5 Most productive Muffintop Melting Moves – Most productive Oblique Exercise

Want to rating rid of that "muffintop" and sculpt a swish hourglass form as a change? Supreme because listed right here are my TOP most EFFECTIVE strikes for concentrating to your obliques. Are trying it with me now!

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Cassey Ho is a licensed Pilates and health instructor, winner of YouTube Subsequent Coach, and became once also now not too prolonged ago named FITNESS Magazine"s Most productive Healthy Residing Blogger.

hey guys Cassey here so I love your feedback on some of my last videos you really love the whole five series thing so I thought I"d show you my five best muffin top melting moves so what is the muffin top it"s basically this area around here around your waist that kinda I guess sticks over your jeans may not actually be a very nice way to call it but what it really is is moves that are gonna attack your obliques okay the Bleek"s are the muscles on the side of your body that really give you that nice hourglass shape so these are my top five moves I"ve done hundreds and hundreds of Pilates videos with you so thought you know let"s narrow it down to some of the best so let"s go ahead and get started what we"re gonna start out with is my number one favorite move for those of you have been with me for a while you probably know what this is that"s right it"s the candlestick Dipper this one gets me every time I"ve been in Pilates for like 11 years now teaching for eight and still gets me every time so when you go ahead and bring that leg out make sure it"s straight that knee is not bent don"t do this I saw a lot of students doing this so if you"re a beginner you can actually bring your arms out like so come down to one side and lift back up if you were advanced and you"ve been doing this for a long time you better put your hands together we"re going to go ahead and lift the arms up squeeze the head and what you want to do is you"re going to come down really feeling the oblique right here and lift back up okay for breathing you"re gonna inhale down exhale up ready hands up and three two one we"re going down exhale lift good lower and up and make your flicks feel so good down and up very nice lower and reach I love it and up amazing now if your knees feel anything go ahead and put a cushion under them like a rolled towel or a small pillow okay because nothing should be hurting here except for your police for more let"s go for and reach a fitting put your tired your hands into the arm airplane position okay and down and lift one more right here and lower and lift bring it down whoa would you feel that so good it"s just enough leaks every single time okay same dealio here leg straight toes horde foot flat hands together lift it up squeeze the head in three two one go and down and up very nice you may find that one side is a lot easier than the other for example this slide is a lot easier for me because my right oblique is stronger I"m right handed right dominant okay so that"s why it"ll be either being away we try to be symmetric as much as we can that"s where we work both sides down and lift you"ve got it lower and up go down as low as you can come on parallel and lift a mate let"s go down and reach you"ve got four all right three more let"s go come on guys dip it and lift it last two down and reach one more lower and up bring it down amazing very very good okay so now I want you to come down on to your side on to your elbow okay so we"re gonna go into our side plank and there are many variations the side plank that you can do okay so I"ll show you two or three beginners I want you on your knees and on the elbow all you"re gonna do is lift up just like so gravity"s gonna pull on the oblique right here what you want to do is lift up away from it as far as you can okay really gonna start feeling that no that"s too easy bring the legs out and lift it up right here okay if that"s too easy what I want you to do is go ahead and bring the hand right underneath the shoulder stack the feet and lift everything up into a beautiful side plank good job you just want to hold it here now to really feel that side imagine there"s a fire pit or something nasty like little jumping sharks where alligators right underneath your Mac you want to lift up away from it and hold feel that difference good hold a little longer three flick up two and one bring it down amazing okay now to really solidify what you just felt come on to the feet and the elbow okay if your elbow need some cushion again little pillow or rolled towel hands on the hip we lift check it out up hip dips that"s on top and about lift and lower whoo you"ve got it up and down reach so good up good you"ve got four more come on four yep three yeah - one more one and down bring it up whoa you feel that was amazing okay now we"re gonna repeat on the other side to even everything out so bring those legs over Kate elongate now you saw the different types of planks that we can do you pick the one you like and push yourself to the next level okay so I"m gonna go on my hand and on my feet and I"m going to lift myself all the way up holding it right there fingers long shoulder right over the heel of the palm extending the arm inhale through nose exhale lift yourself up up up away from the mat for the little jumping sharks in three and so you look so good and one bring it down very nice I always feel like that one is so empowering okay now on to the elbow knees or "evil legs hands right on the hip you"re ready for this go ahead and lift up in three two one hip dip it up we"re going down and up lower lift yeah good whoo give me four and three come on two and one bring it up and lower oh that was insane okay now we"re DTAC the hips and the obliques at the same time with the hip twist okay so I want you to go ahead and come up to the elbow I score it okay inhale on the exhale press into a plank now make sure your butt isn"t up make sure not dipping that"s really gonna hurt your back but you"re in a nice long plank back left three two one we are hip dipping boom-boom yeah tap very good just like that side to side jab beautiful I love it you"ve got this come on down squeeze good give me eight seven six good five four three two one knees in and bring yourself into a quick Child"s Pose inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth okay great now finally this is the bonus move you haven"t done with the watch so this is called the reverse crunch twist you bring the hands in front of you and slowly roll down vertebrae by vertebrae okay right this is a little bit advanced so don"t get discouraged okay I"m going to show you how to do it for beginners and I will show you how to do it advanced style all right but you will work up towards advanced up promise you okay hands down by the side ankles cross so normally a regular reverse crunches like this you go up and you come back down knees over hips okay great lower ab move now to add in that oblique element what I want you to do is lift twist down Center lift twist other side down Center all right beginner is what I want you to do go ahead and bring those knees in put a little twist come down bring the knees in give it a little twist and come down you don"t have to go as high okay here we go five four three two and one lift twist down and lift twist lower so good up lower twist I love it make sure really swirling that torso around just like so beautiful nice work bring those legs up as high as you can couple more here and twist one more I love this move and twist and bring those legs all the way down arms long behind you inhale and exhale peel your back off the mat you"re sitting super tall and that is it guys thank you so much for joining me I hope you really liked my five best moves to tone up your Blake"s let me know in the comments below what other five best moves you want to see for whatever body part because seriously this channel is for you I"m your teacher your instructor so you let me know what you want and I will teach it to you also just quick thing to keep in mind I want you to really love your body and I"m just saying that in a I love a body type of way I"m saying it in terms of like if you"re looking to really change your body transform your body if you keep looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself oh well I hate that and I hate this and wish I look like her why can"t have a 6-pack your body is gonna rebel stop stressing out about it find a workout that you really love like pop Pilates which is so much fun eat well cook and really enjoy the whole experience and your body will sculpt itself your life will sculpt itself okay how does that make sense anyway I love you so much and I will see you later bye 9 dancing Bingle it out single single shoulders more about now make sure you"re not bending your elbows good long finger so we"re in lift and press it down in very nice look we have the ocean 


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7 thoughts on “5 Most productive Muffintop Melting Moves – Most productive Oblique Exercise”

  1. I so hated the hip twists (I always possess) and when this part came, I did it (almost) without complications – I change into so greatly bowled over with how important I if truth be told possess progressed and acquired stronger. THANK YOU!

  2. Right here is an fabulous exercise! It truly helps with the unpopular muffin top in the occasion you fabricate it constantly!

  3. what you stated at the end is lifestyles altering. thank you. i needed to hear it at the novel time.

  4. This change into so important relaxing tbh that message at the end made me feel so loved and supported❤️

  5. U job my memory of Denise austin. It’s miles true if truth be told fabulous. Anyways….. that's all I gotta divulge. Candlestick is my well-liked.

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