Blogilates Boston Meetup MADNESS!!!

Over 500 POPsters gathered together to raise out POP Pilates with me at Simmons College. It used to be insane and I would possibly by no blueprint neglect it! Thanks for making this meetup so unbelievable!
Thanks to our sponsors: Reebok, Quest Nutrition, Label Water and Simmons College!

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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness trainer, winner of YouTube Subsequent Coach, and used to be also only within the near past named FITNESS Magazine"s Most appealing Healthy Residing Blogger.

today"s the Meetup hi everyone half a year we are at the Boston meetup it has been amazing and everyone in Boston is so energetic I saw that she was doing a meet-up and I was in school and I like screamed in the middle my history class during at Towson everyone"s like what should I"m excited to get my butt whipped into shape because I don"t listen freshman 15 it"s just fun to know that it"s not just me and my reviewing it and there"s a small community of people she"s really upbeat she"s really motivating and she has when I saw her body I was like whoa she killed you she can do eight pull-ups now I"m so excited to meet Jesse I"m always talking about her to my friends and my boyfriends or they all come with they all came with me to Boston from Montreal as seven hours road assays like super accessible it"s not geared towards like a certain type of individual anybody could kind of pick it up and she just makes it so fun and invigorating I was so nervous before the Meetup I don"t know why but as soon as the clock struck three you guys ran in through the doors later Matt"s all on the basketball court floor I started screaming you started screaming we started shouting and then class started hey guys oh my god I am like about to cry right now my heart is beating so fast you guys are so colorful it"s like a rainbow out here her guys look beautiful today so you guys ready to get started okay so if you guys have previewed this workout online you know what"s up if you haven"t you"re about to die but it"s gonna be really fun okay jump Punk down string you start out with these Fox workout which you guys definitely practice lots of burpees all day long along with squats we just did her workout and it was pretty tough and it was really nice meeting her she"s still nice in person I had pSATS with learning so I stopped at home for like five minutes and then changed and then came here and throughout the entire like workout I just didn"t even want to stop cuz it was so much fun it was really intense because you can"t pause her in real life and then afterwards we did the first-ever hopster Awards who is Breanna Jane 17 thank you we love your energy today we want to give you a gift bag we gave you a blog audience sweatshirt as well as some water a box of Brad white chocolate raspberry quest bars which men should all try outside and then really exciting you get to customize your own shoe on Reebok that"s what"s like $150 what other contenders come up and then you guys should see me sneaking features win look again right here and your name"s Derek Victoria okay guys I think we have a winner miss Victoria I read through all of your emails this person after reading hundreds of your emails she is not the typical pop sir works a lot of jobs she actually wakes up at 3:45 a.m. to work out to make sure if there are no pieces I"m so inspired by Kathy and her workouts I honestly set my alarm for 3:45 start work at 6:00 and I do it for the hour sometimes till 5:30 and I feel great I feel energized and my daughter won"t tell you I eat right community this is the class Council of Simmons College who actually helped put all of this on the past few weeks definitely look into Simmons it"s been that one of the best experiences of our lives I can definitely say go sipping afterwards we headed over to the Alumni Hall at Simmons College and I was there you were there for four hours citing yoga mats and taking crazy pictures and you made me do all sorts of weird stuff like quad and like stew creepy faces and and do weird poses but you know I am all up for it I love these pictures normal to kids okay but crazy figures are way more time I just love her she"s just so energetic I even make some of her recipes every time she comes up with something new we actually make it so great if you go on her app today always think exchanged recipes I"m always getting like new ideas and stuff and it"s just really inspirational to have such a big community around us meeting her I was like so surreal like it does I"m still trying to process it because of you I"m definitely considering becoming a Pilates instructor Pilates is definitely done thanks for my body that you know I hadn"t seen or felt before so thank you so much Cassie you"re amazing she actually inspired me so much with all her like just her nutrition input that she puts in a lot of her videos and so now I"m hopefully majoring in nutrition in college she"s a good friend and we love you we love you congratulations that is what happened at the Blogilates Boston meetups it was so much fun now I have the yoga mat you guys all signed your life away too and that sits alongside my New York one my LA one and I can"t wait to do more it is always so heartwarming to meet you guys hear your stories because yes I love doing videos with you online but nothing beats actual human connection and friendship and to see you guys there smiling making friends with one another and just sweating a long side I mean the energy is just infectious it"s so different and honestly guys I think the pop stir Blogilates community is it"s so different than any other cream so vibrant positive it is amazing and you are amazing guys let me know in the comments below if you attended and also let me know below if you want me to come to your city or your town where do you live I do love traveling to see you guys and it"s just so fun to teach you guys I love teaching so I will see you next time and thank you so much I love you guys I love you and keep doing what you"re doing because you"re amazing 


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7 thoughts on “Blogilates Boston Meetup MADNESS!!!”

  1. Wow I’m able to't think this was once one yr ago! Had so indispensable fun! Hope to achieve it again in some unspecified time in the future 🙂

  2. blogilates i reminiscent of you. im a 13 yr feeble and that i weigh 190 kilos, wich is more than my mom and that i would love to contain you ever reach to my fatherland!!!!!!!!

  3. Cassey, you inspire me and my mom lots ! Since my mom learned you in youtube a month ago, she’s going to no longer leave out a day without doing her exercise, which I got drawn into. My title is Shelorae and I am 8 years feeble. Our day is no longer complete without doing blogilates either early in the morning or when i ranking residence from faculty. My mom works early too so she wakes up early morning sexy to ranking her blogilates figure out accomplished. We'd love to undercover agent you right here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! You should maybe assemble my day whenever you happen to acknowledge to this. Take care of you Cassey!

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