5 Minute Shoulder Issue – Shoulder Issue for Stable Hands and Upper Support!

Be half of Jessica as she takes you by means of a 5 Minute Shoulder Issue to reduction present you with solid fingers, upper abet strength and toned shoulders! You don"t favor any weights to total this 5 Minute Issue - legal a pair of minutes and a few ground situation! You"re going to feel stronger and more assured as you originate up to incorporate shoulder workout routines into your routine. For full measurement and ad free workout routines talk over with http://www.jessicavalantpilates.com/limitless.

hi great to see you we are going to be doing a five minutes get started and I"ll talk you through it we are going to be on all fours to start so hands under your shoulders knees under your hips if you have wrist problems this is probably not the workout for you I"ll just tell you from the get-go this we"re going to be doing a lot on our hands and knees to avoid using dumbbells for this workout so shoulders are going to come down your back spread your fingertips wide let"s do a single cat camel to get started around and then arch find a halfway point in between those two bring your left arm out in front of you and little pulses here so I have my palm facing down towards the ground arms straight five four three two one bring the arm out to the side like a tee and lift up here and little breaths five four three two one swing it back palms so down little lifts here try to keep that arm straight the great thing is you"re getting work through both arms already three two one nice job bring it forward again reach it back last one forward and back and bring it back down and we have another side to do let"s bring the right arm in front of us little pulses so this is a nice little warm-up for both arms then five four three two one arm out to the side like a t little pulses here so this is going to give you those strong shoulders which not only help with our function but also look great I know and tank tops and strapless dresses and all those things that we want bring the arm back palm down and again same thing if you have any rotator cuff injuries I do have a different video for that okay so any injuries find the video specific for that this is definitely a intense shoulder workout okay then when you"re ready let"s bring the arm in front and then swing it back last one forward backward bring it back down nice job shoulders again down and back you"re gonna curl your toes underneath you lift your knees so that they"re hovering and then straighten and come into this little kind of short bound dog position here so let"s just find our positioning drop the heels down let the head hang and then we"re going to come forward into a plank so walk your hands forward slightly until you"re in your long plank position nice job let"s take the hips up and back and then bring yourself forward so what"s so fun about Pilates work because not only are you getting shoulders you"re probably going to get some abdominal work here too up and forward okay last one stay here now if you can keep your body stable and come down onto your elbows nice job drop your chest through the elbows and the shoulders breathe and now again keeping everything stable this is the hard part press into your hands straighten your arms back out nice job walk your hands towards your feet inhale exhale walk your hands back find your plank now from here what you"re gonna do with the right arm first come down onto your elbow left arm elbow right arm hand left arm pinned so we have right elbow left elbow right hand left hand one more time on this side elbow elbow hand push hand other side so left elbow you"ve got it right left hand push up right probably feeling again abs here really stay strong in the arms last one up up nice job bring the feet together bring your right hand underneath your faces in the center rotate and left side plank here when you"re ready we"re gonna come back to Center switch sides left hand in the center rotate lift breathe come back to Center take the hips up and back I told you this is a quick and intense one so no rest here for the arms all right come back into plank bend your knees so that they"re hovering and straighten them up bend hover straighten good job last three two one good up and back walk your hands back inhale again exhale walk your hands back out find the plank drop your knees down find yourself on all fours shoulders down your back and bring the left arm out in front now lift it up rotate look at it bring it back down in front of you lift it up opening the chest bring it back down one more nice job bring it all the way down right arm bring it out in front of you lift it open and open open open and bring it forward up and forward last one for bring it back nice job widening the knees Child"s Pose reach your fingertips right leg wide and reach them forward her shoulder stretch here and then roll yourself up great job I"ll see you next time [Music] you [Music] 


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