Denise Austin: Abs & Core Pilates Workout

Denise Austin: Abs & Core Pilates Workout is designed to chisel the abs, slim the waist, and make stronger the core through Pilates-impressed moves that can leave you having a leer keen and toned from any angle. Denise Austin will inspire you and fetch you bikini-appealing speedy with her soothing, but definite demeanor through this odd chubby-burning belly tell. Change into your self presently with this relaxing and efficient tell.

This tell is from Denise Austin"s DVD "Shrink Your Plump Zones Pilates".

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welcome to shrink your fat zones for the ABS in core let"s begin sitting up nice and tall good back balance inhale through the ribcage and exhale out again inhale deeply bringing oxygen to every cell of your body we"re gonna be working on that waistline trimming and slimming the waist as well as tone and tighten up those ABS so inhale up and exhale out and now slowly grab your towel bring it in the back of your thighs hold it at each edge sitting up nice and tall shoulders are down and back and now slowly draw your navel in and round the back articulating the spine warming up the back inhale up shoulders down the back and exhale scoop and Hollow the ABS tone and tighten them that"s it one more flexion and extension of the spine and slowly sit nice and tall bring the towel up and over hold onto it nice and strong using it as as resistance and assistance slowly slide to the side and then for the sides of the waistline articulating the spine in every direction and lift up and over feel the stretch elongating the spine and lift up now lift to the side and flexion forward kiss your knee scoop and hollow out the ABS and lift up and to the side I can do the other side that"s it working that waistline great cinch in the waist come all the way up and let"s do full circles for the entire back entire spine lift it up and to the other side all the way around scoop and Hollow up the ABS lift up nice and tall and release placing the towel right underneath for assistance now hold it right here we"re gonna do a roll down inhale up and as you exhale roll down using the strength of your arms that"s it one vertebrae at a time roll down great for the back and relax your head and slowly come all the way up use your doubt use your tail that"s it and release now try it without the towel right here like a bar and you"re holding onto it take one vertebrae at a time roll down that"s it and hold it right here and roll back up great way to get ready to flatten those ABS now can you do it with straight legs lift your arms and slowly roll down roll down now just stay there and now place that towel right on your low belly anchor it down bend your knees all the way up to tabletop we"re gonna work on the low belly to flatten out that tummy ain"t get down like a seat belt here readiness to toe taps working the lower tummy here we go take it down and lift take it down pull the belly in that"s it strong abs here it"s all about the core now if you want to get to the next level go ahead and put it right here now really hold on to it engage your lap muscles that"s it good take it even a step further really challenge yourself to see results in your tummy flat abs take it up and over right there that"s it hold it there come on really engage your abs keeping that belly low back nice and flat against the floor last one okay bring your knees in chest up for a nice back stretch Oh doesn"t that feel great and slowly release elongate the spine stretch the whole body out and let"s slowly roll up slowly one vertebrae at a time peel off the floor come all the way up and twist the body that"s it and one vertebrae at a time go down take your time using your abs squeeze your inner thighs again let"s roll up use the bar here you that"s it stretch up and twist to the other side great for that waistline let"s do it again really feel the towel stretching that"s it one more time roll up on this side roll up use the ABS come up nice and strong twist the body and working the ABS from all angles that"s right to trim and slim the waist here we go roll up and Lister nice twist at the top twist and release and slowly roll all the way down bringing your hands behind you now slowly bring the knees up flex the feet slowly bring the towel over your toes let"s meet stretch them out extend your legs and pull them back in this is like a double leg stretch in Pilates pulling pulling and fuel always one of the best ways to flatten that tummy I promise you you will see a difference think about control make sure you"re using your abs that"s it this is too hard lift your legs higher that"s okay last one we hold it out there hold it out there and release bend your legs now place the towel behind your neck or at the base of your neck right there by your head and this relaxes the back it"s like a hammock for the neck oh don"t you love it now slowly come up just relax your neck assistance through the town you"re now gonna begin in a bicycle switch criss-cross working the waistline the oblique muscles trim and target through the waist that"s it lose an inch around that tummy shrink that middle that"s what we"re doing to whist and twist you gotta really reach that toe out extend the body stand the leg got last one year and release now stay up there little baby pulses that"s right use your abdominals 100% of abs here no neck or shoulders it"s just all relax can you feel it now slowly target tone and firm the inside of your tummy and inside of your legs by turning your toes out now press your heels together russa can you feel it this is working on the lower tummy below the belly button last one and release and slowly roll up we see that smiling face up nice and tall inhale and exhale and now we"re gonna do can-can so just switch to side to side that"s it work that waistline go great for that tummy come on work it for those of you that want to take it step up pick up your feet really twist and twist that"s it great really move it use your tail use the left they"re connected to the waistline that"s it work those muscles streamline your waist last one okay and take a breather inhale now as you can see my heels are in the width of the mat so hold it right there nice and tall we"re now gonna do saw lift your chest up nice turn to the side now slowly bend forward and use that till around your foot and pull back it"s all in the ABS here scoop and Hollow draw your navel in and release up and out let"s go to the other side twist to the other side fold forward hinge pull and really feel it all through here it"s making it nice and flat that"s it and reach out great one more time inhale up at exhale remember those ABS feel as though a belt is pulling you back that"s it"s all in the lower abs lift up and to the other side last one really feel that tummy point up really drawing up and in and release come all the way up bring your legs together slowly roll down one vertebrae at a time and now place the towel right underneath your hips we"re now gonna focus on the lower tummy where it all counts right take a nice deep breath we"re just gonna slowly bring the hands behind you and just place them right here and let"s begin just tap up and lift up drive those hips up that"s a drive hips up good just a little tap and we"re working on target toning the lower part of the tummy that"s it to flatten out no more muffin tucks no more belly bulge that"s it Oh firm it up flatten out those ABS this one really counts you"re gonna happen to having babies I know last one let"s try straighten out the legs can you do it straight little advance there"s too much ground to keep your knees bent you"re still working on those abs complete core workout right here good we got two more last one lift and lower and release now bend your knees it"s all about the overtime you"re squeezing release squeeze in release because right here this towel lift your hips so you really get 100% right there in that tubby the lower part all around the belly button yes navel in pull it in got two more here make it work for you last one oh okay and slowly bring your legs up and take that towel right underneath you bend your knees place it right between your inner knees and we"re gonna press it together press it did you know when you work your inner thighs you"re working this lower triangle hip right to the pelvic bone so you"re really getting this nice and flat okay let"s do die slow sit-ups right here inhale and exhale just really feeling the target here is pressing the inner knees together really press your inner thighs this is all connected to inner thighs to the lower belly muscles that"s it two more reach up last one really squeeze it squeeze it now hold it up relax your neck hold it up hold it up squeeze squeeze inner thighs and release okay slowly roll up let me see that smiling face roll all the way up let"s go to our knees and slowly lift the body hold on to the towel from both ends you"re strong you"re lean it"s pulling like a bar you"re bending to the side working both of the waste lines each side the left and the right and to the other side work in that waist really cinching in the waist banished that"s it that"s it no more absolutely no more flap around that tummy we got two more last one hold it hold it right here release the towel down lift up the leg and hold now let"s work the upper part of the ABS that works the obliques just twist and come up everything stays still the back is still the tummy suck and zip up those ABS last one let"s do one more for me really curl feel it and now hold it up there and release let"s work with the other side stretch the arms stretch the leg that"s it bend and out working both sides of the waistline that"s it no more muffin tops no burn love handles this is where we"re targeting it"s all about firming slimming streamlining your body that"s it you got one more and release and slowly bring your body weight to the side lift the leg up hold your body weight up and slowly fold forward and lift up that"s it inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale really keep the stomach in suck in the gut that"s it pull it in and release and slowly come down okay let"s go onto our hands and knees table top I"m gonna really make sure you"re doing this correctly lift one arm out and one leg opposition and slowly crunch forward reach an elbow to the knee lift up touch and twist the body this works the entire core that"s it beautiful and reach and crunch crisscross lift out and twist really work in it it"s very important now relax let"s do the other side it"s really important to keep the tummy uplifted there you go stretch it out hold it out there now crunch inhale and lift and exhale in out give one more time in a crunch and exhale and out great now Child"s Pose is relax a low spine this is work in an opposition of the abdominals who are now relaxing the low back okay everybody up on plank pose this really works on the whole stomach especially those muscles called the transverse abdominis that helps suck in your tummy naturally right now you"re nice and lean your stomachs in your arms are strong don"t sink into the elbows like that or the shoulders it"s lepton zip up those ABS hold it up hold it up let"s bring one leg up point your toe now really pull your abs up and in nothing droops nothing sags and really now to the other leg hold it up there point the toe point the toe hold it up there you can do it and slowly release okay relax the low back inhale and exhale great and now slowly come up let"s now work on stretching and elongating the abdominals reach one hand by your heel provide your ankle and reach it up and hold just hold push your hips forward squeeze the buttock muscles elongate the spine and release let"s go to the other side slowly just hold first knit the foot and lift up and twist squeeze the buttock muscles if you can to engage the ABS that"s it and release and now slowly sit down nice and tall taking a deep cleansing breath inhale up and exhale out wonderful one more take a deep breath inhale just type a little twist for the waistline that"s great and to the other side inhale up and exhale out give yourself a big hand you did great shrink your fat zones inhale you 


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  1. I've constructed up so mighty muscle in my left arm, no longer to claim burned a shit load of energy watching this video!! capacity to head!!

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