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HASfit"s AMAZING SPIDERMAN WORKOUT shows various explosive and fun Body weight Workouts for Energy and Energy inspired by Andrew Garfield Workout Routine Talk over with or for the bid"s instructions, extra movies, free meal plans, and various health suggestions. for the correct free bid bid routines for men and females at dwelling or in gym. 

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a little out there I"m coach Kozak from has fit and today I"m here to continue my mission and bring you the best workouts on the internet this workout today is the amazing spider-man workout we"re doing all body weight strength exercises working out your total body legs upper body and your core so let"s not delay let"s get right into it and after I show you these exercises make sure you click on the link in the video description we"ll shoot you over to has fit and I"ll give you all the instructions other rep sets and how this workout all comes together first one is going to be a ballistic spider-man pushup maybe you"ve done a spider-man push-up before a normal spider-man push-up is you"re doing a push-up and as you come down into the scent you"re bringing your knee to your elbow that"s a normal one and my version we are going to get the ballistic part is going to be we are going to explode into the air while we do that same movement this is definitely an advanced exercise so descend and at the same time knees coming up okay ready abs are tight from the side there you have it that is the amazing spider-man ballistic push-up next exercise in our group is going to be a lateral broad jump great powerful exercise for your legs we"re going to jump side to side broad jump is both feet both legs jumping at the same time we"re going to dip explode laterally land softly with your hips ready dip explode Lance off with my weight in my hips tip explode land softly with my weight my hips soft do you lay in the better I"ll let you know you"re doing it right next spider-man inspired movement is going to be a pull-up plus a toes to the bar so it"s two different movements combined into this one exercise first one and pull up socket movement toes to the bar pull up toes to the bar great job next one we"re going to do back to the legs valves a jump rope I think is a very underused tool we"re going to do double unders normally we use a jump rope new normal joke broken it"s one pass under the leg for everyone jump in a double under it"s two passes for everyone jump now we"re going to count your repetitions on this so it"s not timed for as many as you can do usually first couple I do I might just do a single just to kind of get in the rhythm and then don"t that"s the double wonder next movement we"re going to do over it"s going to be a dip plus a lying leg raise another challenging movement this is really inspired from a job gymnastic type movement from the dip bars starting at the top we"re going to dip bringing your elbows down to a 90 degree angle come up lying with our lightly dip leg raise down up nice control with your abs excellent one last one for it one of the keys of this one is not letting your body swing as you do it to have control in your abdomen I"m coach Kozak this has been the amazing spider-man workout make sure you click the link in the video description send an asset account comm tells you how this whole thing is put together everything there"s free muscle building plants diet plans we"re here from you I"m coach Kozak have your workout you 


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