Day 8: 100 Roll Ups! | #100AbChallenge w/ The Physique Coach

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You guys, my just precise friend Joe Wicks (who you would know as The Physique Coach) flew ALL THE WAY to LA FROM ENGLAND to attain Day 8 of the 100 Ab Reveal! Okay kidding, but we"re both the truth is livid!! Ready for some roll ups?

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whoa you guys I"m here with my friend Joe the body cook she may have seen him on Instagram or YouTube well you were so welcome I"m nervous that you"re super fit in a cause strong so I"m hoping I get I think you"re definitely gonna get through it should I anyway thank you I"ve been practicing Jessica Joe so you guys today we are doing the roll-up with Joe a hundred them that"s just one set of a hundred how many one go in 110 nope I"m ready cool so you guys let me show some modifications for the roll-up so first off the move in its totality looks like this both hands over the head toes pointed heels together you"re gonna inhale in exhale you"re gonna lift up reaching the arms all the way towards the ceiling and then nice little seeker with your spine coming down so you don"t want to use moment of who you really want to use your abs to get up now if your hip flexors are hurting and your back is just coming out of the mat you can place your knees like so and hold onto your thighs and just get up like that and then come back down if that"s too easy then use your hands like so getting up and coming back down so those are some of your modifications otherwise do you feel ready I"m ready for it yeah okay I"m under wraps in one guard exactly and if you guys feel yourself scooting forward because you will just reset yourself at some point where you"re gonna travel all righty Joe we"re at zero let"s do it okay in three two one here we go exhale up inhale down there we go oh this is easy right so Joe what do you normally eat for breakfast oh really so I like to try and fast it in the morning so I train in the morning without eating and ate afterwards uh-huh and I love something just simple like you know abaca hope poached eggs or a nice omelet with cheese and spinach that"s quick and easy and I call it lean in 15 so it"s got to be ready in 15 minutes you know I I do not like to spend a lot of time cooking I like to cook fast yeah spade is cake that"s one of the things that I think people enjoy about my Ponton is is you know 15 minute workouts 50 minute Mills and it"s it"s achievable well clearly lean at 15 just like yeah all right very good then we"re gonna keep going you"re at 17 up and down exhale lift inhale lower so you guys at home I hope you are feeling it I"m feeling it too much remember you can go into one of those modifications but don"t forget keep breathing this is a great movie I haven"t actually done this one before why are you it"s nice I like the stretch at the top you can really feel it hit your abs partners you reach your hands up for the sky and I love they getting up part because I feel like my spine is getting taller posture is good nice whoo I"m traveling a little bit are you traveling I think I"m moving I"m gonna scoot up a little down there we go move up and Laura I"m gonna do these all day and down but yeah Joe did not really have a choice I only gave him a CO and I said you"re sure you"re gonna do one of the hard ones cuz you know what I have like fitness trainer friends coming on as well as um friend friends coming on the train a friend to have to do the hard ones I know I"ve got the 9:40 coach there waiting some superhuman boot I"m human like anyone else I really struggle in my workout videos I"m always really out of breath because I do it unedited I just do it I"m really nice really good often Oh how"d it be real knackered is a word to explain when you"re really tired it"s an English word wait what"s the word if you say oh I"m not good knackered yeah bell knackered Oh Cayenne a cked it"s like knickers but knickers oh I like that how you do a jump but we"ll know we are on we are a little bit more than halfway through I love it when men try Pilates cuz you know it must take it easy oh you"re doing so good you"re doing really really good so you guys keep breathing in healthy house exhale as you lift up when it"s hard press your heels into the mat squeeze your quads it"ll help okay bend the knees you got you guys yeah a little 10-second I"m gonna quit you are not gonna quit I"m so proud of you Josh so much okay Oh traveling good and oh nice you"re doing so so good exhale lift look at that breathing you guys gotta breathe like Joe it helps you get through it okay boom yeah exactly and oh this is a real challenge you know what one of my friends is definitely thanking you right now cuz they didn"t have to do this one 30 days and you or help you get through day eight oh come on John come on you got it done you got it yes show me that job you know this rule is really tough I also like papaya quite like it enjoy that but we"ll know we are on lady 20 to go come on come on everybody almost there you guys at home cheer Joe on we together we"re doing so good okay five seconds okay okay okay I"m bursting with you and and lish oh you guys oh good that is the point well you know what you can put me through let me tell you I am NOT a car girl definitely kill me okay we are so come on let"s go oh wow that"s awesome well you did fantastic and thank you so much out of you and thank you for pushing through it"s not easy so challenge great idea stealing your next you don"t watch out okay sounds good sounds good well you guys thank you so much for joining us for date with mr. Joe wicks you can find him at the body coach on Instagram and the body coach TV on 15 minutes long hottest way anything yeah yeah and you get to listen to this English accent the whole time so that will help you get through it well you guys thank you so much for joining us on because you to add talent and we"ll see you next time suicide Joe [Music] 


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  1. Hello! I don't know if anybody can help me out with this, however after doing this workout the day earlier than nowadays I someway bruised/rubbed off the skin on my tailbone. Has this took position to anybody? Any guidelines? It's very very sore and I if truth be told feel that I will lose motivation if I discontinuance doing the sigh and let it heal.

  2. Exact lord this change into tricky! After I accomplished day 6 I felt love I ought to acquire been doing it contaminated as a consequence of it didn't if truth be told feel that stressful, however 2 days later and my obliques are peaceable screaming

  3. Is it extra special I if truth be told feel extra effort in my legs and no longer my abs?..I'm doing something contaminated precise? lol

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