Beefy Burning PIIT // POPster Princess Transformations + Tubby Relate



Right here is a in actuality particular video pricey to my coronary heart. ♥ No longer too long within the past I ran the "POPster Princess Contest" with AT&T & #newgenerasian to hunt down 3 of doubtlessly the most devoted POPsters accessible. The winners would be flown out to LA, salvage up in a truly obliging hotel, discuss over with the Blogilates HQ, acquire a head to toe Hollywood makeover, preserve a beefy outfit from POPFLEX, preserve an LG G Pad X 10.1 and acquire to big name in a YouTube video with me.

I'm so happy to fraction with you the stories of Abbie, Connie, and Brynn - the winners of this twelve months's POPster Princess Contest 2016! In this video, additionally, you will earn an big Beefy Burning PIIT Relate. So, look for enjoyment, then attain the PIIIT routine with us!

The moves are:
1. Lunge Squats
2. Elbow Faucets
3. Plank Jacks
four. Single Heel Plié
5. Instant Toes
6. Up Up Down Downs
7. Squat Hops

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hey guys Cassey here I am currently at
wadley's HQ and look oh here's a pre
million balloon alright so do you
remember that pop stir princess contest
that I held with AT&T; and new generation
a while back well we finally picked our
three lucky winners
they haven't flown out to LA and
currently waiting for them right now so
that we can start their transformations
they're like Hollywood to over and they
actually get to see the new pop let's
election before anyone else I cannot
wait to be green Connie and Abbi I'm
like so dying right now my heart is
being so fast oh my gosh I think they're
long a lot it's definitely changed me I
just have such bad songs - you passing
me that tune for me the postures made
that change for me I'm really insecure
about my weight but I just feel so happy
that I'm like improving and that's all
that matters
with this posture community nothing it
like I've ever seen or done it's magical
how cute to be looking a mermaid okay
this is ring a waiting fun I'm going to
do the season I'm also here from
California from Dallas Texas
about six Hyannis Connie and she's also
pop instructor and this is from Berkeley
in tow she's actually from Georgia okay
so I didn't tell them that we're going
to do a big workout well maybe me
probably that we're doing pop Pilates
right there shoes all we have our masks
on and we're doing a total body hit
workout and visit first around with you
but when you guys are done make sure you
do this video three more times we get a
total 28 minutes and 14 seconds and this
grin right here have you seen our for
you to day transformation
we show oh my gosh how did you do that
like any change the way that you ate -
right you guys been collecting the whole
thing it's like myself anyway under here
and the first time together
here you feel it yeah love the energy
okay and stuff we are going to start the
timer it is 45 seconds on 15 seconds off
and you're going to go hard okay our
first movie can use less closet reciting
in seven seconds
okay look let's get real seek a choice
that you have a nose and tail let's go
squatted free lunging risk whining run
very good guys grow high so far
beautiful beautiful colors like so much
breathe stay stronger like you're gonna
feel it in this one
oh you guys look so good God come on you
gotta keep on Cuba go five four three
great okay okay
elbow Tech's ready for those obliques
take down the floor elbow right anything
shoulders snap your feet here it is tap
to the floor lift it up yeah guys
beautiful where are you feeling it right
now my arms like that yesterday you four
oh how do you guys feel about your
clothes and your hair and everything
you guys are probably mad at me for acne
toxins and up keep going now you got it
beautiful work keep going right abs in
tight with me touch the floor boom just
goes strong 1 1 1
bring it down
okay Quinn chat you like him or hate him
Oh dancer right hi jacket let's go nice
and light on your feet keep going
abs in tight butt down beautiful work
make sure your shoulders are right over
your wrists okay inhale through your
nose exhale through your mouth you got
it guys looking so good
don't get up whoa they're working so
hard so hard
come on back nice and light you're
almost there
wait three then find it you got it
calm down two and one oh okay I love it
okay guys we have our single peel
guys booties to come out super wide arms
out liquid heels and pull and pull and
pull okay where you feel it feel it oh
yeah reading up tall make sure the
shoulders are both back is good but no
higher bro okay get ready to switch
entry to switcheroo other side get lower
girl slower nice work three three whoo
I'm going to roll your shoulders back
open up your can smell even in you got -
oh my god okay it really did
yeah three children
okay y'all we have two minutes left in
this rap okay
we have up up down down get on the mouth
let's do it begin your knees or other
shows on the right side row very nice
working the shoulders beautiful work
I didn't love it love it down you --fill
tanks down down up
you've been training for Helen bloody
babe right here three years right three
years he's in a posture come on keep
going and lift and guys make sure just
in the next round you start on the left
okay hops are four five seconds septic
come on one last night second thing is I
think for nine seconds right get higher
right now right now three
via papa light detector is a completely
changed my life meeting these other
girls who had the same passion face the
same goals rewarding someone to make
someone's life better to add value to
their life to make someone happy at the
end of the day just making people
happier it was so nice to actually meet
a pupster in person because they're just
amazing in person as they are like when
how I meet them online pop stirred it
means friendship because we're like a
community we motivate each other because
we all have the same goal of being
healthy and happy
I feel like being a pop star means
happiness it means friendship love
support a lot of it has been within
myself but I couldn't have done without
everybody else now I can truly say that
I love myself and I love the way I look
and I'm not afraid to eat certain things
or do certain activities because it
doesn't have that control over my life
I'm so excited that you're here from all
over the country like having fun yeah I
really with big ATT and your generation
for helping us set up as contacts or
else I'm going people do and fly you
guys out here yourself
while you guys finish up the next we
will finish it to go have some fun
afterwards a little photo shoot explore
la yeah love you so much and we'll see

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8 thoughts on “Beefy Burning PIIT // POPster Princess Transformations + Tubby Relate”

  1. I started doing Blogialtes this summer time with the newbie calendar and likewise bear worked my methodology up to the monthly calendar. It is miles so capable to review my growth, and it’s a ways so relaxing to factor in ragged movies fancy this! That is one in every of my accepted movies and exercises. I fancy that you just doubtlessly did the Pop Princess Rivals! It looks fancy it turned into so relaxing and special for the winners. This workout is additionally a GREAT cardio workout. Thanks Cassey for establishing such relaxing workout tell material! I with out a doubt exhaust into story myself a popster now!

  2. I’m sweating and my coronary heart turned into beating however this turned into so beautiful I fancy this!! 🙂

  3. This video is what the be aware spoiled methodology 😀 I couldnt type out the workout thanks to the total girly screaming… jeesus :DDD

  4. Having a laborious time starting this video. Just correct did 11/06/2018 cardio movies…however no longer this one but….I needed to exchange abs with cardio days… I know this one could well well well bear leaping and that's the worst cardio for me. Give me the total squat cardio in heartbeat heaven…however mountain climbers..reptile jumps..froggy jumps…and so a lot of others….I DIE.

  5. Can we bear a fairytale/chronicle creatures themed series?!! Worship Mermaid legs, Pixie Vitality Arms, Unicorn Butt, Princess Pop Pilates, Eleven Posture Relieve?!?!

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