Denise Austin: Upper Physique Resistance Workout- Arms, Chest & Shoulders



Denise Austin: Upper Physique Resistance Workout- Arms, Chest & Shoulders is an efficient purpose-firming, better physique-sculpting tell that's filled with resistance band coaching workout routines to do energy and kick-beginning your weight loss doable as you work the entire important muscle groups of the upper physique and core for optimum results. Set off the abdominals and company and tone the shoulders, hands, chest, abet and obliques with The US's Favorite Health Skilled, Denise Austin as she takes you thru this consequence-pushed, 10-minute segment from her standard "Vitality Zone Metabolism Booster" Health DVD that can
banish flabby hands and better abet rotund with no atomize in sight! Be taught key moves to sculpt lean definition in the biceps, triceps, lats, deltoids, and pectorals and maintain your having a concept your finest for swimsuit season. Exercise this tell with you wherever to burn rotund, slim the waistline, and do muscle. It is probably going you will desire a contrivance of rubber resistance bands, a towel and a bottle of water to entire this tell that could per chance also be modified to fit any level of health. Enhance stamina, enhance posture and do a actual core edifying from your have residence with really appropriate one of the most most sought-after experts in the industry. It is probably going you'll be inspired by Denise's advantageous and upbeat coaching vogue as you re-shape your physique and do a lean and provocative bikini-ready physique.
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welcome to your upper body workout to
firm your arms chest shoulders and back
so let's get started with the fabulous
workout inhale bring in that oxygen to
every cell in your body and exhale it
out again inhale oxygen is needed in
those muscles that's it and exhale out
and let's stretch that body lift it up
and over feel the length of the spine
perfect body alignment and lift it up
and over to the other side
ahh feels so good stretching that body
and now slowly step nice and tall and
let's begin placing your resistance band
underneath your foot and hold it in one
hand wrap it around and sit down make
sure you're getting in a nice position
and let's begin firming up the upper
back muscles slower is better working
the muscles not momentum zip up those
ABS keeping your knees bent placing your
hand on your thigh for extra support for
your back slow that's it making sure
you're working every muscle fiber of the
upper back to get nice beautiful
chiseled upper back last one that's it
and now let's pick up the pace and it's
lift and lower and lift
that's it wonderful feel it these
muscles help to improve your posture two
got two more that's it lift and lower
one more lift and lower and switch sides
and let's begin on the other side place
that band under your foot let's make
sure you're doing it correctly lean over
that's it and let's begin
lift it up slow and down my formula is
eight slow and then eight fast it works
to tone the muscles
that's it wonderful notice how our back
is nice and straight her abs are lifted
and your shoulder blades are nice and
dropped down in the lift this is the air
we're really target Tony that's it and
one more that's it lift it up okay let's
pick up that pace and really roll down
this is called a back row it really
helps to firm all of these muscles
keeping those abs tight helps your core
to the abdominal muscles we've got two
more lift and lower last one and release
wonderful standing up nice and tall now
place your band behind you and let's
burn up our chest we're now going to do
what's called a chest press bring your
arms in front of you and reaching them
back that's it
bend your knees to protect the spine
good it's all about the chest making
that beautiful cleavage that's it firm
it up these are our pectoral muscles
were firming up to uplift the breast
area that's it just take your time
squeeze at the very top that's it
squeeze all right you're doing graze
your tummy in tummy tight excellent okay
now we're going to pick up that pace
ready and it's a press and release and
press good beautiful chest improving
that posture good couple more just like
criss-cross in front that's it last one
bring it in front and slowly release it
that's great now it's time to work on
those triceps to firm up the back of our
arms now hold it right here keep it
closed lift it up and then slowly down
resistance bands are fabulous because
they help firm up those muscles they're
just as effective as weight and hold it
up and
down really firm up the muscle that's it
good no more underarm flab no more under
I'm sag it's all about targeting those
muscles that's it firm it up it can do
it that's it last one now let's pick up
the pace let's go
press and release and press you got it
beautiful sexy arms no more jigglies
come on we'll firm it up this is a most
underused muscle of the body but doing
this exercise helps to firm it last one
and release create and switch side bring
it up all the way and let's begin it's a
press and it's a release it's a Kris up
and release this is a fabulous way to
get toned firm muscles let's make sure
you're doing it correctly
good now Michelle is keeping her arm
nice and close to her body very very
important here and you're really working
this entire muscle the triceps firms it
up really reach it up good now let's
pick up that pace really push it up and
now we're targeting more up here which
is a fantastic way to firm up your
muscles I love this exercise one of the
most effective proven to firm those arms
last one take it up hold it up and
release it good to shake it out that's
it ok now what we're gonna do is work on
those arms come on biceps placing one
foot in front of you and you're gonna
hold yourself nice and tall relax your
shoulder pull it up and release it down
pull it up let me see those beautiful
you've got amusing
muscles work miracles on your metabolism
more muscles you have the more calories
you burn that's right
well I just taking your time using your
muscles very effectively purecontrol
working a hundred percent of your arms
right here abs are tight too let's pick
up that pace it's a lip it's a release
abs are tight firm up those arms you can
do it notice my elbows very close to my
body that's very important good your
control last one hold it up take your
time take your time that's it good and
release and let's turn to the side
holding on to the band and now we're
going to do our triceps toner this is an
extra one because that's there we need
to target release any tension out of
your shoulders it stretches it back and
down and stretch it back and release it
really make the muscle do the work I
love this one too it really helps to
firm up those muscles try to make sure
your elbow is as high as you can get it
that's it the higher the better let's
make sure you're doing it right keeping
this elbow and shoulder in one straight
line this is an excellent let's speed it
up now lift and lower and lift this is
the area we're targeting l.j stomachs in
your back is straight it's all about
pressing that's it press it good last
one hold it
Oh excellent just switch sides now let's
go to the other side this is a great way
to firm up those arms okay let's begin
thinking about good form good body
alignment and let's straighten that arm
if this is too hard for you just loosen
it up a little remember always try to
your pardon if you need to increase the
resistance go ahead everyone's at a
different level just do what you can
that's it good all about strengthening
those muscles got two more give it all
you've got strengthen those arms last
one lift it way up there
okay let's speed it up now it's a press
and a release correct release your
stomach in is your back straight we all
have to be reminded that's it just a
couple more press it out firm chiseled
arms last one hold it up and release
excellent okay now slowly bring your
power band double it up bring it over
your head and hold it nice and tall
we're going to do what's called a lat
pulldown my favorite exercise of all
this is a great one it helps to firm
your upper back that's it
roulette Isthmus door side and also it's
a beautiful way to get that core just
looking back that's it good really
strong dad
to initiate this movement from the sides
let me show you how make sure right here
you're getting that wonderful workout
right there this is where you're going
go come on present this is the
development here it gives you that
beautiful shape makes your waistline go
in yes you want to develop these muscles
last one great
that way you look nice and contoured
okay now we're going to shape our
shoulders with a lateral raise just
placing one foot in front of you and
lift up you by nice and tall what's a
beautiful shoulder that's it now in this
exercise you have to make sure your
elbows are slightly bent that when
you're really working those shoulder
good thinking about good posture last
one out now we go forward front rein
lift it forward that's wonderful this is
now working the shoulder area the entire
shoulder girdle keep it a nice sexy
looking upper body got one more forward
lift it forward now let's go out to the
side lateral raises out and down and out
and down now front raises for those arms
up and down you're strong you're lean
lift up and down and now singles out and
down and forward and down and look at
Michele keeping your back nice and
strong and straight and working those
shoulders and elbows always slightly
better if you just got one more lift it
out and forward relax release the
shoulders oh you did great taking a deep
breath inhale up and exhale out
wonderful give yourself up again you did
it strong arms

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