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Denise Austin: Pilates Buns & Thighs Workout is a 15-minute, total body-firming, Pilates routine that is designed particularly to spend & firm your butt, melt inches off of your thighs, and burn elephantine with ideas confirmed to form and description leaner lines. Project the core and slim the waistline with Legendary Health Icon, Denise Austin as you work the hips, glutes, and thighs from every angle with key Pilates and Yoga workouts that can blast cellulite and rep you bikini-ready outcomes like a flash! Boost your metabolism to burn calories as you tone the legs, buns, abs, obliques, palms, chest, and shoulders with this stress-free and fantastic exercise segment from Denise's "Shrink Your Fat Zones-Pilates" Health DVD, easiest on BeFit! Shape the toned, inviting backside of your dreams with this low-affect Pilates routine right from your very enjoy dwelling. You're going to need a Pilates mat, a towel, and a bottle of water to full this exercise that is huge for all capability ranges. Denise's straight forward-to-apply instruction and obvious, upbeat perspective will inspire you as you manufacture lengthy, beautiful legs and sculpt lean muscle. Look and in fact feel your most fantastic with one among essentially the most fantastic as you skills the vitality of Pilates! For added Pilates workouts, click here:

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welcome to shrink your fat zones for
your hips thighs and buttocks we're
gonna begin in treading warming up
starting with the feet all the way up
through the body head to toe take a deep
breath inhale bring in the oxygen equals
energy and exhale out any stress I get
real deep breath inhale up and exhale
and really hold the body upright zip up
those ABS that's it and relax now bring
your legs together let's begin with the
straighten your legs lift up to elevate
and down plie stretch your body lift up
that's it right now make sure you're
zipping up through the abs and your
inner thighs really squeeze your inner
thighs together really feel it okay legs
apart and let's work out those hips come
on go all the way around with hip
that's it tone and target the tummy - as
you go all the way around pull up and in
those ABS that's it last one and reverse
go all the way around the other side
that's it great shape and tone the
bottom half to make it your better half
that's it
lose an inch around each thigh great
okay and release and I would stretch up
through the hips really feel it through
the hip stretch it down there that's it
really sit down great exercise to really
warm up the back the hips your thighs
that's it got a couple more shake it out
baby yeah
last one and let's hold it right here
now slowly slide your hand down open up
the chest and really feel it reach all
the way through the body through the
back your abs are pulled in draw your
abs up and in and release and lift up
and let's ship to the other side really
pull your hips out now stretch down and
open up open up your heart open up
through the chest muscles like clavicle
collarbone look up if you can sit down
into it and slowly come up
inhale and exhale now let's stretch out
those legs bring your knee to your chest
almost up here two parallel reach it out
just stretch those hamstrings that's it
last one and release and slowly switch
Marine your knee although it feel that
stretch keep it parallel now and just
straighten and release tighten up those
ABS that's it lift and lower last one
out and in take a deep breath inhale and
exhale and pull your leg in front of you
and slowly stretch down
dive forward and feel the length of your
spine your the length in the back of
your legs and lift back up that's it and
switch legs and dive down feel the
hamstring stretching your low back all
feels so good come all the way up let me
see that smiling Bay
and lift up and now let's begin our
toning workout
first of all stand to the side zip up
those ABS your arms are here is if
you're holding on to a bar like a
reformer in Pilates we're gonna slide
the leg behind us let's go long lean
lean and pull back up get real low chest
down and pull back up really use the
legs way back there
that's it long lean lunge last one and
really pull great let's turn to the side
we're gonna first begin with a great
lunch out all the way to the side go
down lift up and take a curtsy now
what's your inner and outer thighs down
outer thighs up and inner thigh toner
that's it really sit back into your
thighs you'll really see a difference
results free from cellulite legs will
look great toned firm legs great we got
one more this one really reach out go
way out there feel it now this time stay
reach your arms up squeeze your inner
thighs together
inner thigh toner that's it no more
jigglies in there and push yourself up
and let's go to the other side with long
lean lunge standing up tall bring your
arms up to the bar so if you're holding
on to that reformer and I'll slowly go
back down and slide up great back down
really feel the muscles that's great way
back there get down long and lean sexy
legs way back last one pull up all the
way up that's great and let's work to
the side lateral lunge really think
about good posture when you're doing
this are you ready take it side that's
and take it back curtsy that's it this
is working the inner and outer thighs is
your back straight zip up those ABS
think about good core movements that's
it everything is strong strong lean you
got it work in those legs from all
angles that's it last one now we hold it
right here
pull your inner thighs together pull the
stretch and really firm up the inner
thighs that's it hold it right there
hold it hold it and release now stand up
nice and tall feel as though you're
standing on a balance beat one foot is
in front of the other in a long line
we're going to bring our arms out to the
side and work the waist to ready
squeeze your inner thighs twist and open
twist and open one thing to make sure
you're doing correctly it's keeping your
hip still it's all in the waistline but
your inner thighs really working to
control the movement last one control
and come up that's it bring your arms
together out in front of you really nice
and firm we're gonna sit down and back a
one leg squat but you're also working
the arms lift the knee if you can lift
down lift up abs are in that's it core
strong sit way back there really gets
that rear in look great from behind
that's it don't and target the bottom
half that's to really sit back sit back
and release one leg comes out in front
reach forward and slowly hold the
balancing stick working your legs your
arms your whole body your abs and
release come up nice and strong okay
let's switch legs just place the other
leg behind you you want to use the width
of the mat arms come out your abs are
strong but we're going to turn ready and
just twist I release you notice the hips
are very still the action is through the
waistline trim and slim that waist as
your leg strengthen firming the inner
and outer thighs that's it you got one
more twist and release now bring your
arms together really engage your muscles
of the lats as well as your tummy we're
going to take it down lift up sit back
that's it now lift your knee down and
lift and down
and lift and down really use your ass
draw up and in those ABS curve and
really left really push your hips out
behind you use your back leg
got one more that's lift and release
bring your leg in front of you lift your
body out into a balancing stick your
legs are strong powerful strengthening
tone firm thighs and release now slowly
place your toes out in a plie position
and zip up those ABS lean long legs are
going to begin down then pull up that's
it we're getting a beautiful ballerina
legs nice and firm tone and targeted
that's it just smooth control down and
as you come up pull that's it
use your thighs to come up we've got two
more of these that's it really sit back
I'm great
last one we're going to hold it there
hold it down there hold it down there
open up your arm and lift those heels
lift come back you're lifting to firm
your inner thighs really feeling it
get lower if you don't feel it I want
you to really target tone the inner
thighs and strengthen the quadriceps as
well as the hamstrings last one okay
slowly push up up up all the way up and
release let's come down to our tummies
lie on your tummy and I want to make
sure you're really target toning the
back of the thighs exactly where we need
extra help
okay get yourself situated relax the
body placing your head right here on you
and slowly lift the leg up towards you
and lift all the way and back down
you're now targeting the back of your
thighs you're giving beautiful
definition this exercise between the
buttocks and your thighs that's it good
I love this one because you're really
shaping and tawny it's really sculpting
so your buns lift up and tone up look
great in your jeans we've got one more
this time I want you to lift up and down
very tight firm it up it's all here it's
all concentrated this is a focus here
this is where it all counts make it
happen for you reshaping last one lift
it up and down beautiful
wiggle out your hips a little shake it
out a little okay let's work the other
leg really firm it up lift it up press
down and
lift it up heel comes up and take it
down good heel comes up really feel it
in the rear end really squeeze your
buttocks stretch it up there that's it
this is really gonna give you that
rounded bottom really toned and burn and
lift it will fight gravity and
everything will go up and burn now just
hold it right here this time and we lift
and lower just stay right here press
through the heel you're resisting so you
really firm it up right where it counts
you got it just a couple more last one
okay take a breather
push your body all the way up into
child's pose give your back a low back
stretch oh my favorite part and now lie
on your side for leg swings I slowly
want you to lift your chest up lengthen
your legs straight across and now let's
begin forward and back press it back
forward and back
single leg swings to really shape those
legs long lean streamline that's
get a nice stretch as your tone at the
same time that's it stretch it we've got
two more last one we hold it back there
hold it back there really feel it
squeeze the buttocks tighten it up
squeeze squeeze squeeze like all the
juice out of an or squeeze the buttocks
and release
okay placing your hand right here on
your thigh flex your foot and now let's
begin inner thigh toners lift and lower
lift and lower that's it it's are now
firming up right where it counts back
last one now hold it up here press your
hands all the way up and lift together
just a couple of these these are great
exercises for the inner eyes really
squeeze can you point your toes that's
it we only have one more okay and
release and now slowly come up on your
hand keeping your wrist and shoulder no
straight line reach up and out lift your
leg out for outer thigh and hip slimmers
and little baby circles hold that circle
almost like you're drawing a circle with
your big toe Circle it out great to slim
down those hips
no more saddlebags we hold it right
there and release let's go to the other
side remember to think about lengthening
through the legs it's all about
stretching that's it oh let's take it
forward and take it back and forward and
back these are great ways to appreciate
those eyes
that's it sculpt and tone and strengthen
those legs that's it two more really
reach last one and hold it back there
hold it back the hold hold hold squeeze
through the buttocks lift through the
chest is your tummy in
great and release placing your hand on
your thigh flex the foot and let's begin
inner thigh toners think about good
posture lift and lower lift and that's
it you could do it it look great I
promise you two more last one and hold
her lace your hands way up here and
inner thigh toners will shrink those fat
zones around our thighs that's right
slim down the legs great last one and
release and now slowly come up on your
arm strengthen through the arm reach in
and out over the body lengthen the body
lift up the leg and little baby circles
all the way around lift through the body
try to keep your abs still your torso
strong it's all about the core two last
one hold it and slowly release slow this
up nice and tall bring the leg in front
of you and stretch out through the hips
and die
hold the stretch hold the stretch chest
is up high lift it and switch legs
just hold the leg up ah can you feel
that stretch so my favorite stretches
oh the lease is odd attention and slowly
lift your body up and out hold your body
forward to stretch the buttocks the
thighs and lift your body up inhale and
exhale you did

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  1. i have done 10 years of exercise and using only Denis Austin videos, thanks to her i am now 40 years old and people think im much younger becuase of my body and my butt with a very nice figure. i am still using them, thanks Denise

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