Butt Exercise 5: Tantalizing Seaside Body | 30 DAY BUTT LIFT



Butt Exercise 5: Tantalizing Seaside Body from 30 Day Bitt Snatch is an intense, target-firming workout that makes use of power-coaching exercises to burn stout and focal level on the butt, thighs, and core. Prepare to blast calories and uncover all Three glute muscle groups firing simultaneously with Expert Coach & "Booty Bible" Author, Alicia Marie as she takes you thru this queer mixture of lower-physique moves including Romanian Expressionless Lifts, curtsey lunges, kettle bell swings, tea pots, plié squats, hip flexor stretches, and torso-twist lunges that will tighten the abs, fortify the core, and sculpt lean legs, hands, shoulders, and obliques. Re-shape and tighten the booty as you slim the hips, thighs, and waistline with this muscle-constructing segment from the all fresh "30 Day Butt Snatch" Exercise Program, most productive on BeFit! Receive willing to sweat as you shape your booty with a talented neutral out of your very dangle living room. You will need a gentle role of hand weights (5 to 15 lbs), a towel, and a bottle of water to terminate this efficient workout, and can alter the depth by adjusting weight and the depth of the squats and lunges to tailor it to your dangle skill level. Craft the perky, round butt and horny legs of your dreams with Alicia Marie and 30 Day Butt Snatch! Tune in to BeFit day to day thru 12/7 for mark fresh "30 Day Butt Snatch" exercises that includes Alicia Marie and Courtney Prather, and make certain that to strive the paunchy 30 day program for FREE! Click here for more Butt exercises:  http://bit.ly/1gdwj8L

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hey Alicia Marie here with the 30-day
butt lift workout series and you're
going to love what I have for you today
it's the super booty button thigh blast
you're going to recognize a lot of these
moves from the booty Bible all you'll
need are two hand weights I got 5 pounds
you got 10 pound or 15 pounds go for it
let's get started the first move is a
basically a watch
your feet are going to be a little bit
more than shoulder width apart even more
turn your toes slightly outward hands
out wherever you need down and take it
all the way down this is if it's deep
plie squat and as it's all squats make
sure on the return that you squeeze them
Dukes you're getting the most out of
this exercise otherwise why do as always
form is key one thing to help you
remember to sit form when doing squats
always to try to sink back into your
heels might want to try to tip your toes
up in YouTube for more three more two
good and one more excellent take it up
and the next move are called Romanian
deadlift you need your weights for this
one again one of my favorite moves
because you're targeting those boots and
any move that carpet your glutes are
going to get them firing and that's what
you want to get them doing when you're
working at it right theater are exactly
shoulder-width apart bending your knees
should be a little soft do not lock them
out you're going to bend over at the
waist now important to remember when
doing these you're not bending over like
a puppet like this you're bending over
and sticking your hips out taking the
weight to about mid-shin setting up and
squeeze move loose
perfect take it down
screwed up because this exercises so
it's why so much emphasis on form make a
break time people we done return we're
getting those glute muscles working keep
that back flat do not Bend that back
over three good last two and one good
we're going to lose one of these weights
tip it over alright these are called
teapots this is a balance challenge
standing on one foot and the other foot
the weight should be off that foot take
your weight all you're gonna do is take
it forward bending over at the waist cut
the weight down near your toe or near
your skin as far as you can go
comfortably if you feel a pull behind
your knee and stand up you want to up
the ante whoa lift that foot off the
ground you don't need to till you get
stronger keep your toe on the ground
keep all of your weight in the front
foot take it down and up at the top
squeeze at the return squeeze just so
you can see where I am down and squeeze
again my legs my knee is not locked here
it's soft between slightly bent
abs tight four three two good and one
and take it to the other leg here we go
same thing
don't lose form stay with me take it
over these I'm going to do with a
balanced Chan take it down might be
everything to do is keep one hand out
keep one arm out for balance don't
attempt e to get stronger and you will
if you keep doing the 30-day butlers
workout series take it down perfect and
three good stick more and then you got a
menu breathe and slow down
don't rush these wings you want to get
the most out of them three two and one
whew that doesn't get your glutes firing
I don't know what does the next move you
do not need your weights for this it's
called a curtsy
Mambo easy enough you're gonna step to
one side curtsy lunge little squat in
Corky lunge the other side squat in
between curtsy lunge perfect that's all
and breathe you can make this squat as
low or as shallow as you need it to be
you really that's why this is called but
inside blast
ring coming down last two and last one
whoo shake them out shake them out check
them out all right this exercise is a
combination because you're going to work
your legs and you're also going to get a
little bit of core work again bonus all
you're going to do is step forward with
one leg nice and easy as you lunge down
finishing it to the bottom you're going
to twist to one side and twist back and
push off up the intensity we're going to
add the weight and we're going to hold
it like a bow tie bow ties step forward
twist take it back step forward with the
other twist and take it back perfect
forward twist
take your time with these work and get
them right even though you're doing the
torso twist watch your form with the
lunge make sure that your knee does not
extend beyond the plane of your toe
focus on that 90 degrees look forward
and back good breathe abs are tight
the lovely day for a workout
ten more stay with me ten counting down
burning more calories we're using more
muscles in our body putting down and
tight tight abs one move good good good
job taking it out I'm very proud of you
guys for staying with me the next move
we're going to do our kettlebell swing
should I put that weight down but you're
going to need it these are actually kind
of fun if you've done any kettlebell
workouts at all this is reminiscent of
one of the most basic moves grab the
weight by its head just like this nice
and easy you're going to step back just
like this swing the weight between your
legs now you're not going into a full
squat it's like a sit almost like where
you work for the Romanian deadlift take
it around do it good
my feet are basically just changing
position good you have your weight you
use the higher the intensity the more
calories you're going to burn but if the
weight is too heavy and it causes you to
lose forms go down lighter and weight
hidden chest up abs tight ten war bring
it out ten four that's three less two
and one
yes we got this we got this all right
quick we're gonna do a quick pick flexor
stretch it's because we've done so much
you guys aren't hip flexors find your
balance point Reb one foot curl it into
Ward your glutes and hold set your arm
up for balance stand it straight abs
tight you're stretching this part of
your upper leg
and switch legs perfect pick it up
really knock it out looking good and
take it down the next stretch we're
going to do is you're going to step
right out to wide wide wide wide wide
squat bend your knees
hands on top of your thighs right here
all you're going to do push one shoulder
towards the ground take out that lower
back a little bit other side good back
to the center right here and just roll
up nice and slow ah that's so good
didn't it one more booty work of course
you do
sign up and subscribe now to beef its
30-day butt lift workout series see you
next time

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