Ab Vitality Exercise 3: Tone Up | 30 DAY 6 PACK ABS

Ab Vitality Exercise 3: Tone Up from 30 Day 6 Pack Abs is a fierce, paunchy-burning belly exercise that makes exercise of a particular blend of cardio and strength exercises to burn energy, exhaust the abs, and tone the total physique. Say the core and slim the waistline with Fitness Skilled & Actor, Scott Herman, and Fitness Blogger & Skilled Trainer, Sarah Fit as they buy you through 3 intense, total-physique toning circuits that will shape and outline the palms, shoulders, legs, glutes, abs, and chest through a assortment of muscle-sculpting strikes including lunges with a twist, high knees, standing single leg knee crunches, and high knee crunches that will gather you accurate results like a flash. Rip up your midsection and tone your obliques as you outline and carry out your abs by concentrating on them from every attitude with this highly efficient exercise from the all fresh "30 Day 6 Pack Abs" Exercise Program, highest on BeFit! It is seemingly you"ll well desire a 5 to 10 pound dumbbell, and a bottle of water to total this exercise, and would possibly well tailor it to your skill degree by improving inch, reps, weight, and relaxation intervals. Be taught to focal level on respiratory and proper make to maximize results as Scott and Sara exude positivity through their encouraging instruction, and aid you as you apply the avenue to lean and horny 6 pack abs. Stumble on below to your 30 Day Calendar Exercise Plan as well to a paunchy checklist of workout routines, reps, and time codes. Tune in to BeFit on each day foundation to meet your fitness wants and rep designate fresh "30 Day 6 Pack Abs" workout routines featuring Scott Herman and Sarah Fit. Are attempting the paunchy 30 day program for FREE! Click on right here for extra Ab workout routines:  http://bit.ly/SDLTfC

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[0:51] Lung w/ a Twist   30 Seconds per aspect (or 60 seconds alternating sides)
[1:21] High Knees   30 Seconds alternating sides
[1:44] 30 Seconds Relaxation   Relaxation (Water Destroy)
Repeat routine
[3:18] High Knee Crunch  30 Seconds per aspect
[4:20] High Knees   30 Seconds alternating sides
[5:00] 30 Seconds Relaxation   Relaxation (Water Destroy)
Repeat routine
[6:38] Standing Single Leg Knee Crunch 30 Seconds per Aspect
[7:58] High Knees   30 Seconds alternating sides
[8:30] 30 Seconds Relaxation   Relaxation (Water Destroy)
Repeat routine

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hey everyone I"m Scott Herman I"m Sara Dee Tsao and we have a really great challenging exercise routine for you guys to do today it has cardio and strength moves involved in it it"s really gonna rip into your abs apart and bring them out so everyone can see them you excited I am so we"re gonna do the strength move on the right than the left so it"s the mutual of one minute then we"re gonna follow that up with a cardio circuit what happens to be high knees we"re going it up for 30 seconds repeat it twice and then we"re gonna move on to a whole set a new move we"re gonna do that three times and so I"m going to be coaching Scott the first round and then he"s gonna be coaching me so Scott are you ready I"m ready and throws you at home you are going to eat some dumbbells we"re gonna use a five pound weight and a ten pound you want challenge yourself just grab some heavier weight alright so Scott"s gonna start so the first move is a lunge with a twist so Scott"s going to lunge with his front foot and twist towards that foot so come on lunge and give me a twist good so we"re twisting in the oblique area and you want to make sure that your knee is not going over your front toe now Scott is actually going back and forth so at home feel free to do an alternating or you can do 30 seconds on the right and then 30 seconds on the left so good job Scott so make sure when you push back you"re squeezing through the glute of the front leg good Scott good job Scott alright next we"re gonna do 30 seconds of honey let"s go sky oh yeah good job we"re gonna mute eyes if you want to make this move harder try to bring your knees up even higher Scott put your arms out showing how it"s done yeah good job yeah so you really got to engage your core when you"re doing this cardio move to keep make sure that your shoulders are in line with your waist good job Scott power through and after this this is really gonna raise up your heartrate to help melt that fat off of your midsection so you can really see you an out Sara"s turn right that was tiring so Sara was gonna step forward she"s going to twist over her leg as you can see once again we"re stepping forward we"re not letting our front knee go past our toes pretty much keeping it over the ankle and the back foot see me up on the toes as you twist here you go step and twist keep your chest up keeping going cage the entire time keep going I"m just excited for her to the Heinie"s have me a breath hey tiny keep going looking good you"re so out of breath yeah push myself pretty here yeah awesome so now we"re doing high needs Sarah"s gonna do a runner"s high knees you wanna make this more challenging and go faster pump your arms as fast as you can and try not to let your fingertips go past your waist keep your shoulders straight bring those knees high here you go keep it going pump it Pump It 30 seconds guys it"s gonna burn you"re gonna be out of breath you"re gonna have dry mouth which gonna be happy when you see those ABS here we go all right relax how are you guys feeling at home I know I just have the 30 seconds combined yeah Kyle"s power to you guys so this is obviously a challenging workout at home this is a great time to take a water break take yeah take a water break rest 30 seconds move around keep the heart rate up you can kind of bounce back and forth if you want the next exercise we"re gonna do and be pretty challenging then you get Dumbo once again and we"re gonna go into a high knee crunch so Scott can hold that dumbbell over his head go ahead and bring your right knee in Scott good and crunch down we"re gonna do 30 seconds on one side after that we"re gonna switch so when you come on up make sure that you"re really using your core to drive that knee up towards the weight good job Scott and as you can hear Scotty"s exhaling each time that knee comes closer to the weight good job Scott Haley challenging from the lower abs good and we"re gonna get ready to switch three to one end go ahead switch the opposite side good job Scott so remember that when you"re doing this to keep your chest open you don"t want to collapse and fall forward that"s doing a great job of that keeping his chest up and open and really focusing in on the ABS keep your lats in your leg cut off yeah you can definitely tell which leg is the dominant leg when you do these for stability all right when Scott"s done with this guess what he has he has another 30 second interval of tiny you ready Scott go ahead and go right in that and go so the battle bit of this whole circuit is that you"re doing the strength room followed by cardio now you want to really see those toned abs you need to melt the fat off of the front so you can do crunches as much as you want but until you"re getting some of that cardio and proper diet you"re not going to see the definition that you want so this is an awesome combination circuit - Scott I"m feeling it beyond the toes I needs a ruthless killer cardio intervals and guess he"s turning it yeah now it"s your turn all right so as I catch my breath Sarah"s gonna demonstrate for you perfect form as she steps she brings her knee up she"s crunching keeping her head her abs flex bringing the dumbbell down to her knee keeping her chest up just barely touch the ground with her toe on the leg that"s moving high doing it it"s also a balanced exercise if you got bad bounce looking aspect definitely working some coordination for one more rep 30 seconds is up now I"m gonna switch legs now the key to this exercise is as you pull your leg up contract your abs you will have the benefit being your lower abdominals strength in that area with this exercise and you"re sure those are probably critiquing - so if you started to you know use a heavier weight that"s okay bean use a lighter one that"s okay to see me shoulder you use a little bit heavier yeah yeah there"s using the five pounder your shoulders are feeling good but you can still complete the reps repos high knees Oh yeah all right those look good now one thing you want to do make sure you do when you"re doing high knees is Mitchell you"re pushing off your toes that"s gonna let you do them faster more reps you do the heart of the work ups gonna be intensity is keying the best thing about doing this workout is at home and you control the intensity if you want to see those ABS push yourself even harder all right three seconds good relax now it"s water break time various however you drink too much you"re gonna feel it your stomach it"s not really appetizing right now many times I"ve been alright so cuz I recover catch my breath Scottie"s we"re moving into the next set of moves we"re gonna be doing eight right so you like me crunch so Scott hey you know I have more time but I might as well psych myself up by holding the dumbbell on my hand you ready so you hope at home you guys can feel this - you ready I"m ready and go - Scott nuts decide oh here we go since God has his left arm you bring it down towards the same knee really cinching down on those obliques good job so each time you breathe out you"re just a midget pinching that would get smaller good job Scott the higher your knee comes more challenging it"s going to be you can"t lift your knee up as high as Scott that"s okay I"ll have our own starting miss Scott like we said earlier you make a 10 pound weight and feel free to use a heavier one if you"d like or if you"re a beginner you have to use one at all just guys go ahead and switch into the opposite side just in time my shoulders worse at the burn yeah so as you can see this is also gonna be a little bit of an upper body workout good job Scott okay and remember that as you cinch down you"re really gonna engage abs you"re toning up your entire midsection especially everybody"s favorite dessert handle area great job Scott how you do it on balance balance is good keeping a steady tempo to make sure I can make it through the round and you"re done last night apply me let"s go good so Scott"s getting a little bit more time laters he"s gone into the running lunch that I was doing there but still super challenging it"s not easy so people one thing make sure that you"re not falling back stop staying hopping over his knees or Huizenga"s making sure these on the balls of his feet he"s being questioned good we all like those quick moves now after this you guys at home have one more round you"re almost there so good job keep it up and I"m gonna get ready to start mine on cut that you guys at home we"re doing great the last round guys make it challenging whew I"m glad Tara knows what to do cuz I"m out of breath looking good bring that knee up high and even try to bring the knee up in front of you bring you foot in front of your body a little bit you"re gonna notice hit your obliques a little harder yeah one looks great you have a hard time with stability you can try to flex your calf hamstring and glute on the opposite leg those look good you notice with her arm she"s keeping a 90 degree angle as she goes up and down all right let"s switch sides all right just think in 30 seconds you get to do the running I"m so excited I bet you guys are too then after that you guys are know we"re done you just got real good keep the tempo going good squeeze really contract your obliques don"t let your hips sway up so far we do the exercise maintain control going every movement all right yes and I"m ready to the flower here comes all right how are you it power through it high knees go go go brings me back to my day the track it is the last time you"re doing this so you want to push yourself as hard as you can push push push push push I"m guessing you"re doing good you know some sacks get a good job her knees they"re not dipping too low you"re still getting them pretty high ready couple seconds left one good that was awesome congratulations man congratulations to you guys at home to make it this far the meat you"re doing really well with our program you can definitely make it to the end I"m not a brat but thanks so much for sticking with us you know this wasn"t an easy workout amazing job we"ll see you tomorrow hey if you"ve completed the 30-day six-pack abs program tell us how you did and you can win a chance to have your video featured on the be fed home page for a day if you saw our difference in the way your abs look and feel then submit a before it out the response video to any of the 30 day six pack AB videos keep up the great work 


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  1. Thanks for the vids! Day 9 full and I even own already bought far more definition on my abs than I did every week within the past. I’m somewhat skinny with low physique rotund so I didn't own a abdominal to originate up. I even own already bought the line running down from the center of my chest to my belly button and it looks and feels SO loads better already! I'm horrified how mighty 9 days of your program has performed for me.Thanks!

  2. I'm making an strive to count the energy I burn on my Fit Tools. Are these workout routines thought to be moderate or crammed with life? I in overall persist with the a connected tempo and vary as the trainers.

  3. The spend of this awesome workout routines handbook “suza large thought” (Google it) will completely work your intention from burning unattractive belly fat to constructing 6-pack abs. The e book incorporates reader-appropriate directions and guidelines. I became as soon as in a position to enact Six pack abs in precisely a transient time duration. This guidebook is in actuality informative and I indicate each person to exercise it too.

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