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[Music] what"s up has fit tribe it"s your personal trainer coach Kozak and this is a cardio kickboxing workout now today"s routine doesn"t require any equipment but if you want to add some extra resistance grab some water bottles or light hand weights now I"m going to be using a pretty simple number system where one is a jab two is a right straight three is the left hook and four is a power punch don"t worry you"ll catch on quick if you"re ready to do this let"s get started [Music] [Music] all right we"re gonna get started with a warm-up first one is a modified jumping jack so keeping your legs straight we"re gonna alternate with a straight leg side kick right left leg and then bringing those arms up overhead and the purpose of today"s warm-up is to increase your overall body temperature and at the same time get your heart rate up and get a little added mobility in getting ready for this work that we have coming now whatever your warmup pace looks like is the pace that I want you to move at there"s be plenty of time for actual work come in here soon so don"t use the whole your energy now making sure to breathe feel that stretch in your legs as you"re bringing them up that"ll help you be ready and prepared for these kicks and knees that we have coming up and five four three two one zero all right shake it loose moving into a butt kick plus a chest opener another upper and lower body combo move so we"re gonna bring that heel back to our glutes and with our arms bent at a 90 degree angle we"re stretching that chest and then squeezing the middle of our backs as we move side to side this one"s warming up your back your shoulders your chest your hamstrings and your quads all at the same time try to keep those elbows up and yes you may even start to feel a little burn this early on warming it up here guys let"s do it four five four three two one zero one more warm up move another combo I"m gonna do a good morning plus a knee to elbow feet are shoulder width apart start with a slight bend in though these hands are on your head hip hinging weight back in your hips no more bending the knees keep that same knee angle come back up elbow to knee elbow to knee now back into the good morning feel that stretch and your back side keeping your back straight elbow to knee elbow to knee so really focus on getting that posterior chain warmed up on this good morning through hamstrings gluts lower back and then hitting that opposite elbow to knee can"t quite get your elbow to knee on both sides that"s okay just make sure you"re doing your best trying to bring the two together and on this good morning make sure you keep that head in line with your spine so you shouldn"t be looking up on that one and continuing to breathe here starting to feel a little looser starting to feel warmed up let"s go five four three two one and zero all right warm-up complete let"s get this workout started now as I said in the introduction I"m gonna be using a light pair of hand weights up to you if you want to use some hand weights some water bouts or just your own bodyweight you decide for your own fitness level first one"s gonna be a switch jump plus a rear knee feet shoulder width the parkin and that fighting stance starting with a switch jump now with that back leg knee back down switch jump knee back down alternating between the two today"s and all I"m gonna workout your body it"s gonna be a little bit of a mental workout as well as you get the coordination down on all these moves and that"s on purpose mind and body got to work together keep those hands up by your chin every time switching which a leg is in front and then bringing up that back knee breathe throughout that knee up as high as you can every time using those core and abdominal muscles to get that knee up and power through stand light on your jumps you don"t want to be heavy footed on that switch jumping good get that oxygen flowing do not hold your breath there it is there it is keep it going let"s go last 10 seconds on this first one grinding through a tribe four five four three two one zero excellent next one"s gonna be two elbows plus the knee thrown with that front arm elbow elbow knee with the front leg elbow elbow knee with the front leg on these elbows you"re twisting your core so it"s just not moving your arms but twist those hips get that core involved that"s where your power is gonna come from so twist on both sides elbow elbow knee elbow elbow knee ashlyn throughout today every strike I want you to think about those hips I want you to think about that core and getting that core involved not just your limbs that core those hips or where your power is coming from breathe excellent job keeping it up we"re not counting any repetitions today we"re just getting in as many repetitions as you can and this allotted time period come on let"s go ten more seconds on this one how many can you get four five four three two one zero next one we"re doing a wide squat Plus twisting punch wide stance short why didn"t shoulder-width hands by your chin weight back in your hips squat all the way down on the way up begin to twist punch back into the squat twisting and punching opposite direction alternating right and left weight back in the hips every time and I don"t want you to wait to twist until you"re up at the top but start to twist as you"re coming up you see that outside leg outside foot you little pivot going as well good weight back in the hips every time it"s a total body workout today and most of these moves are gonna get your upper and lower body working together come on breathe in through it breathe in exhale inhale exhale inhaling on the way down exhale as you release that power in and through that point good right to left right to left you got it I know legs are starting to feel it come on let"s go ten more seconds again how many can you get right here five four three two one zero hands are up lower body combo move next we"re gonna go kick check so it"s a block block down front kick with that back leg so front leg elbow to knee back leg front kick elbow to knee bring that knee up chamber it kick point the ball the foot back to the block alternating between the two so if somebody are kicking block front kick block front kick come on keep it up drive well yeah one right into the next year and if your kicks aren"t going quite as high as mine that"s alright don"t keep coming back and you"ll keep getting better it"s not about in perfect you"ll see I"m not perfect either it"s not just putting in the work getting a little better every time all right we"re gonna switch it up now back leg kick check front leg front kick back like blocks front leg kicks same move just switching up which leg is doing what good get that elbow to knee use those abs to do it boom crunch back up put on that kick you bring that knee up and then point with the ball of the foot not your toes the ball of your foot excellent one right into the next year folks come on drive you got this keep thinking about what brought you here today to begin with what"s that why what"s your motivator what are you working towards staying focused on it right here four five four three two one zero hands are up fighting position when put the weight back in your hips we"re going to go duck come up three which is a left hook for power punch duck three four repeat duck three four so defensive move get all the way that punch hook power punch duck three four good duck three four duck use that core on every punch so it"s not just an arm punch well you get that core involved again how many can you complete right here you versus you today not you versus me not you versus your competitors it"s you versus you come on let"s go getting a little bit better with every duck every three every four duck 34.3 for 10 seconds come on three four duck three four two one zero excellent up next we have a 1 2 3 + jumping knee so 1 2 3 now with your back leg we"re gonna jump forward and knee scoot on back 1 2 3 jumping knee yup we returned one two three jumping knee one two three jumping me and every time return one two three jumping knee then that knee up lunging for two three jumping me you got it breathing through the movement excellent getting that core involved not just on the punches but I"m the knee as well every time feedback down and you shuffle back return back to that starting position excellent one two three jumping knee more you do this one the better it"s gonna get take some coordination get a little bit better everyday here one two three and forward accent big power as you drive that knee on forward last ten seconds come on did it go in here four five four three two one zero all right max hands stand up we"re gonna go uppercut uppercut front knee start with the front arm weight back in your hips uppercut weight back in your hips uppercut front knee uppercut uppercut front knee anytime you do an uppercut you"re loading your legs you"re not loading your arms but instead get that power from your legs and transfer it through your upper body uppercut uppercut front knee bring that knee straight up waiting that toe down good so get those legs in ball to right squat back squat back knee squat back squat back knee you got to keep it up here many as you can in again the uppercuts one take some practice to do it so you"re not just swinging your arms but you"re actually gathering that power from your hips and from your legs good straight up and you gotta curl that pinky in boom help your torque that uppercut excellent breathing do not hold your breath here four five four three two one zero all right this next one"s a walking duck plus uppercut once you pretend like there"s a string running across your room we"re gonna step under that string bopper cut nextly you could come up and under under that string uppercut under uppercut under uppercut under when you reach the end of your room turn around and head on back hands are up by your chin duck under that stringer under that rope staff get those legs involved underneath boom boom aiming for that chin of your opponent yeah as you come up so you"re ducking under that striking and then you"re coming up with an uppercut someone"s like a little dance underneath boom as you get better at it one will flow right into the next waiting hips as you"re coming up use that power on your uppercut let"s go last ten seconds on this one four five four three two one and zero hands are up by your chin we"re gonna go high knees alternating right and left point that toe down pulling that opponent into you and breathe don"t hold your breath here it"d be an easy time to do so but man would that mess you up keep breathing keep working keep fighting right here try come we"re in it together fighting together let"s go come on about that goal what is it that motivates you what is it that brought you here today to begin with Sam focused on trying to lose weight getting better achieve whatever it is stay and focus on that why come on let"s go come find it out ten seconds how many can you get it four five four three two one zero hands are up we"re going alternating front kicks right back leg kick back front leg kick return all turning between left and right leg bring that knee up chamber that kick and then extend at the knee and even with that ball of your foot so again if your target was in front of you you"re not just flipping your toes Adam but instead you"re peeling back on those toes when you"re aiming with that bottom ball of your foot that hard part of your foot good hand stay up don"t drop them don"t drop them come on I"m tired too right there together come on almost there almost there last ten seconds on this one grinding through a tribe four five four three two one zero nice work up next we have a 1/2 block block duck one two bring the elbow up block return other elbow up block return duck one two block block duck five parts one two block block duck so first one on offense one two then we"re on defense come on keep it up one two block block duck good now we"re blocking those hook punches from our opponent block block coming underneath one two block block again once you get into the rhythm of it so once like a little dance little total body dance that burns so good come on wait back in the hips every time on that duck like you"re squatting down good grinding through it getting as many in as you can remember there"s two parts to every punch there"s the punch itself and there"s bringing that hand right back to your chin should be bringing it back to your chin just as fast as the actual punch itself four five four three two one zero all right next one one two one two switch kick one two one two switch our feet switch jump kick with that back leg return down one two one two switch kick down in front one two one two switch kick down in front one two one two switch kick it down in front on that switch kick we"re aiming with our shin aiming to hit that target with your shin that knife blade of your shin not aiming with our foot but instead aiming with that shin turn it back down right back into it again so it"s four punches switch kick one two one two switch it kick it down in front you got it come on getting a little better at it each and every time might feel a little bit awkward for you at first to be kicking with your non-dominant leg that"s okay over time it"ll catch up come on let"s go right here are five four three two one zero alright next we"re going one two uppercut now kicking with our back leg and return down one two uppercut kick return 1 2 uppercut kick return 1 2 uppercut kick use those hips and then we"re pivoting on that front leg one two boom hips pivot return good sometimes it"s a little easier to pivot if you"re on a slippery floor with socks versus being on a grippy mat floor like I am with tennis shoes but you do the best you can come on keep it up one in the next come on now don"t give up keep moving don"t we"re not gonna quit when it hurts we"re gonna quit when we"re done see it through right to the end four five four three two one and zero alright next we"re going to low hooks to uppercuts drop your weight down hook to the body hook to the body now on the way up uppercut uppercut so two little hooks body body on the way up uppercut uppercut low whoa uppercut uppercut good now on the surface this one may look like it"s just working your upper body no it"s definitely getting those cold legs involved as well just the act of getting down here low engage those legs your glutes hamstrings quadriceps all working together here keeping it up don"t forget to breathe keep grinding let"s go come last five seconds on this one three two one and zero the next one we"re start with your feet together are doing a split Jack need hands are up by your chin split back knee split it back here opposite knee hand stay up and by your chin the whole time don"t let those arms relax and defense here so you split it nice and light on the balls of your feet bringing up alternating knees and when you bring that knee up point those toes down good one of the next right here keep breathing keep moving keep fighting you"re a fighter and not a quitter let"s see it right here has four try don"t prove it to me prove it to yourself right here you"re stronger than you think you are let"s go five four three two one zero excellent we"re moving into one of my favorite combo moves next we"re gonna go double jab one two plus step back into a two double jab step back to double jab will need a duck on that step back to double jab defense offense offense defense offense there it is double jab step back power point you double jab step back hit him with that right straight double jab step back into again one of those moves that you"ll get better at it and feel more coordinated as you move through it thanks a couple times to get it thank you should have breathe accidentally come on step back engage those legs on that step back ducking down avoiding that punch excellent job come on try it right here right now put it all out there let"s go five four three two one zero moving into some kicks next we"re gonna do with that back leg hands are off we"re gonna low kick bring it back high kick so low kick back high kick low kick back high kick and if your high kick isn"t quite as high as mine that"s okay doing the best as you can or if you feel more comfortable with two low kicks that"s okay too again we encourage you to make this workout work for you hello hi good again we"re pivoting that front foot or aiming with that knife-edge shin of that kicking leg not emo with your foot but instead we"re using that shin excellent I"m going to switch sides and five four three two one zero in that funding position we go low back down hi hello hi this one"s a little more of a speed kick not a wind up on this one bring it up kick even with that shin hey standing with the knee excellent start with the low back down hi hello hi excellent a little better every time here feel a little more natural and your movements another thing that"ll help you out in these kicks is improving your mobility along the way more flexible you are in your lower body the easier it"ll be for you to perform these kids for the type of coordination that you"re looking for four five four three two one zero next running in place well we got a speed back so moving those hands in a circle like we"re punching a speed bag if you"re not familiar with the speed bag usually they hang it up about head level it"s just a little tear drop bag running in place right left right left and boy are we getting our heart rate up this is working it"s working for me hope it"s working for you come on burn it out try now switch opposite direction now just rotate which direction your punches are going come on keep it up keep it up fighting through it here ten seconds that"s it don"t stop can"t stop won"t stop three two one zero hands are off we"re going one two three four lateral hot return one two three four both feet jump return to opposite direction alternating which side you"re jumping to both feet jumping together absorb that energy and right back good one two three four one two three four five back you got it come on it"s not about being perfect on this just about giving it your all getting a little bit better than you were yesterday keep coming back keep fighting and you will keep improving come on let"s go let"s go let"s go let"s go how many can you get tried grind through it fight through it let"s see it right here last ten seconds come on come on come on come on almost throw it almost threw it and five four three two one zero one last one for good measure there it is we can set your dumbbells down or hand weights down if you"re using them to the side for the next one we"re gonna move into what"s called a twisting elbow feet are shoulder-width apart hands are interlocked we"re gonna rotate our body twist to elbow opposite side twist elbow getting that core involved and you can see it"s done just my elbows and arms and I"m moving my whole core as well as my lower body and feet we"re all twisting together so we"re aiming with the point edge of that elbow up we"re going for our opponents chin and are rotating completely side-to-side getting that core involved hips ABS legs shoulders all the above all working together big power on this one left to right you"re a powerhouse power factory let"s see it right here come on let"s go ripping them out left to right maximum 100% power on every strike last ten seconds come on grind it out with me four five four three two one let"s grab those hand weights again if we"re using them or water bottles hands are at your chin weight back on our hips we"re gonna do squat jump one two squat jump one two every time getting that weight back in our hips and as we explode and jump up one two weight back in the hips every time we don"t have much left and this one is gonna drain you out that is on purpose it"s by design working out we"re easy everybody be fit but they"re not that"s what makes you so special for showing up today and putting in the work right here right now finishing strong come on right to the very end when your legs start burning and they tell you they don"t have anything left time to start jumping with your heart right here come on it"s all about that will that mental toughness 4 5 4 3 2 1 zero hands are up when we do a three to the body and then uppercuts you drop your weight in your hips three to the body come up with an uppercut three uppercut and yes those legs are feeling it just getting down there"s gonna burn so good come on use big power on that three body-shot boom come up with that uppercut using that power from your legs to finish that uppercut strong good every punch should flow right into the next here it is here it is come on working together you"re not alone thousands maybe millions of us at home doing the same workout feeling that same burn you"re feeling in it together come on let"s go ten seconds finish it finish it five four three two one zero hands are up we"re gonna go hook out so it"s three on each side hook hook left right left right all about that twist every time bring that hand back to your chin get that core involved not just this but instead lake core all working together punch and then immediately return that hand back to your kin so we can defense come on and it together in it together we"re yet has been tried reminding yourself what brought you here today to begin with what is it what are you working towards every point every kick every striking getting you just that much closer to your goals come on here it is punch it out punch it out for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one zero hands stay up we"re gonna go duck shuffle this side duck shuffle this side duck you get that idea depending on the size of your room but determine how far you"re gonna duck all right sorry how far you"re gonna shuffle keep those hands up by your chin the whole time when your legs start telling you they don"t have anything left start for you to take time for you to take over tell those legs are lying to you all about that mental toughness right here not even physical anymore it"s all about that mental toughness how tough are you how strong are you prove it to yourself come on you push through this you can do anything come on it"s true right here keep it moving hot feet hot feet on that shuffle hands stay up don"t let those hands relax every time ducking down weight back in those hips come on we"re almost there come on come on come on come on and five four three two one zero next we"re gonna do a punch out plus reverse lunge punch out alternating right in left step back drop that back knee toe us a not a 90-degree angle try not to bounce off the floor again another total body upper and lower getting hit here this is it this is your finisher right here finish strong and everything you got don"t save anything left empty out that tank come on this is it right here right now proving it to yourself not to me not to anybody else how tough are you let"s go ten seconds that"s it you can do anything for ten seconds four five four three two one zero whoo hey wait suicide oh happy get rid of those take a couple big deep breaths here you can tell that kicked my butt as well I am human we"re gonna move into a cool-down here who give ourselves a second to catch our breath call our heart rates that come down slowly and gonna get a little more mobility working I need you to move onto a wall I keep your back flat up against that wall and now we"re gonna do a wall arm pull over palms are facing in whole body on that wall I"m straight up and back down whoo this would have looked a lot different for me about an hour ago before this workout but man I shoulders are feeling it I hope yours are too great mobility move so also help to reduce some of your soreness after your workout shoulders got a beating today it"s important that we also make sure we"re making time for it recovery and mobility work at the same time good whole range of motion here place is slow relax the workouts all over with four five four three two one and zero relax and come away from the wall one more shoulder move here we"re gonna do a posterior shoulder stretch I"m gonna grab your left arm pull it across your body from the elbow trying your best to keep those shoulders square as you do so so not rotating your body but instead keeping that shoulder back and retract it as you stretch it and hold just a static stretch good rule of thumb for static stretches you wanna get to about 85 90 percent of what you"re capable of you want to feel a good stretch but not paint not pain who holding it four three two one shake it out opposite arm now same move hold breathe and focus on bringing that heart rate down we had it up for a while use this cooldown to control your breathing focus on getting that heart rate back down to a more resting level four five four three two one zero all right we are gonna move to the floor for the next one slowly come on down to the floor little combo move we"re gonna do a sprinters quad stretch plus hamstring stretch I want you get one foot back pull it on back you can either have it out to the side or if you"re feeling really flexible you can sit on it you decide which is right for you now you can either come all the way back and lie down or you can just come until you"re on you"re on your forearms a little easier variation you decided what"s right for you it"s gonna stretch that quadricep and now I want you to come up and try with your opposite side hand to touch that opposite side toe keeping this knee down feeling that back side of your leg stretch head down reach and back so we"re just gonna slowly alternate between these two down and up moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with your back leg is getting that quad stretch and your front leg is getting that hamstring Ken calf stretch if you can"t quite reach to that foot it"s okay just keep working towards it again a little dynamic stretch here moving between the two legs got how to work in today I don"t have to tell you I could use a little stretch here class one three two one zero same move let"s just switch which leg is in front and which is in back totally common if you feel one side is a little bit tighter than the other I know for me right now I can hurt my left cool hot is definitely tighter than my right a lot of different factors into that but not necessarily a big concern as long as you don"t ignore and you just keep working on it starting to hopefully feel your heart rate start to come down here starting to feel a little looser excellent moving through the two getting that whole lower body stretched out along the way here even a little lower back as well four five four three two one zero all right one last cooldown moving into a figure four so I want you lie down on your backs once you take your right leg and put that right leg up on your left knee now you can either reach through those legs and grab that knee or if that"s a little too difficult for you you can just grab this foot but either way we"re going to try to grab that or bring that leg that"s up to your chest now you can either have your head up if you a little extra stretch or if it starts to bother your neck you can keep your head down really no right or wrong just whichever feels more comfortable for you but again bringing that leg to you to your chest it"s going to stretch out your hip your piriformis which a lot of times cause the sciatic nerve pain and your IT band oh well getting hit your glutes getting hit on this one again another static stretch so we"re trying to get to 85 90 percent now we"re just holding for three two one zero excellent alright switch in size now same move again either reach through or you can just grab onto that ankle and shin you just say what"s most appropriate for you big deep breaths here and this is that time of the workout I like to remind you just how special you are for showing up today it takes a lot to mental have really just a lot of mental toughness to get your workout clothes on set the time aside make sure whatever other responsibilities you have are taken care of so you can workout for you know anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes whatever it is I just want to applaud you for showing up today hitting that play button giving it your all and then tomorrow or the next day you"re gonna show up you"re going to do it all over again because you"re working on that why and you"re getting a little closer to that result every day four three two one zero one sit relax and that is it tribe we can come up onto our feet or you can hang out on the ground for a minute crepes and water if you prefer to do so I want to thank you for coming and working out with me today we"d appreciate if you"d help support our mission of keeping these workout videos free you can do so by going and downloading our free app it"s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store pick up some has fit gear or our diet guide eating for life make sure you follow us on whatever your favorite social media network is we"re all over again thank you so much for joining us today I"m coach Kozak and I"ll see you at your next workout 


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