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hi how is home day yesterday box jumps were awesome now it"s Thursday so you"ve got a fine dear now you"re gonna go back to Monday and you"re gonna try and do Monday Tuesday on Wednesday and then you"re gonna add this one if you are just spending then what I would like you to do is just get through this one and maybe do it twice but I want you to get this workout done it"s gonna push you in a completely different way than it did yesterday we have got some jobs coming in today if you can"t do the tuck jump you"re gonna do a squat jump instead okay as always there"s a cardio and a strength component your strength component today is a lunge and a press so I want you to make sure that you keep the weight above your head when you lunge forward you lunge down then you press it"s two moves then you come back keeping the weight above your head we"ll keep that core on it"ll keep it engaged get some get some serious weight involved make it strong it"s meant to be a strength move your cardio your cardio I would like to blame my friend Aaron for this move we"re gonna be a boxer so you can imagine that you have a pole yay high in the middle of your room you"re gonna go under it so using the core now when you get to this side of the poles of course here mai-chan upon watching a repo imaginary pole in a truck jump then remember the lighter you are on your feet the less impact you have on your joints that"s standard so if you can jump up get low get quiet then we"re gonna go under that bar again okay so we"re gonna under get jumping under get jumping you"re gonna feel it on your inner thighs your thighs your abs are gonna lift your knees off the floor and let me tell you you are gonna be spent by the time you go into your next exercise and that"s what I want them so the next exercise after that is gonna be one that"s gonna really push you and really get that core going and make you feel strong and accomplished tomorrow it"s reps so that"s your heads up to give me all you have today right with you you"re right with me I am just as tired as you are but honestly it"s dark outside it"s miserable let"s just do it let"s do it let"s smash it let"s feel great you"ve got ten seconds pick what you"re gonna do you"re gonna go strengths you"re gonna go hard or you"re gonna do that cardio which is the one I"m gonna start with three two last one here"s your first move you"re gonna come in and you"re gonna go out let"s advance that so you draw the arm in straight body line legs go out this is so advanced you"re literally balancing on one leg so you"ve got to bend the supporting knee just a tiny little bit to really concentrate find a space on the floor don"t wobble as soon as you start to wobble it"s all over fifteen seconds come on push 12 come on if you"re doing those Chuck Jones go hard this is what"s coming next if you need to hold on to the wall then hold on to the wall that"s what I want you to do I don"t want you to give up want you to hold on to the wall get your leg out and pull it in don"t just quit give it a go hold on to equalise I hold on to the chair hold on to your children do whatever you need to do just do it this is how we rock yes we did plyo yesterday so if you"ve just done that video you"ll know about it you"ll know your legs are tired you got to get under that bar get your abs in ball maybe if you want to put your hands up you can 14 you"re gonna know about this at the end nine by three two last one I need you hold me up ready you"re gonna join me let"s go and out in now again you"re gonna be stronger on one side than you are the other that"s fine concentrate my glutes are on fire from yesterday holding this position it"s taking all of my effort don"t wobble seven seconds come on haha three two hah do you know when you get like a clump in you in your glue that"s what happened then all of a sort of my my doing oh no now three two one but the side don"t worry if you"re stronger once I clean you all the other don"t worry about that huge apps see that"s nice and soft on the land protect your joints twenty get under that bar really drive on fourteen it"s gonna push you mentally physically do everything today you just got to give it this is gonna be tough but I"m good I"m right with you okay jumps for you want to push up for me with a jump so you jump out you jump in monkey boy sure come on push all on your shoulders go down and up so to work 15 seconds come on drive with me the see Thursday in my shoulders are dead from yesterday oh god no I"m doing three two last one I"m there I"m with you this was properly taking me I"m on it you won"t stop me you"re dry but I will go it right to the end if it kills me cuz I met and I promise you that I was gonna stay with you right to the end and that"s what I will do if you"re gritting your teeth I"m going my teeth I"m not free to put it in to push myself fifteen to go to failure three can"t even talk let"s go dive Romans all the way rejoinder over all the way through to me ah I know you shoulders dead from the last move but that"s okay come on I am right with you imagine imagine I"m in the room with you I"m pushing you on that"s what I"m doing right now and you"re pushing me on so don"t quit three two so much takes note let"s go like like a super high ball it"s sooo sick sometimes I don"t you say to yourself why are you enjoying this so much cuz I love it 20 seconds dive-bombers a beer come on - so hot in here I can"t even describe it to you single arm SWAT and squat and swings so if you"ve got TRX you can hold on to your ex so squat down just need to get some air can hand me wheezing it"s not cuz I can"t breathe this cuz there"s no air in yeah 10 there we go 5 4 3 2 1 I"m right with you I can see you I can see you go in or like just like me and I"m gonna have five you on my facebook today and I will know the pain and the effort and how long it took you and the accomplishment it took to get this bar today and I"m proud of you you need to know that this is advanced this isn"t advanced and you doing it 50 seconds of chalk dunes is it bounced for three we set your body you control your body don"t anybody control you you got to tell it to reset like a train if you don"t fuel with air when work you go take big breaths when you get to that point at what was so close 15 10 for the way to feels so different doing it with one arm feels so different yes sir let"s go come on squat Chuck sting 20 come on come on buddy three let"s go huh yeah wait between your feet I don"t care what you use them with using a board or a ball my heart is just pumping like a mofo it"s awesome and horrendous all at the same time I warned you her one jet was coming I told you we were gonna take it to a level look we have never taken it to before and that"s what we"re doing forget your DVDs this is where it"s at this is where we"re bringing it every day I"m sure last move I"m so jealous of you right now I"m so jealous of you right now but you know why you did it so I"ll do it oh my let you down I am there you did it first round I"m gonna do it last one yes sir 20 seconds I"ve got this they"re trying to be quiet so my joints a little bit three that"s how I hit mics I need to say anymore you"ve just done that with me here the best gym partner in the world high-five so much respect for you if you did that with a vest on my lord tomorrow its reps fuel up protein feel accomplished thank God post your high fives on my page because today you deserve the world to see that you just completed that awesomeness high five see you tomorrow 


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  1. Those duck unders are my popular! They abolish me. Please bring them lend a hand in future exercises, they make me feel awesome.

  2. Incorporating one HIIT of yours into my exercises per week as I'm pregnant. I'm unprejudiced a little gradual and a few moves don't work, nonetheless it completely feels upright to inspire my body working “relish it damaged-the total plot down to.”Thanks!

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