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yes day five it"s Friday you know what.  that means this is the last one of your.  real time couplet workout so are you.  doing it all together like I just have.  you should go straight back to Monday.  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday smash.  them out I know it was horrible.  yesterday if you did it yesterday with.  me I know it was spider.  surfer burpees and just horrible but you.  did it and you"re here which means today.  you get abs 40 seconds and 10 seconds.  rest are cardio today is this you"re.  going to stand with your minimum at so.  you can see me you"re going to stand.  with your plank position either if you.  want to go on your hands you can or you.  can go down onto your elbows straight.  body line pull those abs in as tight as.  you can and you"re going to jump out and.  in that"s your cardio 40 seconds of that.  you"re going to know about it that"s.  what you"re starting with I"m going to.  start with the first exercises or core.  today so we"re going to burn burn burn.  that core for 40 seconds bang-bang-bang.  right the way through are you ready.  enough talking let"s get Friday smashed.  have you just an awful videos or are you.  just joining me for the first time today.  if you just join them in for the first.  time today you don"t know we"ve done.  four videos this is part of a whole.  real-time workout if you"re just.  starting with us welcome give this a go.  maybe add it to the end of one of your.  workouts if this is not your thing.  there"s loads of other workouts you can.  pick.  we"ve got Pilates we"ve got you go we"ve.  got beginners challenges we"ve got men.  involved if you want to work out with a.  dude Sean is right on the website you.  just got to go and find him it"s all.  there and it"s all free so keep him a.  vest on keeping the intensity of my best.  that"s it.  no talking you"re done getting your.  point position ready.  five four three two last one you"re.  going to do two caps a v-app one took up.  one v up so I"ve got extra weight which.  means already I"m putting extra.  intensity on my arms I"m already I"m.  trying not to swing don"t swing.  don"t swing I don"t want to see it if.  you don"t have an equaliser you"re going.  to do two cabs on the floor all the way.  20 seconds ah now from the rest of the.  week because we"ve been using our full.  body your apps are going to feel tired.  that"s okay you just pull them in grit.  your teeth see it through ten seconds I.  love this one burns my ABS so much four.  three two last one got it figured it out.  let me see it I"m going to count you.  down four three two pull them in let"s.  go so your abs are engaged pull your abs.  in already they"re fatigued from what.  we"ve just done but that"s okay we"ve.  got this thirty seconds already that"s.  all what can you do in 30 seconds maybe.  put a trainer on try and find the other.  sock do that 20 seconds to go or can you.  do in 20 seconds kick your workout kick.  your abs into touch with these seconds.  to go quash don"t you quit get your legs.  up tuck them ads in so Spidey seven you.  going out tonight you want nice abs pull.  them in four three two last one make.  sure when you come up your heads the.  last thing to come up don"t when you"re.  feeling dizzy overhead abs so grab.  yourself some weight this is your next.  exercise get on to your plank so you"re.  gonna come up take it up here"s the hard.  version feet off the floor.  one push take it down feet off the floor.  one push.  take it down your abs have to be engaged.  see it"s not my legs lifting me up it"s.  not my arms lifting me up and this way I.  can definitely tell you it"s not helping.  my body at all it"s not interested in.  getting me up to a C sit so all about.  your absence all about your core ah if.  you can"t do this.  drop the way put your feet on the floor.  you"re just going to come off as far as.  you can take it all the way down ah.  awesome job overhead apps.  Ready Steady Go.  let"s go dump it in an hour see how my.  abs are pulled in have you even got a.  little squeeze on my bomb just because.  what that does is it just brings in them.  low what adds a little bit Oh makes it.  Network more intense you"ve got 25.  seconds come on get up try and get them.  feet off the floor if you can pull the.  ABS up try and lift that weight right.  above your head and no you have to burn.  it so am I so that"s why we do it we"re.  doing it together.  it"s Friday whoa 10 seconds come on.  we"re ending on a high five seconds four.  three two last one we start again.  ready your jump in I"m talking a breath.  mainly cuz can"t stop talking but a.  little bit ABS on fire come on push.  thirty seconds you got this yes you have.  don"t you stop you jump you pull those.  ups in now what I want you to do squeeze.  your ball a little bit for me squeeze it.  just a little bit a little bit more ah.  you"ve got to make sure you don"t swing.  you"ve got to make sure it"s your abs.  that do the work harder burning now ah.  ten seconds you know that"s a little.  sickly burning Wow five four three two.  got it oh you think when it starts you.  like what it"s a bit easy little bit.  easy Oh get going then let me see how.  easy it is show me come on with a way to.  burst and if you"re elevating and not.  rocking that"s not easy.  use your abs to lift your legs.  all out it"s what we"re all about 20.  seconds here we go got a straight body.  line you got to tuck it in 15 seconds.  see what happens when I don"t talk goes.  it up with quiet a bit boring five.  seconds from a push four three two last.  one.  sit back okay here we go ready to jump.  let me see you jumps I"m going to go for.  it be off here we go up one press take.  it down up one press take it down.  this one"s such a killer if you try and.  keep your arms right by your head.  honestly lower body or put AB death you.  basically hold in a seated position your.  abs lifting my abs right now lift in 16.  pounds all the way off the floor 14.  seconds keep jumping.  come on your last jump don"t you stop.  until that beat goes you know the rules.  you know how it rolls all right - that"s.  one right listen to me this is your last.  exercise it"s Friday.  go hard get some weight involved this.  time give it a go see if you can do it.  maybe we go.  abs are burning but that"s why it works.  gotta keep your a slow 30 seconds push.  come on you know what"s coming up after.  this 40 seconds of magic that"s what"s.  coming up after this when you feel tired.  feel like you any more to give that"s.  when the magic happens.  that"s when changes happen oh come on 30.  seconds don"t quit.  get lifting even if you"ve got to hold.  the plank.  just do it four three two last one.  you know what you need to do now finish.  up in style.  grab your weights oh hi knees or.  whatever you"re gonna do.  let"s smash this bar Boyd"s torch let"s.  do it.  it"s Friday you got 30 seconds left you.  work out before you"ve accomplished the.  whole thing and that is an achievement.  mixing it up this week completely.  different with the same all free 15.  seconds with your knees right go left.  with the core land softly eight seven.  five oh come on to Friday.  ABS done did you do it all together.  did you the whole workout like me what.  she"ll say my says 958 calories how many.  crosses you"re going to go to how many.  gyms you"re going to go to and you"re.  going to get that in an hour and.  happening I want to know what you burn.  show me body rock burn let me know what.  you did let me know what you thought let.  me know if couple is your thing I know.  some of you are they love this style of.  training a little bit love it love it.  because you haven"t got to think all the.  time it"s just two exercises on the.  bounce back to back thank you thank you.  thank you thank you thank you for.  joining me thank you for being my.  partner this week again and I"ll see you.  next week have a good weekend let me.  know what you did.  


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8 thoughts on “BodyRock HiitMax | Workout 20 – Solid Abs – Fleshy Workout”

  1. what's a correct substitute for the weighted vest. I don't contain the entire equipment in the entire videos but i'm pondering of starting them.

  2. so are we speculated to enact every workout each day? for instance on thursday I Diagram Monday-wednesday after which enact thursday at the tip??

  3. I ordered bar from you some time ago. It's yellow but it does no longer advance with cushions which attach it extra troublesome on my hands. Diagram you send out substitute parts?

  4. I easiest burned 205 calories…. i gave it a lot. carrying 8 lb vest and lifting weights too…. sweating relish loopy!! must must give extra!

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