Cardio Pilates – Progressed Pilates Exercise Portion 1

CARDIO PILATES - ADVANCED PILATES WORKOUT PART 1 ⭐️ Jessica takes you via an unheard of and calorie burning (***) minute progressed Pilates mat workout!  The exercises dawdle quickly and dawdle with the circulation one to every other, causing elevated coronary heart payment and heat within the body.  Right here is an intermediate to progressed workout and can have to aloof toughen and tone your core, decrease body and hands.  Be aware it up with our Cardio Pilates Mat Exercise Portion 2 for a further design back! For paunchy length and advert free movies please dawdle to⭐️ Accumulate web entry to to Jessica"s total workout and healthy recipe library for handiest $2 👉🏼   

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hi it"s Jessica palin and i"m so glad.  you"re joining me today for this awesome.  Pilates cardio workout so we"re going to.  divide this into two parts this will be.  part one and then we"ll have an add in.  part two.  they"ll just flow one right into each.  other or you can also do them separate.  for an awesome workout so just know what.  makes this a little different is we"re.  going to do the whole thing a little bit.  faster the way Joseph Pilates originally.  intended so we"re going to get that.  heart rate up and get a little extra.  calorie burn that means it is a little.  bit more advanced so please know I"m not.  going to offer modifications during.  these two workouts but you can always.  join in and modify things as you need.  you don"t want any pain or go back to.  some of our previous videos and try some.  of the beginner less intense ones and.  work up to this so again thank you so.  much for joining me and have a great.  workout hi so today we"re going to start.  in cat camel pose so we"re going to be.  hand"s underneath your shoulders knees.  underneath your hips spread your.  fingertips wide and just get out any of.  the little shakes you need to any of the.  kinks that you have you really want to.  start your workout with intention so.  once your body is ready we"re going to.  exhale tuck your tail tuck your head.  inhale to go into your extension drop.  your shoulder blades down head up Tayla.  follow your breath exhale tuck and round.  inhale extend lift your head lift your.  tail drop your belly down exhale tuck.  the tail tuck your head really pull your.  abdominal muscles up to your spine try.  to do this without clenching so what.  we"re doing is just getting a little.  warm-up in the spine here relax your.  toes and we"re just going to do one more.  round this is your way of telling your.  body it"s about to start moving alright.  so we"re going to find halfway in.  between those two this is your neutral.  spine and which.  you feel strong across your shoulder.  blades when you"re ready lift your right.  arm out in front of you maintaining your.  neutral spine.  don"t let your belly drop or your back.  sink your left leg is going to reach.  back either stay here.  pulse it for ten nine eight seven six.  five four three two one lower back down.  let"s go into cat again inhale into your.  camel extend halfway in between left arm.  forward right leg back pull them away.  from each other and Falls for ten nine.  eight seven six five four three two one.  bring it back down round.  there"s your flexion here"s your spinal.  extension pathway in between those two.  hands come forward tuck your toes.  underneath.  for our first place so you want a nice.  long line from the crown of your head.  down to your heels feel strong spread.  your fingers wide we"re going to lift it.  up and back this is called our inverted.  V so this is next exercise the snake I.  want you to round your body here so find.  your cat when you"re ready come forward.  roll over your toes into extension.  inhale exhale round tuck your tail to.  come back inhale forward extend open.  exhale round inhale follow your breath.  exhale shoulders stay down away from.  your ears again movement is purposeful.  it"s intentional so your form is the.  most important thing forward round to.  come back and then come back into plank.  lower down and we"re going to sit back.  and swing your legs around in front of.  you for spine stretch forward legs are.  mat distance apart toes pull back on an.  X.  round inhale restock your spine getting.  tall exhale in so this is all about.  again building the heat use your breath.  to help and then really gaining some.  mobility in your spine make sure your.  legs are active pull the toes back.  towards you okay we"re going to add a.  piece to this forward inhale extend.  while you"re here exhale round inhale.  respec forward then lift open your chest.  and heart.  round three step exhale inhale reach.  reach reach reach reach lift those arms.  up and last one forward extend stay here.  pulse your arms ten nine eight seven six.  pull your chest forward four three two.  one round into flexion restock your.  spine arms out to the side spine twist.  inhale exhale get taller as you return.  inhale exhale.  so both sit bones stay planted on the.  neck pull the toes back every muscle in.  your body is working we"re going to add.  a pulse inhale inhale exhale hands.  behind your head keep going so think of.  that back elbows reaching back open open.  taller to Center.  open open taller whittling that.  waistline one more each back.  great job Center arms out to the side.  saw inhale exhale over the legs inhale.  restock exhale Center inhale exhale dive.  over that invisible beach ball lift.  Center probably feeling your shoulders a.  little bit here so working those.  deltoids just keeping the arms lifted.  against gravity last one.  awesome come to Center legs come.  together we"re going to do a few roll.  down stairs so arms really come in front.  of you on an exhale curl and round back.  halfway then inhale pause exhale you"re.  going to dive over the legs inhale.  restock just two more like that so it"s.  a tough of the tail curl first inhale.  pods of you"re shaking left awesome.  exhale over.  inhale Arista last one come down stay.  here I want pulses up up so little inch.  of motion right from the belly six five.  four three two one.  stay here now pulse back down down yes.  and six five relax your toes three two.  one.  inhale pause exhale dive over r-e step.  add the oblique you"re going to inhale.  come down sweep your arm to the side.  exhale right back up inhale curl reach.  open exhale try to keep the knees right.  next to each other so see if you can.  keep your knees from sliding and want.  them to stay forward as your torso.  rotates okay last one roll down the.  center stay here open close inhale open.  close.  so you"re going to look at your hand as.  it opens trying to go a little farther.  each time one more each side.  stay here slowly roll down as you do.  bring your right knee into your chest.  your left leg reaches single leg stretch.  here we go switch switch and exhale.  exhale so we"re going to do a long.  series here so I will give you a.  modification if you need to at any point.  you"re going to come down right here.  okay so if your neck starts to bother.  you just come down for a few reps and.  come right back up and four three two.  one double leg stretch both knees and.  exhale reach away inhale and exhale.  reach keep your low back glued to the.  neck so I don"t want strain in the low.  back we want all of this heat and all.  this burn right in the belly for more.  you guys doing awesome.  three and two last one good criss-cross.  hands behind your head exhale inhale.  exhale inhale so try to really squeeze.  from the obliques and don"t think about.  your elbow reaching to your knee think.  about your armpit reaching up to your.  knee otherwise you"ll just reach and.  lead with the elbow and I want you.  really leading from that chest and ribs.  here we go four three two one splits one.  leg up the other one straight and you"re.  going to switch so reach and pull reach.  and fall keep the knees as straight as.  you can.  and four three two one nice job both.  knees hug in straighten the left leg.  down on the mat right leg up towards the.  ceiling four leg circles you"re going to.  exhale cross the leg across your body.  lower it down.  inhale sweep it back up so you"re going.  to notice my hips don"t move my torso.  doesn"t move and that leg on the ground.  doesn"t move so you"re trying to only.  move from that hip the leg is the only.  thing moving.  bellybutton pulls in so if anything else.  is moving just do smaller circles no big.  if last one pause at the top and reverse.  if you find yourself gripping your mat.  just turn your palms up so relaxed head.  and neck control it from the low belly.  knee is straight last two nice job knee.  in and we"ll switch legs.  tabletop straighten the leg here we go.  across and lift exhale inhale so just.  because we"re going a little faster to.  build heat doesn"t mean you"re going to.  lose control of your form or your breath.  you want to keep the breath matching the.  movement and always slow down if you.  have to no big deal at all.  do what you need this is just a fun.  variation kind of an ode to more.  classical Pilates and reverse directions.  exhale inhale it"s okay if the legs.  aren"t the same you"ll have one that"s a.  little easier than the other keep the.  exhale to lower inhale lift and last two.  nice job leg comes down and you"re going.  to roll onto your side far side kick.  elbow is going to come underneath bring.  the bottom leg.  our top leg up I want the hips to stay.  on top of each other.  inhale inhale exhale so we"re going to.  flex your foot forward point back but.  here the exact same idea nothing else.  moves but this nice long beautiful leg.  your ribs are lifted up you"re not.  thinking the hip isn"t rolling around.  that"s the key so here two small motion.  if you need to smaller motion keep a lot.  of space between ear and shoulder last.  one okay circle forward up and around.  inhale exhale.  so let"s flex forward point back flex.  forward point back if you lose the Hat.  that"s time just keep - in circles.  last one and switch point up forward.  flex back you"re just keeping the.  movement intentional as much as you can.  reaching through the toes reaching.  through the heel last one.  and back lower all the way down.  legs are staff with the bottom one up.  down it"s going to squeeze to touch.  lower so the hand can just be in front.  for a little balance here if you need it.  you can put it on your waist last two.  last one keep the legs together lower.  lift lower lift good work in your side.  waist four three two one nice jobs over.  down and you can just roll on to your.  other side I"ll turn over so you can.  still see me elbow underneath your.  shoulder top leg is forward for your.  balance.  hips your step ribs are lifted here we.  go inhale inhale exhale it"s a flex flex.  point.  flex flex point it"s a quick little.  inhale inhale long and not letting.  anything else move remember I don"t want.  any fish tailing around here in your.  back or your hips last two here we go.  circles flex forward point back so the.  circles might have to be really small if.  you find yourself dropping here in your.  waistline right so keep that waistline.  lifted keep space between ear your.  shoulder your shoulders working a lot.  here let"s sculpt the arms as well as.  the legs switch directions point for.  flex back point forward flex back inhale.  exhale laughter you guys are gettin.  close last one good and lower all the.  way down on to your side lift the bottom.  leg up down we"re going for eight try to.  keep the top legs steady again keep.  pulling the belly button into your spine.  four and three two one keep them.  together lower lift feel like I"m.  standing at your ankles pulling on them.  three two one nice job you"re going to.  bend your knees push yourself up to a.  seated position for mermaid left foot.  back right foot and arms out to the side.  over to your right.  exhale lift inhale exhale big rainbow.  movements keep your sit bones down last.  one on each side so your side bending.  from the spine and let"s just switch the.  legs.  arms out to the side shoulders down over.  lift using your obliques over and lift.  feel like you"re moving in between two.  panes of glass and left good arms come.  down we"re going to swing around onto.  all fours one more time and let"s exhale.  to cat inhale camel halfway in between.  toes tough fat find your plank big in.  him exhale hips shift up and back walk.  your hands with control to your feet.  take it inhale exhale roll yourself up.  one vertebrae at a time at the top.  congratulations.  so we"re done with part one go ahead and.  find us for part two of your cardio.  Pilates workout and have a great day.  


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