5 Min Dynamic Warm Up Exercises Sooner than Workout – Warm Up Sooner than Working, Cardio, or Lifting Weights

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hey everybody coach Kozak here from hasfit
fit and welcomed my warm up that you can 5 Min Dynamic Warm Up Exercises Before Workout Warm Up Before Running Cardio or Lifting Weights.  use before your workout this warm-up is
great for all fitness levels I will.  provide modifications along the way
we"re going to warm up your muscles get.  your heart rate up just a little bit and
do sneak a little mobility working along.  the way so we"re getting as much work
done as we can in the shortest amount of.  time with that being said we"re going to
start with an overhead squat sitting.  back with your weight in your hips
whatever your depth on a squat is is.  what I want you to hit and then when you
stand up I want you to pull back and.  squeeze your scapula together squeeze
together and do a cactus arms good so.  sitting down with overhead squat and
working our upper body at the top so.  it"s a two for one movement good we"re
going to do this one for five more.  seconds in four three two one last one
good we"re going to move on to a power.  pull so just with our own body weight
we"re going to sit down weight back.  stretch your hamstrings touch the ground
if you can otherwise mid chin is fine.  and you"re going to come up powerfully
onto the balls of your feet bringing.  your elbows high so it"s here elbow is
high here elbow is high sitting back.  waiting your hips a little bend in the
knee but mostly pushing those hips back.  this is similar to an Olympic lifts but
I love it because it gets multiple body.  parts including those calves so make
sure you"re coming up onto the balls of.  your feet now I want you to work at
whatever pace you can do and whatever is.  a warm-up pace for you so this is my
warmup pace but for you that might be.  only getting two to three reps in and
that"s totally cool good and three to.  one we"re going to move on to a sprinter
so we"re going to do it two different.  variations one we"re both from a split
stance one it"s just going to be from.  this split stance
running with your arms both elbows at a.  90 degree angle weight evenly
distributed between your legs get that.  heel down so you can get that stretch in
your back your hamstring and your calf.  second variation is from here to bring
your knee up so you decide which one is.  right for you we"re going to hit both
sides or here make sure breathe don"t.  burn yourself out just get yourself
moving.  okay switch opposite side now so again
you decide which one is right for you.  you put that leg back make sure you try
get the heels of the ground so you that.  calf and hamstring stretch nice keep it
up and five four three two one alright.  we"re going to move on to a pulling rope
pulling the rope so sitting back with.  your hips we"re going to pull back on
the elbow reach pull back on the elbow.  so pretend like you"re pulling a rope
right and we"re going to get that back.  moving get that back activated pulling
back on your elbows like you have a.  string attached to your elbow and
sitting back a little weight in your.  hips get your legs working your legs
warmed up at the same time nice reach.  and pull reach and pull that"s it good
pull back on those elbows and five four.  three two one
next we"re going to work on a little.  shoulder mobility and open your chest up
we"re going to do a 45 degree T so from.  a 45 degree angle
thumbs are down thumbs are up thumbs are.  down thumbs are up good opening that
chest up stretch get that external.  rotation up here at the top by bringing
your thumbs up thumbs down back up good.  repeating this one getting whatever your
range of motion allows you to do good.  make sure to breathe.  let"s do this one for five more seconds
and four three two one all right we"re.  going to get into a nice Oh sumo squat
position so that"s a wide stance a.  little wider than shoulder width what
you point your toes out for me on this.  one
put your weight back in your hips and.  you"re either here or you"re here you
decide which one is right for a warm-up.  for you and so from this position we"re
going to punch side to side twist for.  that core work that nice lateral
rotation breathe and bat punch in side.  to side that"s it you got it
give me five four three two one nice.  come up legs are burned a little bit"s
okay we"re moving right into the.  overhead swing that same wide stance
this time we"re going to reach up.  overhead swing between our legs a little
bend the knee and extend back up so it"s.  all using your hips as a lever hips go
back hips go forward keep your back.  straight head up if your range of motion
is only right here that"s okay for today.  just you know come back every time you
come back you"ll get a little bit better.  breathe nice wherever winner was once a
beginner keep it up let"s go.  and five four three two one okay we just
have one last one for the warm-up we"re.  going to either do a faux jump rope
light on the balls of the feet or a run.  in place jump rope again either way your
hands are moving in small circles but.  you decide here"s the harder version
lighting on the balls of your feet not.  going crazy
again it"s just a warm-up pace good or.  running in place
you decide which one is right for you.  today I"m gonna have such a great
workout you"re feeling it feeling on.  today remember during that workout focus
on what motivates you that"s going to.  help you get through it all right here
we go in five four three two one nice.  work
I hope this warm-up properly prepared.  you for you
work out whether you"re doing a half it.  workout or another one whatever it may
be.  god bless you out there if you did like
this warm-up please give it a big ol.  thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube
channel we do free full-length workouts.  every single week our website has
hundreds of additional free videos free.  meal plans free complete programs we
have it all there for you for free no.  catch I"m not lying to you thank you so
much for joining me today I"m coach.  Kozak from has fit and I"ll see you your
next workout.  


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9 thoughts on “5 Min Dynamic Warm Up Exercises Sooner than Workout – Warm Up Sooner than Working, Cardio, or Lifting Weights”

  1. I burned 17 energetic energy from this and i did all the extra difficult strikes AND I did my most productive, had upright formand went decently instant

  2. Thanks for the aid. The use of your movies and about a others on youtube and altering my weight loss program im down from 278lbs on 12/21/18 to 229lbs 3/15/19. Thanks and God Bless.

  3. I'm so chubby, when coach says “I’m hoping this prepares you for your workout,” like, this used to be my workout. Thanks so grand for making stuff that works for us!

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