Classical Pilates Mat Workout – March Matness Celebration!

If you happen to indulge in Pilates and expertise a subject, this classical Pilates mat exercise is for you! This are the first 10 exercises of Joseph Pilates long-established mat sequence for Pilates. This specifically celebrates March Matness, which happens on Instagram every March beneath the hashtag #marchmatness. For full length and ad free movies talk over with

hey everybody thanks for joining me today we are going to do some of Joseph Pilates original mat work we"re going to do the first 10 exercises and we"re going to do this to celebrate March Madness so if you don"t know what that is head on over to Instagram find me at happy hour mama and what it is is a great movement in the Pilates community where we really celebrate Joseph Pilates original work on the mat every March so we"re going to just get down and dirty here to start with by doing 100 where Joseph Pilates like to start every mat class so go ahead and roll down onto your back find yourself in a supported position focus pull your belly in and reach the arms and legs out and inhale two three four five exhale two three four five inhale and exhale two three four twenty inhale two three four five exhale two three four thirty warming up the body and exhale two three four forty getting the breath moving and exhale two three four fifty you can modify right here if you need to and exhale two three four sixty stay long and exhale two three four seventy belly in and exhale two three four eighty fill your lungs you got it and exhale two three four ninety inhale two three four five exhale two three four hundred inhale exhale legs arms reach back inhale exhale four roll up rolling up one vertebrae at a time reach over the legs keep the belly pulled in and rounded and scooped as you roll back inhale exhale dive up using the abdominal muscles and thinking about rolling one vertebrae at a time and then when you roll back reach the legs away from you even as you roll down let"s do one more so you"ll see mat work is not easy is it by any means so modify as you need to when you come down we"re going for rollover legs come up 45 inhale exhale reach your legs up and over separate your legs to hip distance flex your feet roll down now reach your heels away from you as you roll down to stay long bring the legs together inhale up exhale roll over so you"ll see separate the legs flex the feet roll down you"ll see how all of these exercises start to really connect together so the 100 is a great way to warm up getting our energy circulation blood flow going getting the abdominals awake so that they can roll up and roll over let"s do one more over separate and roll yourself down and leave one leg up and let"s inhale and exhale for life circles two more renew five each directions and up and switch down up down up so really use the control of the leg to come up and let"s switch reach out up and across and up making sure your neck is nice and loose keeping that belly pulled in reverse directions around and up you"re always controlling this through your core in your Center last one nice job legs pull in tuck your chin and let"s find a balance point for our rolling like a ball inhale back and I want you to exhale use the ABS to stop yourself at the top K inhale exhale you"re trying to keep the same distance between knees and chest and heels and hips the whole time so you"re not collapsing or opening up last one nice job now keep the right leg in roll down for single leg stretch and switch switch reach the leg out out that"s your stretch pieces they"re reaching out three two one gimme double leg stretch pull in reach out and then exhale squeeze in it so really feel that squeeze and detox when you pull the legs in like you"re wringing out all your air last one nice job reach out exhale all the way up to seated separate your legs to mat distance apart spine stretch exhale to round inhale restock your spine I want you to feel like you"re reaching with the belly pulling back as opposed to just reaching the fingertips out so think about length of both ways reaching forward and the belly and ribs reaching back at the same time let"s do one more restock and let"s find an open leg rocker find a balance point lift your legs shoulders down here we go inhale exhale and lift at the top nice job inhale we"re going for three inhale so think of your rollover combined with your rolling like a ball nice job legs come together roll down four corkscrew so legs are going to come around to the right lift up you"re going to find your roll over position lift the leg slightly and then roll down and around to the left back to Center let"s reverse it up and around to the left find rollover in the center lift the legs swing them around to the right so this is your rollover but now we"ve added a circle what a beautiful wonderful movement for the spine let"s do one more and the left you got it and then roll down and around and hug your knees in great job everybody all right so those were the first ten exercises from Joseph Pilates original work great job and I"ll see you next time you 


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  1. Jessica, is that this a generous workout for any individual post pregnancy (8 months)? I didn't hold diastasis recti, nonetheless this seems so laborious! I don't wish to overdo it.

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