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I had my 2d diminutive one 4 weeks ago and am checking in to focus on about with you about what my exercises leer like lawful now! It is so essential to leisure and take it easy in the four months after giving birth in uncover to quit separated abs and pelvic floor dysfunction. Here is the link I promised in the video in uncover to take a look at your maintain abs for diastasis recti http://www.jessicavalantpilates.com/diastasis-recti-exercises. For added data about being pregnant and postpartum exercises consult with http://www.jessicavalantpilates.com.

hi guys it is so great to see you thanks
for stopping by I am here with my new
little one in a solely baby rap here so
I gave birth three and a half weeks ago
to a baby boy we are so excited and
thankful and I thought I would come by
while he's sleeping at the moment you
might hear him
we were up and this is just real I
didn't even change or anything at all so
we were up from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.
and then I handed him off because I had
to get an hour sleep so I slept for an
hour from 6:00 to 7:00 and then got up
to nurse him and help my husband get my
daughter ready for school and do the
whole morning routine so I didn't even
plan on filming but here we are I
thought it was a great opportunity so
I'm in my sweatshirt because it's cold
outside but I wanted to talk to you a
little bit about what I'm doing at 4
weeks postpartum for workout and here it
is I'm doing nothing that's the key at 4
weeks postpartum you should be doing
pretty much nothing so let's go over
what happens after having a baby most
doctors will tell you that you can start
working out again at 6 weeks so they
tell you basically don't do anything and
then at 6 weeks you can do whatever you
want it's not really so cut and dry as
that from an anatomical standpoint from
a physical therapy standpoint I want to
talk to you a little bit about what you
should and shouldn't be doing so
immediately after birth there actually
are some things you can be doing some
things as long as you're cleared by your
doctor you can be doing a few gentle
things like some pelvic floor
contractions so starting to work your
pelvic floor again you might be able to
go on very short walks you might be able
to do some pelvic tilts and some gentle
stretching so just a few real gentle
things like that to start to get your
pelvic floor back of course always check
with your doctor first and always see
how your body feels it depends on you
know if you had a c-section or not and
those kind of things but really gentle
things so then at 6 or 7 weeks if your
doctor tells you you're cleared for
as you can slowly start to get back into
some of your activities from before but
until 16 weeks postpartum you still
should not be doing any kind of
plyometrics so that means running or
jumping you shouldn't be doing any
planks or any crunches or any obliques
so I know you're thinking what are you
kidding me I waited this six weeks like
my doctor told me and I know the doctors
don't talk about this it's not their
area of expertise but from the
standpoint of separated abdominals so
that's diastasis recti so from the point
of you're separated abs from the point
of pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction
and all of those components with the
fashio and the muscles and the ligaments
and the tendons and everything still
healing with the hormones that are
involved with postpartum and coming back
from that it is safest not to do any of
the jumping running planks obliques or
crunches until at least 16 weeks
postpartum research shows this is going
to help prevent incontinence long term
in life and it's gonna help your abs
come back together if there is a
separation and it's gonna help prevent
pelvic floor dysfunction because the
pelvic floor just gets so weakened
during pregnancy and childbirth all
right so it's 16 weeks what happens it's
great if you have a trainer a Pilates
instructor physical therapist someone
working with you who can check if you
don't have a diastasis recti at 16 weeks
then usually you can start getting back
to those activities we just talked about
if you do have separated abs that's two
finger widths or greater if you do have
that then you want to again avoid those
activities until your abs start to come
back so I'm gonna put a link down in the
description below on diastasis recti and
how you can actually test yourself you
don't want to do that during pregnancy
so if you're pregnant don't worry about
that yet
this is afterwards if you want to test
yourself and see where your abs are
there is a way to do it so I'll put that
link below but I really really really
really just want to encourage you if you
are in that stage or if you're going to
be in that postpartum stage don't rush
it I did with my first pregnancy because
as you were probably realizing there's
so much information out there that's
just not cohesive or there's just no
information out there about what you
should do so I even being a physical
therapist and Pilates instructor for 14
years at that time I even said oh I'm
gonna follow my doctor's instructions no
big deal and then between 6 & 8 weeks
afterwards I started right back into all
my Pilates crunches I started sprinting
up and down the street because I only
had 10 minutes to work out and now
luckily that's sarcasm right there I am
left with bladder prolapse so I did get
a prolapse with my first birth it was a
very long labor very long pushing so I
had a prolapse and I ended up making it
worse because of the activities I got
back - too fast in the long run there is
no difference between getting back into
your jump squats at 8 weeks postpartum
and 16 weeks postpartum
I know we've waited a long time to work
out I totally get it I can't wait to get
back to some of my normal routine but
now it's just not the time you can wait
a little bit longer and there's so many
things you can do once your doctor
clears you you can do quite a few things
like Pilates and yoga and some weight
lifting there's a lot of things you can
get back into while avoiding those
things that I mentioned just think of
your long-term health for your body I
promise you it's worth it if you are
nursing or breastfeeding you're gonna
continue to have that relaxin hormone in
your body so that can make a difference
- so keep that in mind I think that's
wonderful breastfeed as long as you can
but just keep in mind it's gonna affect
a little bit your body and how it
relates to exercise so limit your
exercise because the breastfeeding is so
important so I just want you to take
care of yourself
and give yourself a little bit of a
break ignore social media and all of
these I know there's some amazing women
out there who are talking about getting
back into marathons at eight weeks
postpartum and their post baby body and
I just don't want you to worry about it
this your little one is what matters
that's your full-time job for a while
and healing from a long pregnancy and
childbirth or what matter you will get
your body back I promise it will come
back and you will be stronger than ever
if you want to be but just give yourself
the time to heal and to get back into
your workouts when you're sleep-deprived
like I am it's not really the best time
to be doing crazy workouts anyway so
just do what feels good listen to your
doctor but listen to your body and
common sense also so that's where I am
right now like I said I'm four weeks
postpartum I'm just doing the gentle
things we're walking every day coz I
love to walk and it feels good and it
helps put this one down to sleep we're
walking everyday I'm stretching and
using my foam roller cuz it feels good
and then I'm just giving myself a break
because I'll get back to it eventually
when life is a little less hectic and
when I'm healed it'll come so that's
what I want you to remember if you did
recently give birth congratulations you
are a warrior you're awesome you don't
have to prove anything else because you
have that baby there with you so if you
have any questions feel free to leave
them below like I said I'll put a link
to the diastasis recti test down below
in the description so you can check that
out and if you are pregnant
I will also you'll see here at the end
and the end notes I'll put a link to my
full pregnancy workout series so that
you know exactly what to do while you're
pregnant because there's some great
great great workouts you can do and stay
safe while you're pregnant as well all
right and I will see you guys soon
all right bye

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  1. Congratulations!!!❤❤ So tickled for you! I came at some level of you by technique of your endo pilates work out, it's been so priceless with hip effort and sciatica effort I've had. Please post extra for endo sufferers and infertility too! Its distinguished appreciated ! God Bless you and your sweet babies!

  2. Congrats!! Can we glance an exchange on your thought for the prolonged jog with endo? What are your alternate choices now & plans to take care of it suppressed given the complete no longer easy work you keep in with anti-inflam weight loss arrangement & everyday life didn’t work too successfully (on the internal) xx

  3. Gosh I esteem that you can presumably be talking about this. I know I felt rushed to getting aid to working out. I if truth be told didn’t commence working out till about after 3 months. I finest went for walks starting spherical 3 months (son became once born within the cool weather time).

  4. Which of your movies would you indicate for after I commence working out again? Assemble you contain any postpartum explicit workouts? Im four months postpartum with twins!

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