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hey it's coach Kozak from has fit and
this is a six pack AB workout and only
six minutes it's six exercises one
minute at a piece I'm gonna do it with
you I hope you're ready let's do this
okay we'll be ready for this verse first
we're gonna be from the high plank
position little bend in your elbow after
tight and then we're gonna do elbow you
minutes straight bring your knees to
your elbows now the great thing about
this at work now as I'm doing here
tie your core we're gonna your lower
stomach your upper stomach your obliques
your science love handles your lower
belly buttons all keep aiming is all hip
today so we have 30 seconds left on this
one guys keep pushing only six minutes
today ready to go that's nice and tight
stop intensity is the name of the game
here because we only have six minutes
the birth goes up you push and hold
yourself up
my body my lord had to support itself
keep my hands up doing this so it makes
it even harder this we're all my body
with magic bringing it needs to go okay
that's people behind their back
lying straight to start we're gonna do a
punch in leg rates at the same time now
if you can't do a crunch of the Lakers
at the same time up to a crunch and a
knee raise but I prefer the crunch later
you can do it many times you can and
then one minute I bring my shoulder
blades off the ground every time
keep my legs nice and straight

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9 thoughts on “6 Pack Abs in 6 Minutes at Home | Coach Kozak’s Most efficient Ab Workout routines To Procure Ripped Six Pack | HASfit”

  1. Big Exercise ,Se results ….thanks if If I could per chance well attain this Three Instances per week for a month I would stare sizable results.

  2. hey coach kosak , sizable routine as consistently, but could per chance well need been better without the music.wishing you & the family correctly from london , england

  3. Coach, will this receive me a V nick lend a hand and likewise which one is a wiser figure out video. This one or the 6 minute abs burnout?

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