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hi so it"s day four it is total body today so I"m going to do skipping the reason I"m going to do skipping is because there"s quite a few new moves in this and for those of you that know when you"re watching it"s a lot easier to watch me when you"re skipping as opposed to doing burpees or Matt jumps or whatever so we"re sticking with skipping today try and do high knees go as hard as you can it"s forty ten so we"re sticking to the same one so by now you should have done all three videos and this will be a fourth that"s going to make up the whole wheel time workout if that"s not what you"re doing and that"s not how you"re rolling that"s fine if you"ve just found us that"s cool do this workout see how it is see what you thought about it let us know get on the Facebook get on the website maybe do another one maybe do a challenge there"s loads to pick from but today it"s forty ten we carry on we go and hard right to the end of the week as we always have done so get your water get everything ready the first exercise I need to tell you if you can"t do it over your equalizer you"re going to do it over maybe you"re some bag and put your hands on the floor or do it over a ball or do it over some cushions I don"t mind as long as you"ve got something to jump over I"m going as hard as I can because that"s how I roll you know I always go as hard as I can I"ve taken off my weighted vest and because there"s a couple of what a couple of exercises in this they"re going to really push me so are we ready for 210 hmm let"s do it eight seconds ready so you"re going to start with skip in three two one let"s go so we"re going to do and equalize a jump so make sure I"ve got two equalizers together to give me more support don"t go fast with this I don"t want you tripping over you"re just gonna use your body weight to jump over plyometric 20 seconds keep pushing I don"t want to go in just go fast it"s first time I"ve ever done this so I"m taking it nice and steady feet together jumps on the bottom hold on tight oh you feel these in your abs in your legs three two last one oh don"t if you did that for the first time just like me I love doing things for the first time ready three two one let"s go so what are you jumping over pillars you stand back you BOSU I don"t mind what it is just go 30 seconds got some legs involved next squat these 20 seconds come on push keep going concentrate on getting over that equalizer go jump up over the back jump actually over the equalizer seven seconds working on plyo three two last one awesome plyometrics are awesome for your body burn fat like a beast three two one let"s see you skip it so you"re going to do a B sit back V V again awesome way to use your weight from your t-bar increasing all the time making things a little bit more advanced take the way it"s away if you need to what I want to see a wide plat plie squat plyometrics on the brain come on keep going you should be skipping take your form ten seconds push I want you to sit back for seconds three two last one so this one is working all the back muscles as well your inner thighs outer thighs going all out there full body move make sure your knees on going over your toes for me check your Bob I need you to go hard all the time go as heavy as you can one on tricep dips are now come on March yet out yesterday or you"ve just don"t apps depending on how you"re doing this so you should feel a lot pressure if you"d have a lot more energy ten seconds come on see it through by come on three sit back last one okay one arm try to dip so we"re advancing our tricep dips right now I"m just doing it with one arm I"m going to use two again all the way back all the way up so it"s one arm make sure that you sit back the further out your legs are the harder this is going to be you can do this off a bench you can do it off a couch however you want to do it now I want to put your arm out like this to give you balance you might want to put your hand over your head it"s perfectly fine you put your fieldy"s after the week we"ve just had you are going to feel these make sure that your elbows not coming out it"s going right back your abs are in your straight body line running down the side of whatever you"re using for seconds keep skipping three two last one so make sure whatever you"re using your boom is running down the flat of it really work hard to get your form spot-on three two last one let"s go one arm spin that tricep triceps for me make so much difference on your arms make your arms look more shapely make your arms just look awesome in dresses and if you can do one arm then you"re advanced well done if you"re not feeling it put your legs out a little bit further maybe you can put a weight on your knees that"ll advanced it for you next time around think about that cured Bunce next time maybe you want to put weight on your knees you can do that you really advanced it I"m just going to stick with disks I know what we"ve just done let"s go remember if you"re just joining us with three videos in this is video 4 so if you"re not feeling this and you"re just doing this video alone go hard go as hard as you can as fresh as your body is that"s what I want to see all the way down you"ve got to be careful not to let your legs do the work use your arms I"ve got to do the work all the way up all the way down ah tricep death twelve seconds ten ah yeah come on skip four three two last one make sure you put your abs in on that tendency to work your back as why especially your lower back if you"re that high same as me three two that"s one let"s go come on we"re on day four we are killing it did you skip like me what did you pick something else I want to know what on my Facebook put it on the website did you mix this workout up with something else let me know what it was have you got a different variation of any of these workouts or any of these moves send us a video we want to see it seven seconds five four come on all the way down to last one trousers are falling down that"s a good thing or a bad thing ready skipping for you watch the next move three two last one so you go down to the side bring the knee in one push up come in want to talk jump side Oh one push up knee that"s an easier way do it that way so do the push up first bring the knee in it"s a lot easier that way flows a lot better push-up knee bring it in notice how much faster oh yeah without the way to best which is good and bad means they get a lot more in which is awesome push your knee come in three two plus one oh so close which rises are falling down today three two last one this guy so pull shop knee Burpee in one two jump come on push go get them in should flow nice and easy then side push up for working those triceps still get some nice big Iran boy ten seconds you"ve so got this I"m right with you three two last one it"s real ready so come in you"re skipping this is your next move switch your knees to the side one push up so you"re pivoting on your toes come on push try not to put any way into your legs at all put it all into your body upper body all into your arms so try and get in these word to the side ah come on push ah well try and get decides to go in line with the mat ah time if you"re new starting out with that you can always go to the side like that one push up come into the middle come to the side one push up try one or two and if you can do that maybe try another one need to move my mat as you know mats and ropes don"t work push need to make up for a few skips right there come on Manila they"re so close 20 seconds making up for that lost time what three two that"s one how did you find that okay losing my trousers pee for some real it"s real yeah right so Pike over you go Superman now this is too hard for you you"re just going to do two cups the idea is to try not to let your feet or your hands touch the floor this is so much harder than it looks oh oh cool you might need to just touch your voice for a second just like me all right especially with this microphone on it"s restricting me slightly but I"m giving it all I love rolling around trying new things it"s amazing I just think children are so fair they roll around play all day mixing it or watch think Jim Nast"s are so fear because they roll around move their bodies in completely different ways and that"s all we"re doing it that"s why you look so good that"s why you"re so strong to credit to you when I lit it one laughter this so keep going and then you"ve smashed a four ah come on posh put-downs again you got this five seconds keep hitting the sofa stop it yeah you know how we roll you ready let me see skipping stone so walk four times across then do it the other way abs core so poor slightly at the side hold it hopefully go slow steps I"m counting four you should be touching opposite hand opposite shoulder 20 seconds then hold ah burns your core burns everything ten especially with moving as well puts a whole new dynamic on a old-school me see the sweat time see sweat it"s cuz my tabs are absolutely pulled in as tight as possible I"m working my muscles don"t go through the motions let"s see you move let"s see you move to your last move your last exercise and then you"ve killed a four smashed into smithereens with some new exercises in there as well hopefully you enjoy your working out every day mixing it up try something new having somebody to train with more importantly you"re not paying for a personal trainer I am your personal trainer I"m your gym buddy everyday and it"s all free put six seconds left and then you"re done three two plus one say you have rolled jumped squatted skipped your way through day four you should be proud of yourself because after the last three days that would have pushed you as well awesome job high five I see you soon right 


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8 thoughts on “BodyRock HiitMax| Teach 14 – Cardio Burn Corpulent Like a flash Teach”

  1. Thanks Lisa. I don't have a vest but so I even had been the expend of the strap on leg weights for that extra ache, also loved the crooked knee twist push ups, huge variation 😃

  2. Admire this workout! One of my all time favs. No longer the toughest workout on the market, nonetheless huge cardio from the skipping and it feels admire this workout is big short though it is the conventional measurement!

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