Fast Workout to Burn Fleshy and Tone Up All Over

Sculpt a leaner physique with out spending hours on the gymnasium!

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hey guys Jen here from women"s health we"ve got an amazing 5 minute workouts that we"re gonna do today you only need one pair of dumbbells we call this a complex workout meaning that you only need one piece of equipment you"re gonna use it the entire way through you"re gonna do as many reps as you can in 50 seconds we will tell you when start and when to stop follow us then you"re a rest for 10 seconds we"re gonna move it through it"s gonna be fast but super efficient all right let"s get started so grab your pair of weights you really want to choose the weight that"s going to be challenging throughout the exercise so go a little heavier it"s gonna take a couple times to figure out what the right weight is for you but really challenge yourself first move front squat we"re gonna sit back keeping the weight back in your heels core nice and tight holding the weights like this with your arms parallel to the ground helps keep your chest more upright a lot of times people can lean forward when they"re doing squats this is gonna help keep a real nice tall posture every time you go you want to make sure that you"re thinking about leaning back into a chair the movement should first be with your butt rather than your knees keep it up one more awesome hey rep next exercise gonna be a single leg deadlift we"re gonna start with our left leg we"re gonna be holding the weights out in front of you balancing on your left leg lower the weight until you feel that stretch in your hamstring then squeeze your glutes and come back up this is a nice controlled movement it"s all powered by the muscles in the back of your legs you"re not pulling the weights with your arms as you come up none of this none of this you are literally using your glutes and hamstrings to get you back up to that standing position good keep your core nice and tight and those weights close to your leg the entire time if you lose your balance if you need to take a break shake it out get right back in it you only have 50 seconds good one more rest now I"m gonna go on the other leg here"s where that competition goes in with yourself let"s try to get as many reps as we did on that leg on this one ready let"s go now a lot of people think you have to keep your leg totally locked out and straight you want to have a nice little bend in your knee not a huge amount just a little bit again you wanna be thinking wheeze as you come back up girls are we feeling this pill in it and again if you"re going a lot faster than we are probably means you need to have your weight you want to be tired by the end of this okay even if you have to stop for a minute we want to make sure you"re really pushing throughout this entire time good let"s get a couple more in one more good rush alright next way it"s the alternating bent over row bring the weights down in front of you we"re gonna start with our right hand pull it up and back down now one thing that you want to think about while you"re doing this watch what Lauren"s doing she"s not shrugging her shoulders that she does a smooth mix it"s all starting back here she"s leaving these shoulder blades together every time she pulls up the weight now why are we doing alternating work shirts for more every time that she"s only pulling one of the weights her core to stabilize her body so that should not twist you all over the place every time she does arrest if this ever gets too challenging and you feel yourself getting unstable you can go to a two arms one more awesome rest last move push press we"re gonna take a little dip with our knees starting with our dumbbells over here we"re in a dip explode up to the ceiling one of those ones a as soon as you get the movement down you want to push the pace a little bit again it"s as many reps as you can get today you"re not racing us really racing yourself finish strong like you"re punching these weights directly over to the ceiling straight overhead one more awesome well done great job now we"re obviously working hard here our muscles are burning we"re on fire you might not feel as breathless as you do after a normal workout you might not be super sweaty I promise you this is still going to get new results if you have a little more time start this video over and do it two to three more times let me get you a really great full length workout and for more tips check out my new book shape up shortcuts 


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  1. this one's colossal accurate for the first switch on my own, forcing me correct into a smarter squat. thanks!

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