45 Minute Plump Body HIIT Workout with Dumbbells – 45 Min HIIT Home Workout with Weights

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[Music].  what"s up has fit tribe it"s your.  personal trainer coach Kozak and this is.  a hit workout with dumbbells today"s.  routine is designed for intermediate.  through Advanced trainees so if you"re.  used to relying on Claudia"s beginner.  modifications then you"re probably gonna.  want to look towards another routine.  today"s workout requires either a bench.  chair or step and then a pair of.  dumbbells in the weight that you choose.  is going to be completely dependent on.  your fitness level.  today"s workouts can be a combination of.  some strength moves plyometric body.  weight calisthenics we"ve got a little.  bit of everything in store for you today.  if you"re ready to go let"s get it.  cranking.  [Music].  [Music].  [Music].  [Music].  we"re going to start with a warm-up.  today so we need to move to the floor.  we"re gonna begin with a downward dog so.  we"re gonna get on all fours hands and.  our feet and I want you to bring those.  hips back pull back on those hips trying.  to drive your heels to the floor nice.  and relaxed relaxing your shoulders.  pulling back on those hips and again if.  your knees are a little bit bent on this.  one trying your best to straighten those.  legs out and as you continue to come.  back to this move your flexibility and.  mobility will improve big deep breaths.  here loosening up that posterior chain.  you can even walk it out left to right.  for a little extra stretch if you"d like.  start to feel good you can bring those.  feet up and let"s hold this one for five.  four three two one.  come down onto all fours into a.  quadruped position this next one"s gonna.  be called a bird dog so we"re gonna go.  right hand to left knee then we"re gonna.  kick back on your left leg and bring up.  that right side arm squeezing your back.  at the top back down now opposite side.  left hand right knee squeeze up at the.  top back down so we"re just alternating.  between the two and at the top of every.  move we"re squeezing your upper back and.  squeezing your glutes now I don"t want.  you to try to pull up on your leg but.  instead you"re kicking straight back.  like you"re trying to put your heel.  through the wall behind you big deep.  breaths on this one I"m gonna want to.  wake up and activate those glutes and.  when we get into it your lower back.  isn"t taken over again working that.  whole posterior chain on this one.  squeeze those glutes up at the top nice.  controlled pace here again it"s just the.  warm-up the purpose of this warm-up is.  to get your heart rate up a little bit.  increase your body temperature and at.  the same time gain some mobility along.  the way.  all right let"s keep this one up four.  five four three two one zero okay so.  we"re going to maintain this quadruped.  position we"re gonna go hand on our head.  we"re gonna go elbow to hand and then.  twist looking up with that elbow the.  best you can repeat elbow to hand and.  twist so this is a quadruped elbow to.  hand twist breathe throughout great one.  for here thoracic spine mobility which.  is like the middle of your back again.  nice and under control here.  big deep breaths we"re gonna switch.  sides and five four three two one zero.  same move opposite side now taking it.  through that full range of motion the.  best you can getting a little bit better.  with every repetition a little more.  stretch a little more range of motion.  and you might be better than me at these.  you might still need some improvement.  that"s alright we encourage you to make.  it your own.  throughout today"s routine nice big deep.  breaths for five four three two one zero.  we got one more in this position we"re.  gonna do a scapular stretch so again.  from this quadruped position I want you.  to squeeze your shoulder blades together.  and then I want you to pull straight up.  in the middle of your back like there"s.  a big hook in the middle of your back.  and you"re pulling up on it reverse it.  down chest to the floor squeeze those.  shoulder blades together and then pull.  from the middle of your back now don"t.  turn this into a cat cow if you"re used.  to doing yoga nothing wrong with that.  move but this is just a different move.  focusing on that upper back going back.  and forth squeezing those shoulder.  blades together and then pulling back.  going up from the middle of your back.  for five four three two one zero.  excellent okay let"s come up onto our.  feet a little combo move coming at you.  next we"re gonna do a butt kick plus an.  arm pull over.  so alternating right and left legs.  bringing that heel back kicking yourself.  in your own glutes and at the same time.  bringing those straight arms up overhead.  with your thumbs up so this one"s gonna.  loosen up your legs quadriceps.  hamstrings gluts and at the same time.  warm up those shoulders breathe in.  through out get your heart rate up up.  just a little bit on this again still.  just to warm up we have plenty of time.  for the work coming up here in just a.  minute nice big deep breath good time to.  remind yourself what brought you here.  today to begin with focus on that why.  it"s gonna be that motivator that gets.  you through to the end of today"s.  routine four five four three two one.  zero.  shake those arms out and it"s Showtime.  folks.  okay so we"re gonna start with a push up.  variation let"s move to the floor no.  weight needed for this first one we"re.  gonna do a push up plus shoulder cap so.  feel free to modify any of the moves.  today if you need to I"m gonna do them.  from the feet you can do them from the.  knees if you need to we"re gonna lower.  our bodies to our elbows are at a 90.  degree angle back up.  now we"re gonna tap right hand left.  shoulder left hand right shoulder back.  down repeat breathe nice controlled pace.  on this one.  working our chest shoulders triceps core.  all at the same time get both those.  shoulder taps in after every pushup now.  I want you to inhale on the way down.  exhale on the way up breathing out as.  you push up always exhaling on the.  hardest part of the move excellent keep.  it up keep it up.  let"s go not much left not in this first.  one let"s go five four three two one.  zero.  all right up onto our feet we"re gonna.  need either that chair box step whatever.  it is yet you have ready to go and we"re.  gonna do eight ball garyun split squat.  jump so setting that box up put our back.  foot in the box you need to have your.  ball of your foot or your front of your.  foot you decide what"s most appropriate.  for you drop your body weight straight.  down and as we come up we"re jumping.  breathe now if you just want to do a.  squat you can do that.  but the plan move for the day is the.  jump ball Gary and split squat jump give.  an equal time on each side not counting.  any reps today just doing as much.  getting as much in as you can and each.  prescribed time period breathe through.  it it"s a tough one it"ll catch up to.  you quick switch in size and five four.  three two one same move opposite side.  drop your body weight straight down.  straight up there it is good good.  posture on this one keep your upper body.  upright shoulders up excellent.  one right into the next dropping that.  way straight down whoo and if you lose.  your balance.  huh that"s okay not about being perfect.  come on let"s go five four three two one.  zero.  we need that box chair for the next one.  moving into an elevated side plank now.  you can do this one from the floor if.  you need to I"m putting both feet up on.  the boxer on my opposite side inside.  four on it nice and straight right here.  and I"m gonna hold breathe and hold.  there it is just an isometric move again.  if you need to you can do this one with.  your feet on the floor but I told you.  know who beginner mods today we"re all.  in right here you and me let"s do it as.  bit try come on.  breathe in through it and of course.  we"re gonna hit that hop asset side here.  in five four three two one excellent.  same move opposite side back up try to.  eliminate the downtime here we go and.  breathe whatever you do don"t hold your.  breath on these you will regret it and.  the move will catch up with you twice as.  quick if you do this one"s really.  hitting obliques really your overall.  core with an emphasis on your obliques.  excellent breathe through there it is go.  to that happy place whatever that is for.  you focus on it focus on that why right.  here four five four three two one zero.  down we go all right box to the side we.  need your dumbbells two dumbbells moving.  into a reverse flow.  feet shoulder-width apart bend over at a.  45-degree angle elbows are bent like.  we"re hugging a tree pull those arms.  apart squeeze the middle of your back.  control the way up control the way down.  notice I"m not extending and.  straightening my arms up at the top but.  instead I"m trying to squeeze the middle.  of my back I want you to pretend like I.  have my finger in the middle of your.  back and you"re trying to squeeze my.  finger don"t ask me why I would have my.  finger than of your back kind of weird.  division I know keep moving come on.  there it is nice and under control so.  it"s working your mid-back your rear.  deltoids at the same time come on grind.  it out try let"s go last ten seconds on.  this one come on finish strong four five.  four three two one dumbbells to the side.  all right throughout today"s routine.  we"re gonna do a faux jump rope so it"s.  like a fake jump rope nice and light on.  the balls of feet and little hand.  circles now this would be the time where.  if you absolutely need a break to take a.  break if you"re feeling good we"re gonna.  do a faux jump rope and keep your heart.  rate up and some sick twisted way this.  is your break go on there it is nice and.  light ground touches and ideally your.  heels aren"t even touching the ground.  throughout this process all the balls.  the feet you"re a bouncy ball now to.  rock that means you"re returning energy.  back into the ground good good good.  that"s it keep it up not much left.  editor than that next round and five.  four three two one zero.  excellent.  all right moving to the floor for.  another push up variation onto all fours.  now we"re going to a 3:1 tempo so we"re.  gonna go 1 2 3 1 so it"s a slow one two.  three count on the way down one second.  on the way up one two three one so we"re.  really accentuating that negative or.  eccentric phase of the move and then as.  fast as we can we are pressing up again.  if you need to I encourage you to move.  to your knees or do a incline.  modification but this is what we"re.  aiming for right here this is the goal.  breathing in breathing out inhale slowly.  on the way down exhale on the way up.  excellent job.  keep it up come on grind through it.  fighting through that burn you are.  stronger than that burn so on your head.  right here right here.  let"s go 5 4 3 2 1 0 all right so we"re.  turning over we"re gonna get into a.  v-sit position this is called a v-sit.  late extension 45 degree angle e abs are.  tight arms are out straight now one leg.  at a time bend that knee and then back.  up to that lower leg is parallel to the.  floor.  whoo excellent core move doesn"t look.  like much but just maintaining this.  position alone even without the leg.  extension is tough staying focused on it.  for that core working way to practice.  some diaphragmatic breathing.  it means breathing from your stomach and.  not your chest so breathing with those.  chest muscles herbs are with those.  stomach muscles.  forcing them to engage excellent one to.  the next right here it"s a tough one.  working that core working it together.  try four five four three two one zero.  all right certain Gila warming here.  service just cuz it"s about 30 degrees.  in this studio today okay moving into a.  bear plank position so we"re gonna come.  from that quadruped position up onto all.  fours bring your knees up off the floor.  we do a bear plank kick through I want.  you to kick through to your side hand on.  your head.  point the toe return opposite side twist.  point the toe return excellent total.  body move really is not a body part in.  this one or a muscle group in this one.  that isn"t getting worked takes a little.  bit of coordination and you"ll see I"m.  not perfect either one into the neck set.  back as straight as you return one into.  the next notice as I"m coming back my.  knees are never hitting the ground.  keeping them up give me that constant.  tension on my core as well as my upper.  body and my shoulders one into the next.  you got a tribe fighting through right.  there a bear plank kick through breathe.  staying under control not always a race.  staying under control on this one good.  good good let"s go and grind it out last.  ten seconds almost there almost there.  let"s go five four three two one zero.  excellent okay we are going to need both.  dumbbells for the next one moving into a.  dumbbell power shrug from the floor feet.  are shoulder width apart.  squat back waiting our hips and now.  we"re gonna explode up shrug bring those.  shoulders to our ears big power as we.  jump bring those dumbbells up power.  shrug boom.  power shrug it"s like we"re trying to.  rip the dumbbells from the floor reset.  after every rep and do it again lower.  your lower body with your weight in your.  hips you don"t want to be coming forward.  under your toes as you"re coming down.  and then big power every time your power.  factory powerhouse let"s see it come on.  getting stronger every workout every.  repetition is getting you just for that.  much closer to your goals make it happen.  right here come on one into the next big.  power jumping high as you can.  big power every time let"s go last ten.  seconds.  what do you got what do you got pull it.  all out there for five four three two.  one zero dumbbells down moving back into.  that full jump rope light on the balls.  of your feet there it is right here come.  on breathe.  do not hold your breath nice light.  ground touches again if you need to.  break now is your time to do so that.  mental toughness going right here if you.  can do this you can do anything just got.  to make up your mind right here right.  now remember those who believe they.  can"t and those who believe they can are.  both alright who are you gonna be which.  one describes you come on let"s go last.  ten seconds stay in light stay in light.  three two one zero.  nice all right we"re gonna need both of.  your dumbbells for the next one got an.  upper body combo move coming at you so.  let"s start feet shoulder-width apart.  we"re gonna do a reverse curl elbows are.  in palms down curl.  we"re gonna go shoulder press press.  straight overhead and then negative.  front raise all the way down three four.  one curl shoulder press negative front.  raise nice and control so I"m setting.  the biceps and forearms there"s one.  sitting shoulders and triceps and this.  one"s hitting your shoulders great combo.  upper body move and again got to be done.  under control yes it would be easier to.  fly through this but I want you to.  choose a weight that challenges you and.  at the same time you can maintain proper.  form and control excellent job and if.  you haven"t noticed already that.  negative front race is by far the.  hardest part of this combo come on but.  we"re fighting through it together we.  are fighters not quitters come on don"t.  pause that video don"t stop remind.  yourself what brought you here today to.  begin with and keep on pushing come on.  pushing is persisting until something.  happens and in your case that something.  is gonna be results come on right.  through to the end.  let"s go last ten seconds on this one.  fight through with me fight through with.  me four five four three two one zero who.  burns so good.  okay lower body move next keep holding.  onto those dumbbells we"re into a 3:1.  tempo squat feet shoulder-width apart.  one two.  three on the way down one on the way up.  nice and control weight back in your.  hips - three up one I want you to inhale.  breathe in on the way down exhale as you.  come up so again a high time under.  tension move doesn"t always take as much.  weight with these high time under.  tension moves to activatin get it to.  work nice and controlled.  hey deep breath in exhale on the way up.  shoulders are tight back is straight.  weight in the hips shouldn"t be coming.  forward onto your toes at all on this.  one I want you to fight those knees out.  don"t allow them to come in and say I.  keep them strong and out if you find.  your knees keep wanting to fight in it.  means you probably need to strengthen.  your glutes I want to do some specific.  moves and specific workouts to bring.  those up good under control not much.  left on this one try come on man it.  together in it together let"s go let"s.  go five four three two one zero.  dumbbells down and to the side next.  one"s a little bit of an MMA martial.  arts inspired move we"re gonna do a line.  try and go lying down on your back both.  legs out straight I"m gonna bring both.  legs up and then sneak one chin behind.  your opposite knee close it back down.  alternating right and left lying.  triangle you yes because you"re creating.  a triangle shape with your legs which is.  actually a submission move in jujitsu.  but we"re not getting into that and.  today"s workout bring those hips up off.  the ground as you close that triangle.  there"s a challenging move both from a.  muscular standpoint as well as a.  coordination standpoint.  I might take you a couple of repetitions.  to get the hang of it all the way up.  close that triangle squeeze those ABS.  then close that triangle good good good.  keep it up here come on let"s go last.  ten seconds on this one grinding through.  it four five four three two one zero.  we need one dumbbell for the next one.  just one of you two we"re gonna do a.  high plank row so that one dumbbell high.  plank or push-up position now grab that.  dumbbell and we"re gonna pull back from.  your elbow every time actually give a.  string attached to that elbow and you"re.  pulling back on that string try your.  best to keep your core tight and your.  shoulders Square to the floor so we"re.  not here and twisting but instead.  staying focused keeping those shoulders.  and your body parallel to the floor.  breathe this one"s gonna work your core.  just as much as it"s working your back.  excellent job all the way up all the way.  down I"m gonna switch sides and five.  four three two one don"t come down don"t.  come down and continue again if you need.  to on this one you can"t come down and.  do it from your knees but try to.  challenge yourself if you feel.  comfortable doing so and stay up the.  whole time.  home back from that elbow not pulling.  back from the hand but again and just.  visualize a string attached to that.  elbow and you"re pulling back on that.  string on every repetition come on get.  after a tribe what do you got what do.  you got prove it to yourself right here.  four five four three two one.  AHA zero dumbbell to the side.  we got another set full of jump ropes.  that"s it.  nice and light I was balls of the feet.  breathe breathe breathe do not hold your.  breath nice light ground touches if you.  have neighbors underneath you I don"t.  want them to hear you nice and soft.  that"s it.  do now hold your breath whatever you do.  again you absolutely have to take a.  break now it"s the time to do it but if.  you can keep moving keep that heart rate.  up come on.  we"re fighting together right here I.  never said this would be easy but it.  will be worth it.  come on let"s go what do you got right.  here last 10 seconds that"s it come on.  come on come on five four three two one.  zero.  nice all right let"s get this next round.  started by grabbing both dumbbells and.  we"re moving to the floor so we"re gonna.  start now ice so hip up position so.  we"re gonna go onto our backs feet nice.  and close to our hips drive off those.  heels squeeze your glutes press the.  dumbbells straight up so now we"re in an.  ISO hip-hop position we"re gonna do a.  fly chest fly slight bend the elbows.  stretch the chest squeeze the chest Plus.  pull over straight overhead slight bend.  the elbows return so this whole time.  we"re going back and forth between the.  two and we"re keeping our hips up.  isometric hip up so that hip up is.  working our glutes hamstrings lower back.  and core this flies will primarily work.  on our chest and then this pullover is.  gonna work our back and our chest so you.  can see we got a lot going on in just.  this one move now everybody"s gonna feel.  at some place a little more than others.  you might start to feel your glutes.  catch on fire first you might feel your.  chest your shoulders start to burn first.  and the truth is it doesn"t really.  matter.  as long as you"re focusing on proper.  form and staying under control one right.  into the next here no breaks no quit in.  you come on let"s see it right here.  let"s see that fighters heart let"s see.  that fighter spirit you can get through.  this workout you can do anything.  nothing"s gonna feel like a challenge in.  your day-to-day life because you"ve.  already been through it they already put.  yourself through the fire and you.  survived.  come on keeping it up not much left on.  this one tribe let"s go five four three.  two one and zero X go ahead and sit up.  no dumbbells needed for the next one.  send to the side we got plyometric move.  coming at you next apply metric is like.  a jump we"re gonna do two-foot broad.  jump big power max jump and then we"re.  gonna duck walk weight back in your hips.  sitting back walk back big power jump.  man duck walk weight back in those hips.  to starting position again big jump and.  then duck walk you got the idea this.  one"s gonna burn those legs out as if.  they weren"t already feeling it come on.  right here right here right here one.  right into the next keep breathing keep.  moving and when your legs get tired jump.  with your heart come on sitting back in.  that duck walk don"t stand all the way.  up don"t give those legs a minute to.  rest or a second to rest.  keeping that tension on up come on think.  about how good you"re gonna feel when.  this workout is all done and you can.  cross it off your list come on every.  jump is getting you just that much.  closer let"s go ten.  nine eight seven six five four three two.  one zero.  head to the floor we"re gonna go a hot.  high plank low plank transfer so hot.  into a high plank or push-up position.  we"re gonna come down to a low plank.  your right arm then your left arm now.  we"re gonna pop back up right arm left.  arm let"s go left arm first this time.  left arm down right arm left arm right.  arm right arm left arm right arm left.  arm so that one side gets two in a row.  so basically you"re able to even it out.  take some mental awareness as well on.  this one I know and it"s not about being.  perfect with the sequencing just do the.  best you can.  it"s working your core shoulders triceps.  even your legs especially after that.  broad jump the duck walk.  feeling it everywhere come on keep.  grinding through getting closer with.  every repetition come on answer try.  we"re yet we"re all fighting together.  none of us are perfect but together.  we"re all fighting right here come on.  ten nine eight seven six five four three.  two one zero.  okay we"re on to our feet and we need.  both dumbbells we"re gonna do a seesaw.  row.  feet shoulder-width apart been over 45.  degree angle right arm left right on.  left I"m pulling back from those elbows.  back stays straight shoulders stay.  square and we"re pulling straight back.  again poem at from the elbow just like.  we did it on that high plank row so.  instead of pulling back on the hands.  focus on pulling back from the elbows.  well that does it helps you make sure.  you engage the correct muscles.  which in this case of your lats come on.  breathe you got it right here.  one into the next come on you"re an.  animal right here you"re a machine can"t.  stop won"t stop come on can"t stop won"t.  stop come on let"s go let"s go let"s go.  what do you got what do you got ten.  seconds move it to yourselves right it"s.  not about me not about anybody up it"s.  you versus you four three two one zero.  dumbbells down faux jump rope I had to.  have known it was coming by now come on.  nice and light on those balls of the.  feet keep it moving.  getting that heart rate up and we"re.  keeping it up come on nice and ludie.  don"t allow yourself to get heavy don"t.  allow yourself to get lazy right here if.  it"s worth doing it"s worth doing right.  come on get it together they"re in it.  together.  thousands maybe millions of people doing.  the same workout you"re do it feeling.  that same burn you"re feeling you"re not.  special I don"t care what your mama told.  you we"re all feeling it I can"t give up.  so you can"t give up fight with me here.  come on come on you got this you got it.  come on it"s all about that mental.  toughness proving to yourself how tough.  you are.  first head second that"s it just ten.  seconds you got it you got it three two.  one zero.  excellent all right getting this round.  started with what is our final set of.  push-ups I promise you they are called.  lateral push-ups so again getting up.  into a high plank position.  we"re gonna go push up and we"re gonna.  take a lateral step put the hands.  together step to the outside push-up as.  you"re coming up you"re already bringing.  that hand up stepping you the outside.  stepping back step into the outside.  stepping back right to left breathe.  one in the next again as you"re coming.  up already start to bring that outside.  hand up so you can place it back in the.  middle for the next step again any of.  these you need to switch to your knees.  feel free to do so but this is your goal.  right here breathe through it not.  holding your breath I know this is tough.  but you are tougher come on keep it up.  right here try right here let"s go on.  running through last ten seconds we are.  almost there.  home stretch home stretch three two one.  and zero all right we already need your.  chair bench box whatever you"re using.  for this next one we"re gonna do a step.  up plus a twist hands on your head.  step up with your right leg opposite.  knee comes in twist step down opposite.  leg steps up next back down so it"s one.  two three four opposite leg one two.  three four switch it up every time again.  this one"s gonna work not only your legs.  but also your balance and your brain all.  at the same time pulling and even my.  shoulders are burning from those.  push-ups still keep it up one into the.  next working your core as well.  twisting bringing that opposite elbow.  it"s an opposite need the best you can.  keep it up keep it up come on how many.  can you get right here right now not.  much left right not much left not time.  to give in not time to slow down time to.  empty that tank out right here make sure.  you"re breathing.  do not hold your breath whatever you do.  keep moving come on ten seconds that"s.  it that"s it you got it.  nothing can stop you.  five four three two one box to the side.  and we need your dumbbells we"re gonna.  do a su we"re gonna do a one three tempo.  curl me show with the part palms up one.  second on the way up.  turn balls down one two three one second.  on the way up turn the palms over one.  two three breathe do not hold your.  breath excellent on that negative sotnik.  curl on the way down keep those wrists.  tight and straight don"t allow your.  wrist to get weak let the Dumbo"s flop.  down but instead staying under control.  wrists a tight working your biceps as.  well as your forearms and your grip on.  this one and I"m feeling it I"m right.  there with you I am human feeling that"s.  just like you are we"re in it together.  now we"re gonna finish this together.  come on let"s go right here come on last.  ten seconds that"s it that"s it you"re.  almost there come on right to the end.  right to the end four three two one and.  zero dumbbells are down and we are gonna.  finish with an ab burnout to their backs.  we go lying down on our backs we"re.  getting into it.  lying bicycle we"re gonna go right.  opposite elbow to me and twist that"s.  the whole thing right there breathe and.  move opposite elbow to me standing those.  legs out every time trying your best to.  touch your right elbow to left knee and.  your left elbow to your right knee just.  keeping constant tension on your ass but.  staying up in this position we are.  burning them out they were already.  fatigued but we were gonna.  finisher right here come on right here.  pull it all out there.  come on come on come on let"s go five.  seconds on this one three two one all.  right moving into a hollow body pulse my.  lower back is glued to the floor.  my legs are straight my shoulder blades.  off the ground and I"m pulsing you can.  make it just a little bit easier by.  bending those knees or harder by.  straightening those legs out breathe a.  little pulses with your arms keep that.  lower back glue to the floor do that.  lower back come up bend those knees.  don"t sacrifice hurting your lower back.  come on breathe and move right here.  remember it"s not about how bad you want.  it it"s about how hard you"re willing to.  work for it and that"s what you"re doing.  right here right now come on come on.  five four three two one feet are down.  we"re gonna go sit up all the way up.  whoo that was rough older they get.  better back down hands on the floor hip.  up squeeze your glutes.  we"ll sit up here we go back down come.  up hip up squeeze your glutes one into.  the next this burnout round is meant to.  do just that which is burn you.  completely out and to take you to.  failure come on don"t stop right here.  who are so close to the end thinking.  about how good you"re gonna feel I mean.  this routine is all said and done come.  on no matter what uh what"s the rest of.  your day brings and you can be satisfied.  whoo that you got this one done almost.  done almost done let"s go five four.  three two.  1:04 turning over into a low plank.  position we can do a plank mountain.  climber low plank and now mountain.  climber bring it up right and left legs.  come on.  keep him that heart rate up burn in.  those ABS right here right left right.  left.  don"t stop can"t stop can"t stop won"t.  stop come on let"s go let"s go let"s go.  right to the finish line right to the.  finish line.  spread into that finish line not much.  left ride in it to win it.  let"s go come let"s go five four three.  two one and hold final move low plank.  whole shoulders are square back is.  straight squeeze those glutes go to that.  happy place finish strong.  right here come on there"s no quit in.  you there"s no quit in you come on you.  got it let"s go last ten seconds that"s.  it just ten seconds you"re so close.  five four three two one zero.  ah Oh whoo that"s the sweet taste of.  victory right there and my friends okay.  so now we"re gonna move into a cool-down.  as we try to gather ourselves and.  remember what our names are oh yeah.  Joshua Kozak that"s what it is okay.  we"re gonna live that down on our backs.  we"re gonna do what"s called a floor.  angel so keeping your back flush to the.  floor I want you to put your arms up.  over your head.  once you have your hands and your elbows.  touching the floor now pulling down.  keeping your hands and your elbows on.  the floor it was called a floor angel.  bring those elbows in to your side and.  then extend the arms back up this is.  much harder than it looks.  that"s a shoulder mobility move that"s.  even tougher after a workout like we.  just got done doing but it really helps.  it regain your posture.  and limit soreness as well after your.  workout helped you get back up great for.  your rotator cuffs it"s just a great.  overall move keeping that head and I.  crown the head flush to the floor as.  well and it might take you some practice.  to keep your whole back flat and your.  hands and your elbows yours might look.  much better than mine well you might.  look like you need some work either way.  go through the motions here and you"ll.  keep getting better 4 5 4 3 2 1.  excellent.  all right continuing to allow that heart.  rate to come down we"re gonna move on to.  our sides when we do a lying quad.  stretch so on one side our inside arm.  out leg is out flat reach out reach.  behind us grab that foot or ankle don"t.  flare it out here but keep it in close.  to you you don"t quite have the quad.  mobility and my hope if you grab a towel.  or a band to help pull that foot back.  nice and relaxed trying to pull that.  foot back to your glute or hamstring.  feeling a nice stretch in your quadricep.  and all these static stretches we"re.  going to do yours trying to take it to.  like 85 90 percent you want to feel good.  stretch but you wouldn"t you really.  shouldn"t be feeling pain so it"s a nice.  happy medium there we"re going to switch.  sides and three two one.  all right very good flip over same move.  opposite side here sit completely on my.  mic pack it"s always a little.  uncomfortable all right there we go okay.  I think I got it folks I think I.  recovered I"m you sure you were worried.  there about me all right nice big deep.  breaths here.  forgive my bad humor I get a little a.  little a little funny here after a.  workout.  nice big deep breaths just taking a.  moment to be proud of what you"ve.  achieved so far today that"s it.  you deserve that pat on the back that.  was not a easy routine if you made it to.  this point.  you you"re something special you put in.  the work today four three two one and.  zero excellent okay come on back up.  we"re gonna lie on our backs we"re gonna.  do a figure four so on our backs now put.  your left foot knee bent on top of your.  right knee we"re gonna reach through.  grab around that knee if you can.  if you can"t quite reach you can also.  just grab your your foot and ankle.  ideally we"re reaching through and then.  we"re pulling that knee to your chest.  the best you can you"re gonna feel a.  stretch in your hip hamstring it"s also.  a great one if you ever suffer from.  sciatic nerve pain really helps to.  loosen up your piriformis well which is.  where that psychic nerve runs through.  and again 85 to 90 percent just holding.  this figure four stretch also good on.  for your IT band again I like to pick.  moves it doing multiple things at once.  switching sides and three two one.  excellent job same move opposite side.  here and reaching through whoo excellent.  job and totally common if one sides a.  little tighter than the other.  I can tell my right size a little.  tighter than my left so don"t be alarmed.  if that"s the case you might want to.  spend a little extra attention or a.  little extra time on that side but it.  doesn"t necessarily mean there"s.  anything wrong again nice big deep.  breaths here four five four three two.  one and zero okay let"s come on up see.  if we can stand up now I try to get the.  floor ones done first so we have to.  stand up right away.  okay let"s do a wall calf stretch now.  I"m gonna move on over to the wall you.  could also use like a countertop if that.  worked better for you but we"re gonna.  put your ball your feet up onto the wall.  and then we"re gonna bring that knee to.  the wall and feel a stretch in your calf.  this wall is in the bottom of your foot.  so great one if you have tight calves.  you know we did a lot of jumping today.  it"s just a good move to help recover.  from that as well as the bottom of your.  feet if you suffer from any plantar.  fascial pain it"s a good move to help.  stretch out that fascial in the bottom.  of your foot as well and just holding.  for three two one.  switch it up opposite side now again get.  that ball of the foot up on the wall and.  then slowly bring that knee to the wall.  again feeling a good stretch but.  shouldn"t be feeling pain big deep.  breaths here not much left four three.  two one zero.  excellent okay we"re gonna move into a.  bent arm wall chest stretch so here"s a.  bent arm 90 degree here"s a wall you"d.  also do it in the doorway and now we"re.  gonna get nice and close to the wall and.  we"re gonna pull ourselves and rotate.  away from the wall stretching our chest.  as well as our shoulder again this is.  just an isometric stretch just holding.  on this one another great one to help.  your posture probably get those.  shoulders back you know we spend so much.  time sitting down from watching TV.  movies that are in our car at our desk.  look at our phones we"re just always.  hunched over and switch in three-two-one.  same move opposite side so this is just.  a great move that you can really do well.  you know once a day if you needed to to.  help pull yourself back up if you felt.  your posture was suffering but you"re.  nice but I personally spend a lot of.  time at a at a desk you know it has fit.  another work that I"m working on I"m.  always on my computer so I always need.  to remember.  so help stretch and help work on my.  posture as well nice big deep breaths.  for five four three two one all right.  excellent.  one last one let"s move to Florence.  Artefill a little looser sir and feel a.  little a little more normal now if you.  will we"re gonna do a combo we"re gonna.  go back into that downward dog which.  actually what we want pretty much what.  we started with today pull back on those.  hips I feel that stretching our.  hamstrings lower back glutes calves even.  it"s funny I didn"t really feel my.  calves earlier but now I"m feeling my.  calves pulling back on those hips nice.  big deep breaths now I want you to come.  down under your knees arms out in front.  relaxed and we"re gonna sit back into a.  child"s pose trying your best to sit.  back onto those heels shoulders are.  relaxed pull and those hips back feeling.  your quads shoulders lower back all.  stretching on this one nice big deep.  breaths one last moment here to just.  give yourself some some credit where.  credit is due.  hey you know working out is not easy but.  you showed up today you put in the work.  you had a million excuses not to work.  out today but you know that you"re worth.  it.  you know that when you exercise they.  just put you in a better frame of mind.  you have more energy to do what you were.  put on this earth to do so you showed up.  and you got it done four five four three.  two one zero.  up nice and slowly and that is it my.  friends and you made it I made it thank.  you so much for working out with me.  today if you enjoyed this workout we"d.  ask you to help support our mission of.  keeping these great workouts.  Freed"s you can do so by downloading our.  free app it"s available for both iOS and.  Android you can also stop by our store.  pick up some has fit gear or our diet.  guide eating look uh eating for life.  excuse me until that workout still.  kicking my butt make sure you follow us.  on whatever your favorite social media.  platforms are we"re there and we would.  love to connect with you I"m coach Kozak.  and I"ll see you at your next workout.  


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