6 Min to Sexy Hands!

Right here"s the toughest arm snarl it is most likely you"ll per chance well ever intention the utilization of completely no weights! My shoulders felt so laborious after it! It used to be pleasant chilly.

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hey guys Cassey here today we have six. minutes to sexy arms now let me tell you. the thing about arms I don"t think girls. pay enough attention to them I think. guys are all about it that"s why some. end up looking like triangles you know. what I mean with like skinny legs girls. really love working the ABS and the. booty and the thighs and stuff but today. we"re to focus on something that I think. you really should focus on you know why. okay I"m the type of girl or person that. really likes to take one trip from my. car to the house what I"m buying. groceries now I kid you not if there are. 17 grocery bags I will put one here one. here one here one here right here and. like like around my neck whatever just. so I can get to the house in one trip. it"s really silly because sometimes I. think if I just took two trips and I. have to take a lot less time but you. know what I need you to build that arm. strength so that you can carry like 17. grocery bags and I"m also you know. having some nice shoulder here is pretty. nice too all right so let"s get started. you don"t need any weights I know that"s. pretty cool let"s do this so first we"re. gonna focus on your shoulders if you"ve. done my arm video from like way back. you"ll know this one arm circles of. death okay so what am I going to do is. place the arms out just like so make. sure there"s a slight Bend right here so. that you"re really flexing your bicep. palms to the ceiling if the palms start. going like this that is a new new so. leave it up trust me. golf balls first ready let"s hit that. music you guys gonna love these no. weights here. okay abs in shoulders back neck yeah. circle circle just like that now I want. you to go bigger it nice and strong. daddy talk okay no slow-mo stuff here I. want you in text we have six minutes and. you will kill it. okay that"s not a lot of time you know. what it is enough time to get some. results circle comes up yes yes good to. check good abs in nice perfect eight. more eight and seven and six good and. five one four three palms up to reverse. it no great and back Roy yes killer my. shoulders are already bringing now. you"re not tired. it"s just that lactic acid building up. making you think your tire sticky going. around now relax your neck. I don"t want to see this flex put all. that work where belongs in your. shoulders paws up come on back and back. you feel it I don"t even have to ask you. I know you do because I"m feeling it. eight more let"s go eight and seven and. six come up and five you"re doing so. good. don"t give up big circles soccer balls. and crunch what no we"re not stopping. there"s no way I"m making you stop right. now we"ve got momentum you"re keeping it. fast just because they"re bigger doesn"t. mean you"re slowing it down come on big. and round. you"re burning good that"s what I"m here. for I"m gonna push you to your limits I. want you to change change your body live. that life that you want okay change. doesn"t come easy gotta work for it. these are doing it together right come. on and big and round just like that give. me four and three and two reverse it. yeah come on one you going backwards all. the way back yes. give me that passion with these soccer. ball circles come on let it burn embrace. that burn I know you like it. good good good come on back and Jack. stay strong come on back breathe breathe. you"ve got this come on guys a little. bit more give me. and seven and six and five good and for. better fifth three and two and one. good okay it"s not over check this one. out. these are called the pushers we"re going. to do is you"re simply going to push the. palms away now check it out. you"re not doing this it"s not that. pushing and gauging the shoulder right. here okay send Tom push Oh push feel it. push the heel of the palm house. oh these birds good come on oh oh you"ve. got it now keep that elbow inflamed. engage your shoulders presses Chris urn. come on guys. you can make this as hard as you want it. to be okay don"t go flimsy on me I"m. watching you know what"s hard and what"s. easy okay. so work it push it heels of the palms. farm houses yeah. oh that"s right boom I"m not letting you. stop push. I feel that fire good I want you to feel. it more. squish oh I"m dying I know you are too. you don"t want no wait no wait. just you working hard press press we get. through this course right now okay we"ve. got a new move for you come on nice oh. my god it"s really hurts eight more. eight seven six five four three two hold. here three two go oh goodness feeling. okay now you"re working ladies I"ll show. you how to work the ladies single chest. hairs pulse hang together like you"re. praying okay. elbows together keep them glued this. lick pop-up you seal the shoulders the. biceps and those pecs all right keep it. in if I see this I"m going to be very. mad at you so keep it in okay you got a. hundred dollar bill between your elbows. and they"re not gonna let it drop right. the body"s worth more than a hundred. bucks look a lot more than that to keep. about this together. don"t rock this. don"t break apart too much up I hope to. be crippled here we go and 153 come on. oh-oh-oh-oh. three four five six again let"s go three. four triples let"s do this do not let go. I"m in like two three no you can up your. how comfortable you"ll be this really. complex of keep them all together. so serious enough to 303 yes and hug. people but I would like a liberal is. inviting us to thank you for working out. with you today having so much fun. nope they"re two to three one more and. live two Hobbit oh my god I don"t even. know what that was my shoulders feel so. hard right now I kind of like it can you. can you touch your shoulders right now. do they feel hard yeah it"s working. guys you did a fantastic job I really. like that one because we"re standing the. whole time not using weights but that. intensity was in sane it"s really. amazing what you can do with your own. body because your body and gravity. that"s your weight so guys let me know. in the comments below what video you. want to see next if you like doing one. trip grocery trips and I think that is. my question for you so I love you so. much be sure to download this month"s. calendar right here I already made that. for you. so please take advantage of it and. that"s all I love you so much bye guys. what you hold it right there. whole time lift lift I know I know. that"s your hamstring. that"s your glutes let"s go lift lift. 


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7 thoughts on “6 Min to Sexy Hands!”

  1. I’m 64 and after the third are trying I managed to provide the elephantine six minutes! Am desirous to set up away with my flabby hands. Thank you Cassie!

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