Deadlift Fundamentals- Stabilization (Barbell)



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(3: 21)- Myofascial Liberate

What"s going on Hermonites? and welcome to deadlift fundamentals beginner form and stabilization now for this exercise.  I want you guys to find a PVC pipe.  if you don"t have one just try to find something that"s long and light some of you may be able to use a.  barbell however try and stay away from that if you can.  The first thing I want you guys to focus on is foot stance now if your feet happen to go out really wide like this.  Try to bring it in as much as you can and if your toes happen to point in like that.  Bring them out as much as you can as close to being straight as possible.  Now for me my comfortable position is feet about shoulder width apart.  And my toes pointing out to the sides just a bit now even this form may change as you progress in the heavier weight.  But for now, this is where we want to be now what I want you guys are focused on next is the scapular retraction.  So what you"re going to do is you"re going to retract your shoulder blades back.  Just like this and you"re gonna pinch them as hard as you can okay?.  So bring them back as you bring them back. You"re going to focus on keeping your knees straight.  Leaning forward and sticking up your chest to get some lumbar extension.  From that position you guys now hold the PVC pipe.  Just like this your hands are just outside of shoulder width.  You"re going to bend over and bring the bar down and as you come down. You"re keeping your knees locked out.  You can feel my stretch from your hamstring and once the bar gets to your kneecaps.  That"s where you"re really going to bend the knee and sit your butt back down and bring the PVC pipe down to about mid shin.  Once we"re there, we"re going to hold that position for 30 to 60.  Seconds, so I"m Gonna Demonstrate that real quick.  I want you guys to look over points that we just went over and make sure you see going on in this video.  Because that"s what you"re going to be doing next so I"m going to stand get my feet set up.  Bring my shoulder blades back like that. Just like this keeping them pinched now one thing.  I do want to say you"re not bringing them back and up and pinching them up here.  You"re bringing them back and down and pinching them like that.  so my hands are just.  outside of shoulder width.  And keep my legs straight, and I"m going to come down.  Once the bar gets to my knees that"s where you"re going to bend and.  Sit back just like this.  I"m going really slow to show you guys.  I"m going to stop about mid-shin just like that in this position.  I want to be able to sit here in a hold it for 30 to 60 seconds one of the key point.  I want to point out is if you guys are coming down like this.  you want to fight the urge for your knees to buckle in you want to push those knees out to.  The sides so we"ll do it again real quick.  Coming in just like that and then sitting into this position.  Now if you can"t hold that position that well.  It"s probably because you have some tightness going on in your body, and you need to do some stretching.  We actually have a video on myofascia release you guys can check out right here, and it"ll really help loosen you up.  So you can do this form properly okay? Now one more thing I want to show you guys.  before we"re in the up position is how my back looks while doing this so get into my position.  shoulders back and.  Come down now one thing that"s really easy to do especially if you"re tight is to start to pinch up here and bring back.  you really want to focus on bringing those shoulders down and.  Pulling back and pinching low, now it can be difficult to do for some of you.  That"s why if you"re having a hard time.  I want you to take up a video myofascial release if you got it down.  Then I"m ready to move on to the next step which is coming up now some key things.  I want you guys to notice when I"m coming up is that I"m pushing through the heels.  While pulling my shoulder blades back the whole time which is going to lead to.  Hip drive now hip drive is super important when doing this because if you guys.  Bring the bar up.  With your knees straight. It"s turning the exercise into Romanian deadlift, and that"s not what we"re doing here.  so it"s going to be a fluid motion.  Come down.  Sit back shoulder blades back chest is up. I"m going to maintain a neutral spine while I do this too.  Come up, as I come up everything"s moving at once and keep the bars close to my body the whole time.  Now lock out the top push my hips forward and that"s the up position.  That"s how you do the exercise, so I want you guys to practice first get it into position.  going all the way down and then being able to hold this stabilization for 30 to 60 seconds and.  Then push up through the motion so hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration video.  for more links and support handed Exercises and routines.  Join us at and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys.  


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  1. I cant elevate out this shit! I became mattress ridden for 4 years and I deem my posture is ruined. One man took a 20 minutes out of his day to help me, but I would possibly well possibly no longer procure it down. He told me if I fill problems elevate out Romanian deadlifts. my support retains arching inwards/


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