Cardio Workout: The 5-Minute Cardio Blast Workout

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In most cases becoming a 30 minute exercise into your day most frequently is a inform, or maybe a complete no-run.  We don"t desire you to fail to see getting a exercise in precisely thanks to time restraints though, so we place apart together this 5-minute cardio exercise so you would possibly maybe presumably well presumably bag a transient cardio blast in.  Squeeze this in as soon as in the morning, and as soon as in the night time, or can procure to you would possibly maybe procure got time, battle by it a pair times in a single shot.  Whatever matches your schedule.

Here’s what the cardio exercise includes:

7 exercises for 30 seconds every with 15 seconds of active recovery jogging between every exercise.  Since every exercise is easiest done for 30 seconds, produce obvious to inform your self to maximize your ends up in the short interval of time this exercise takes.

Total time: 5 minutes

Skaters – 30 seconds
Drag in keep – 15 seconds
Leaping Jacks – 30 seconds
Drag in keep – 15 seconds
Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds
Drag in keep – 15 seconds
Soar Lunges – 30 seconds
Drag in keep – 15 seconds
Excessive Knees – 30 seconds
Drag in keep – 15 seconds
Squat Punches – 30 seconds
Drag in keep – 15 seconds
Burpees – 30 seconds

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Hi, I"m Tom Holland, Bowflex Fitness Adviser. This is the Five-Minute Cardio Blast Workout..  Five minutes is all you need..  Non-stop cardio to really torch some
calories. Let"s begin. We"re going to start with skaters..  Going this way. Ready and begin. Thirty
seconds. Really push yourself..  Five minutes is not a short amount of time if
you really work hard. We"re doing 30 seconds,.  then in between these seven exercises, just 15
seconds of nice easy jogging to recover..  So you"re moving nonstop..  You have 12 more seconds, then nice and easy recovery for 15 seconds, but you"re going to need it as we go..  Excellent. Now just jogging in place. Nice and easy..  Let that heart rate come down a little bit because we are going to progressively get harder..  A couple more seconds..  Then we"re going to go into jumping jacks ..  Jumping jacks coming up..  30 seconds in 3...2...And let"s go..  Jumping jacks. really push it..  The harder you go, the faster you go, the more calories you burn..  That heart rate is gonna be up there the whole time. That"s calories being burned..  We go back to that jogging in place. Again,
still moving, burning calories, but recovering a little bit..  Nice easy jog, 15 seconds.  Let that heart rate come down. The fitter you are, the faster your heart rate is going to come down..  So I want you to push the 30 second intervals and recover..  We"re going up to mountain climbers. Get ready.
Hands go down, legs start pumping..  Excellent! You"ll see Katie and Elsa
driving those knees forward..  Give twenty more seconds. Twenty seconds!.  Push yourself. 15 seconds. Alright let"s go a
little faster now. Finish stronger than.  you started. Come on, come on. Drive, drive,
drive, You get to recover. You"ll get fifteen.  seconds. 5...4...3...2... Excellent! Alright, come up nice and easy and jog in place..  Plyometrics coming up. We"re going to do some jump lunges. So catch your breath..  In 5...4...3...2...and let"s go. Jump lunges.  Alternating..  If this is too advanced for you, just jump straight up and down..  Do what you can do..  Build up to this..  Thirty-seconds is a long amount of time. Five minutes non-stop. That"s a good good workout..  Keep going. Great job. 12 more seconds..  Nice and light. Not easy! Plyometrics really gets that heart rate going..  5...4...3...2... Excellent! Jog in place. Nice and easy. Let that heart rate come down..  You can do this any place, any time..  Five minutes. If you want a tougher workout?.  Do two of these back to back..  Coming up on high knees. And go..  High knees. Really drive those knees up..  Alright, start there and I"m going to make you go faster as we go..  Thirty-seconds. Great job! Pump those arms..  You"re getting the abs, you"re getting the legs..  You"re burning calories. Alright you"re halfway there. Let"s go a little faster now. Faster feet! Come on!.  Drive those knees higher. Push yourself. Ten
seconds, ten seconds. Come on! Come on, work hard!.  Five minutes, you"ve got to work hard. In 3...2...1... Now just jog. Nice and easy.  Two exercises left..  We"re going to throw in a little upper body with the next one.  We"re going to do squat punches..  So, you"re going to squat, jab, squat, jab again..  Ready? And let"s go..  So let"s squat, jab, squat... you"ve got it..  Great! You"re getting the lower body. You"re getting the upper body..  We"re going to pick up that pace in a second..  Nice and slow to begin..  Each thirty second interval, try to finish stronger than you started..  And each time you do this workout, push yourself a little bit harder..  Great job. A little bit faster for the home stretch. Great job!.  Alright, and now let"s jog in place. Last time. Last recovery. Nice easy jog in place..  My favorite, coming up, final one - burpees..  Great job! Alright, 3...2...1....  Final 30, let"s push, let"s push!
Excellent! Really, really effective.  exercise. Pushing that heart rate. Really burning calories. Almost finished! 15 more seconds!.  A little faster, a little harder. Spend the time to really push yourself..  You will see your body change. Alright, 5...4...3...2...and excellent! Great, great job!.  For more tips just like this, and more fitness content,.  please subscribe to our channel..  Get fit fast with home fitness solutions
by Bowflex at  Be Fit For Life.  


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  1. I chanced on this video in Could perhaps additionally goal 2019.. unparalleled workout. Follwing this in my routine verbalize ever since I watched it..Thanks for making this video.

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