7-Minute Hip Sculpting Exercise



Seven hip sculpting moves. One minute every. NO BREAKS! That's correct, no stopping till the discontinuance of the seventh minute!! AND in honor of the Stretch Revolution order on my Instagram, I desired to consist of a colossal hip stretch after the advise! Let's plot this!

1. Fire hydrant extensions (correct)
2. Lying leg circles (correct)
three. Lying knee infinity (correct)
4. Fire hydrant extensions (left)
5. Lying leg circles (left)
6. Lying knee infinity (left)
7. Butterfly bridges

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Exercise starts at 1:33!

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hey guys Cassey here so today we're
gonna be doing a seven-minute hip
sculpting workout but before we even get
there I am so excited to share with you
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on top flex active and if you're looking
for cool stuff for your friends and
family for the holidays I would really
appreciate if you took a moment to shop
around over there and see if you liked
anything alright so let's get back to
that hip workout you guys I've got seven
moves for you we're gonna go through
each one for one minute zero seconds of
break we're going bambam bam-bam-bam
until we get to the end of the seventh
minute and then you'll be done all right
are you excited go okay we're gonna
start out with our fire hydrant
extension let me show you what that
looks like and then I'm gonna start the
timer and then well we're just gonna
have to finish this together okay so
both hands underneath your shoulders
just like that you don't want to lock
out your elbows keep a slight bend in
there belly button in you know open up
that outer thigh to the ceiling you're
gonna kick forward knee bends and you
come back down okay all right we are
beginning keep your eyes on the mat not
forward let's do this boom kick and in
kick and just like that you don't have
to go super fast just control it I
really want you to point your toes
really hard it'll help you we can put
Mike's abilities and also help you
strains in your hip
you're you're like super winning game
drop the entire leg
there's no floppy feet around here keep
your eyes on the mat just watch me pull
and I feel my other hips already sorry
to stay on this side for all the person
so keep clicking breathing in through
nose out through your mouth good thing
keep going we're gonna make this quick
you guys seven minutes and I want you
feel this one more all right coming down
this side we have your lying leg circle
so right here bring that leg up high
Circle it will be a bad mistake so I'm
pressing back with this one just like so
both of your hip is facing four you're
resting on this elbows watch me now this
is really pretty flexes to working the
flexibility as we work this strength
again pointing your toes hard engaging
that entire leg oh it is my favorite
legging because there's no elastic in
the band so it doesn't pshoo you guys
know what I mean
definitely highways okay no move we've
got our line the infinities so bend your
knee like so you're gonna drag your knee
down open up and touch the toe in the
back drag drag and touch yes look at
that it just mobility people touch the
knees touch the big toe touch beneath
stretch the big toe just like that are
you feeling hips are you feeling booties
yes you are come on
and privations with your movements with
your shapes right here and I have
engaged in my bottom leg too
so I'm really feelin about hips for sure
drag beautiful do you like it I love
this new one came up with it just for
you guys as I was creating this workout
by extension on the other side of hurry
here we go hands underneath and boom
kick and down right away
whoa just heard my legs pop that's fine
nerds don't worry just stretch a little
bit more rapport that by the way for
those of you who did stretch revolution
with meets much more open do you feel
feel so so good oh man I feel like I
want to do extra evolution every single
day and I should must occasion but it
took me having to create an Instagram
challenge to actually get myself to
which has been a huge engine I know
it's pointing the toe engaging that is
hard to put engaging your thighs or
all right onto the floor where I'm tired
of lying leg circles so we are leg up
pushing back really pushing your leg
beyond your booty pushing there you go
feeling all that mobility in the hip the
bigger the circle a little better but
our circles are all going to be
different because we are all like deep
responsibility levels different range of
motions so that is the case but if you
keep doing this revolution
you're gonna see your range is really
pointing the toes really real hard I'll
go to my Fujita is
on the ground to help you stabilize
okay let's go to your new favorite move
go ahead and bend the knee and drag just
like that oh man that you can feel me
right away
Oh boom so when you open the magic war
your inner thighs opening to me you're
opening to the wall with under your knee
or whatever it is whatever is facing you
in front okay so really press that open
so you get more of that hip flexibility
instead of like rolling back onto your
butt okay so
yeah open the knee just things I gotta
think about it open who really try to
keep that bottom leg straight crisp it
through coat into the floor to really
help you see water good job guys
it's almost your last move
okay on to the floor for our butter
flight bridges go ahead and bring your
legs out like so lift up the hips and I
want you to close and open and close and
open butterfly bridges now you don't
have to fully close the knees because
both of our our foot palms soles of our
feet but palms are facing each other
right now so it can be kind of difficult
to close them fully so just close as
much as you can down and up and low and
then right there okay let's go a little
let's finish it out up and close the
book come on I mean I'm feeling this all
throughout the hips the glutes and the
thighs belly in keep breathing keep
going up eyes on the ceiling you're
almost there
one more up and down very bud go ahead
and bring your knees into your chest
point the toes flex Lucy point the toes
flex the feet and I'm gonna flip us over
for a hip stretch okay so we're gonna
head into our pigeon stretch which I'm
sure you guys know from like yoga it's a
very very standard move but I'm going to
show you how to do it differently today
and I showed my stretch revolution
people this on instagram my instagram
lives before but I want to show this in
a YouTube video because it really helped
me open my hip so check this out so most
people when they do the pigeon me
included you place your foot close to
your crotch when you're sitting right
here which is fine this is great and you
can come forward just like so but I want
to teach you the honest pigeon the
honest pigeon is not gonna make you very
happy because you're gonna see how far
away you are from the mat so the honest
pigeon asks you to place your front leg
at a 90 degree angle like that okay so
look I'm already so far off the floor in
my honest pigeon now I want you to bring
your back foot up like that your heel up
all the foot into the mat I'm holding on
to this foot right here and what really
helps me open up for the pigeon is I
like to saw it forward and back like
that sawing forward and back nice and
slow nice and slow and look if this is
too much for you you can definitely
place your knee down and saw like this
until you get enough flexibility to be
able to bring your foot back like so
nice and straight with the leg now after
a while if you're feeling warmed up you
can kind of do like a push up press your
knee to the ground press your elbows out
to help you get down so I want you to
know that this is not bouncing this is
you stretching and releasing so we're
stretching we're releasing
and this technique really helps me
because then it makes me not afraid to
be like oh my gosh gonna be stuck in the
stretch forever it allows me to get
there and then come back I was like a
hit workout right a little rest so if
you feel good about that
you can try placing the knee down onto
the floor
placing the toes down onto the floor and
even sitting if you can and look at that
I am almost there I'm almost there in my
honest pigeon I feel it's so much in my
hips but by that song motion I get a lot
out of it I really do now let's go ahead
and do it on the other side you guys
will be done with your hip workout and
stretching is so so so important you
guys again if you want that range of
you got a stretch same thing over here
let's bring that knee out into a 90
degree angle okay
one hand on top of the foot to anchor it
in place the other hand outside you are
right there on the ball of your foot
let's go ahead and saw that honest
pigeon saw it just like so again if you
need to bend the knee and saw like this
that is okay too is up to you how you
want to approach this because we're all
at different flexibility levels okay now
once you feel comfortable go ahead and
stop drop the knee drop the toes try not
to sickle your foot and try to drop that
hip yeah yeah whoa oh man okay still I'm
almost there I have some space sometimes
you feel like you just kind of you want
to just drop your hip but you don't want
to do that you want to be able to like
sit into it correctly with both of your
hips facing forward but there we are you
guys we just did our honest pigeon in
addition to your seven-minute hip
sculpting workout I hope you enjoyed
that and I hope to see you again for our
next video I love you so much
and I will see you next time bye just
watch me

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