring my heels to my butt close as.  I can I"m gonna flatten out my back.  Okay.  So my arms out to my side for some stability and what you"re gonna do is keep your core tight.  You"re gonna push up just like this you notice that my back isn"t arched.  It"s strength and from the ground.  To here it stays straight now this exercise is a lot more than just lifting your button to the air as you.  Push up you"re gonna flex your glutes even when you get to this point you guys want to go into hip.  Hyperextension and you"re gonna push up as high as you can and really feel those glutes stretch.  The only thing you should feel working.  throughout this entire exercise is your glutes because you just hammering them.  Squeezing them as hard as you can come back up.  Come down.  back is flat come back up.  Really get that hip hyperextension going come back down.  Back is flat again. So that"s how you do a glute bridge.  Hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration of video.  and once again be sure to master this before you try it with any weight.  Scott from hope you guys enjoyed this video and as always.  More good stuff coming soon. See you guys.  


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7 thoughts on “How To: Glute Bridge”

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  2. Shouldn't comprise your core tight – or now not lower than right here’s misleading – support straight, squeeze your glutes, nevertheless comprise your abs lose (this might maybe maybe maybe per chance be tricky for some till you get it genuine), elevate as the dude displays. As he says ” the correct squawk that you might even merely soundless really feel working is you glutes – hence comprise the core or abdomen bathrooms. Perchance I misunderstood his core tight comment!!

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