Denise Austin: Vitality Yoga Workout

Denise Austin Vitality Yoga Workout is a total body-toning exercise that ingredients a series of passe Yoga poses performed in a flowing vogue designed to select energy, and generate strength and stamina. Be half of Legendary Coach, Denise Austin on this soothing exercise that will sculpt muscle, enhance the core and motivate stress. Form engaging arms, legs, buns, and abs with this efficient, (*) minute Yoga exercise that will salvage you each psychological and physical outcomes fast! For additional Yoga Workouts, click on here:

This exercise is from Denise Austin"s DVD "Vitality Yoga Plus".

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let"s begin by taking a deep cleansing
breath bring in the oxygen through the
nose and let it out through the nose
feel the oxygen flowing and the energy
coming in and let it out the nose
let"s begin by stretching the spine all
the muscles along the spine starting
from the top our cervical spine
stretching the upper part of the back
ground the back open up that back that"s
it and inhale up and release now the
middle of your open back hold it hold it
and open it up like you"re hugging a
tree feel the upper back muscles just
opening up and release and now the lower
part of your spine our lumbar and hold
it up pull up hollow it in scoop it
under abs are tight and release and
slowly come back up and clasp your hands
at the top to temple inhale up and lift
internally and slowly stretch back
gently warm up the spine extending your
back and slowly come out feet are rooted
into the floor
inhale up and exhale out to the side
stretch laterally in and out of the
center long gate your body slowly drop
the arm and bring your hand around and
turn slightly gaze up feeling that
wonderful stretch all along the sides of
the waist the back and slowly come up
take a deep breath how do you feel ah
feels wonderful and now to the other
side lift up and out of the center line
lift up through the abdominals hold that
stretch release the arm wrap it around
feel the stretch remember everything"s
elongating and hold feel the body
relaxed gaze up up up up and slowly lift
through the abdominals and release and
now we"re gonna work on rotation of the
spine and slowly turn to the side feel
the body reaching and stretching and
release and now to the other side reach
and a slight twist that"s it"s all about
the upper part of the body turn II and
relax and now it"s time for our Eagle
pose and turn your voice to the side
wrap your arms up lift your buttocks
tend your body up
and out tuck under abdominals are
lifting navel into the spine tuck under
touching your elbow to your knee and
lift back up all the way now lift up
stretch internal abs are lifting and
feel the arms stretching and opening up
and wonderful and slowly release let"s
go to the other side wrap your hands in
other direction
lift up and now tuck under core lift up
touch your elbow if you can to your knee
and slowly lift back up reach up if you
can and feel opened up through the upper
back and slowly relax
feel those effects it"s wonderful now
it"s time to begin our Sun Salutations
get to the edge of the mat and let"s
begin inhale up and stretch and eye
forward elongate your spine stretch and
reach your fingertips down all the way
to the floor relaxing your neck but
everything just hang like a rag doll
trying to get your tailbone up reaching
your hands down and extend the spine up
release all the way down reach one leg
out behind you chest up that"s it and
slowly up to plank position and drop
down to your knees to your chest and
upward facing dog and now curl your toes
under abdominals are lifted up to upward
downward facing dog hold that stretch
abdominals hold it loosen it up this is
just a warm-up Sun Salutation and reach
the opposite leg in front and slowly
stand all the way up oh how do you feel
feel the up back to the body let"s do a
little more vigorous Sun Salutations
let"s begin inhale and back extension
and dive down control release relax your
back get a good stretch and lift your
arms just up holding that nice back
straight and take it back down and lunge
backwards just is up and now slowly lift
all the way up let me see that smiling
face and one more time stretch your arm
back and switch legs get your butt up in
plank place the other leg in front and
slowly lift and relax
all the way that feel the body reaching
the hips stay forward and slowly relax
hands come down to the floor
placing your toes all the way up now
slowly lift up to downward facing dog
this time I want you get a little better
that"s it hold and now slowly leg
extension up placing your hands nice and
that"s it now hold it up high or do the
best that you can
that"s great try the other leg all the
way up hold it up there you"re dominoes
are lifted your leg is up nice and high
now slowly bring that leg through up to
warrior that"s it now hold that warrior
hold your body strong you feel wonderful
and lift up let"s do a nice flow and
easy motion through the body nice and
smooth and fluid and reach one more time
come all the rep lengthen through the
torso lower your hips and come all the
way for two side angle stretch and hold
dredgen hold it out that"s it and
release and now slowly slide your hand
all the way down towards most
comfortable for you now open up the hip
here open this hip up and look up to
triangle hold that feel the effects take
nice deep breaths
and release and slowly switch to the
other side turn your feet all the way
and down to the warrior hold your body
upright reaching full of fingertips all
the way out your feet are rooted into
the ground anchored and slowly lift up
and have a nice flow and move the body
feel the awareness of the body Center
through the body lengthen and hold and
reach out feeling that stretch and
slowly lift up straight straight leg to
triangle again remember those hips
pressing forward that"s it and hold the
position and relax up and turn your body
all the way to the side lifting the back
toe up and slowly go down and using your
thigh muscles this is functional yoga
really targeting the legs that"s it now
last time and hold it now an exalted
warrior show me your strength everything
is lifted all the way through the
internal abdominal zakora"s lifted and
knees are nice and strong and now slowly
turn to the side and side angle stretch
to the prayer revolving hold it down
there do the best you can breathe
through this
take control and slowly release and turn
to the side to the other side now slowly
bend the leg and lift up using your
thigh muscles as well as your abdominal
the core zip it in that"s right
lift it up and hold exalted warrior gaze
up if you can
using your thighs everything is lifted
up through here it"s as tall and
lengthened out of the torso and slowly
relax and go to the side angle prayer
position hold it turn when you can do a
rotation a spinal twist and slowly come
up bring your body up and let me see
your smiling face and jump to Mountain
Pose think about good posture lift up
your feet are rooted into the ground and
now let"s think about zipping in those
abdominals hold it down and lift using
your arms powerful pose and now hold
this position whole powerful pose hold
this pose sitting back hold it can you
lift one of your legs up
balance balance is important and release
the other control focus and release and
come straight up and out feel the
effects from yoga now let"s jump out to
our five star all the points your crown
is lifted your feet are rooted into the
ground your fingertips are reaching out
you"re tall you"re lengthened and slowly
bend at the waist keeping that back
straight your abdominals are lifted the
core is lifted and hold activate your
back of your thigh muscles squeeze
through the buttock muscles and lift
let"s try that again using those legs
the back of the thighs and now activate
the thighs lift up your back is straight
elongate keeping that same crown take it
forward all the way and release the
tension and reach one arm up and the
other arm twist
that"s it spinal twist great are your
abdominals lifted take notice of where
they are now reach for your ankle and
then bend the opposite leg come all the
way feel that stretch relax the body
feel the effect slow and slowly come
forward and let"s reach with the other
arm up keeping your abdominals lifted up
and in navel in and reach to the other
leg and Bend feeling that wonderful
stretch just hold it there taking nice
deep cleansing breaths breathe through
movement and now slowly placing your
hands to the ground
think about your legs strengthening
through the core of your abs lift up
using your thighs activate your legs and
release and now jump to Mountain now
it"s time to begin the pose of the
dancer elongate the body feel as though
you"re balancing think about strength
and power and grace hold do the best you
can gaze and concentrate and focus
and slowly release and bring your arms
hold yourself up and now we"re gonna do
it"s called a balancing stick lift up
and hold and reciprocal arms which means
switch arms and lift up beautiful one
more time
just relax do the best you can think
about elongating the spine hold release
the arms and come up and to the other
side pose of the dancer hold balance
first think about control focus
and the dump all the way up lift up
through the abdominals and balancing
stick hold the body and lengthen through
the back and stretch the arms reciprocal
reach and up and one more time think
about lengthening long and lean from
your hips and lift up beautiful and
let"s sit down and release the tension
how did you feel feel the wonderful
effects on your body notice the breath
as well as your mind relaxing relax your
face muscles now it"s time for hero pose
slowly lean your body weight slightly
forward with your back long and lean and
your neck lean reaching your crown
forwards do you feel this in your hips
this is where I want you to feel this
this is a wonderful hip opener great and
slowly come up
and switch legs the other leg up and
over adjust yourself to ever you feel
comfortable holding your feet if you
like slowly placing your hands forward
feeling opening up the chest also you
want to feel as though your sits bones
are really sitting on that back
anchoring it"s wrong it"s coming out
it"s lean feeling that wonderful stretch
hold okay and slowly go back remember we
always want to use our abdominals our
core so let"s begin by taking an
imprinting each vertebrae down to the
floor one vertebra at a time
down down down there let"s begin with
bridge a wonderful exercise anchor your
feet down into the floor your hands are
right here now you"re gonna peel one
vertebra up at a time lift up hold
yourself root yourself into the floor
that"s it
you"re doing great now let"s work the
arms targeting our back of our arms
lift up and use like you"re using the
resistance with the water press that"s
it that"s weightless effortless press
and slowly one vertebrae at a time come
down relax take a deep breath now we go
back up to bridge active bridge placing
your hands underneath your hips
and lift up remember your neck is
relaxed your jaw your face relax your
muscles and breathe into the exercise
and slowly one vertebrae at a time come
all the way down and now it"s time to
relax the back bringing your knees to
your chest slowly gently drop the knees
if you"re just starting out place your
hand right under the knee and relax open
up your chest relax and breathe and hold
gaze your eyes toward your fingertips
and try to relax drop the shoulders and
now with the use of your abdominals come
back to center line hold and now slowly
relax to the other side controlling it
through the abdominals it"s all about
the waist control abdominals and relax
and inhale and let it out and slowly
bring your knees back to your chest
elevate your feet flex your feet feeling
that wonderful stretch in the back of
those thighs and bend your knees roll up
to half boat hold half boat hold hold
bringing your knees towards your chest
hold that position balance is very
important for all of us
and release and now bring your body to
table on your hands and your knees and
let"s begin thinking about keeping the
core of your abs lifted bring it in and
out and release bring it in
tuck under and release long gate and
down this time we"re gonna bring it in
and out and work the arms take it down
and push back up and try it with the
other leg bring it in and out great for
the triceps back the arms one more time
bring it in and out the abs are lifted
everything is strong reach the toes way
up last one bring it in tuck it in and
release it and take it down and push
back up and slowly relax come down to a
plank position all the way down so get
strength in our back reaching your arms
up and release reach up and try to touch
your fingertips in front and really
think about your core your abdominals
and last one hold it up and slowly push
yourself up now relax your back Child"s
Pose oh my favorite part wonderful feel
how great your body feels get involved
now it"s time for pigeon pose bringing
your chest up and one leg lengthened
behind you this is an excellent way to
open up your hips now slowly with your
chest down reach your fingertips out
along gating that arm the legs reach
through the crown of your head and
slowly come back up and now switch your
legs lift yourself up and place the
other leg in front it"s all about
extension through the internal
abdominals lift up and now slowly
release the arms release feeling that
wonderful stretch all back here and
slowly relax let"s come to forward
hero and gate reach out at in your
flowing your graceful feel the rhythm ik
motion of your body just go with it let
it relax now reach way out there lift
your leg and stabilize your abdominals
stabilize it"s nice and strong and
release up to mermaid let"s feel the
strength of your body lifting lifting
lifting it"s also great for your legs
and hold to the side feel the stretch
it"s out from the center of your body
and lift up and to the other side lift
whale feel the body reaching elongated
perfect alignment and lift up
it"s like body therapy and down and now
slowly sit up in a nice forward bend
position flexing your feet let"s take a
nice deep breath inhale and exhale
sitting on your sits bones feel as
they"re sitting up nice and tall
elongating and slowly reach down feel
the stretch through the back feel the
stretch and come back up and one more
time go all the way down that"s it
stretch from the center you"re
lengthening and this time I want you to
hold your body crossing one leg lift
that leg up if you can and turn your
body to the side lift up everything
stretched from the center the crown is
lifting and hold it up
that"s it strong and turn to the front
and bring that arm all the way around
wrap it around open up the chest open up
the chest and release and reach down
down down and let"s lift up the other
leg up cross it over and to the side to
earn your body to the south a spinal
twist great for the back
and slowly bring across the body wrap
that hand around that"s it this is a
wonderful stretch for the IT band it
gets very tight on us all and relax the
body and then slowly bring yourself all
the way up and now feel the wonderful
effects of yoga
Oh wonderful awareness of your body
don"t you feel great inhale deeply
through the nose and exhale out the nose
and let"s relax your neck stretch it out
hold it here that"s it feels though it"s
elongating again everything"s lengthened
from the center and to the other side
that internal echo in your body you did
it feels great and inhale up and exhale
and relax


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  1. I love Denise Austin! I undergo in thoughts her after I was as soon as a diminutive girl! I love this yoga session furthermore, with out a doubt unprejudiced correct! It went so rapid, I couldn't imagine the tip was as soon as so reach! Big!! Thanks Denise!

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