4 Workout routines for Flat Abs from Girls’s Health

Four colossal wander-to strikes for building a stronger core. Add them to your exercise anytime.

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hi I"m Jen ATAR fitness at our Women"s.  Health it"s really easy to get stuck in.  the same old average we"ve come up with.  for instant upgrades to put into your.  workouts so you can see better results.  not only is this move great for.  sculpting your obliques but you"re also.  going to engage your lats and upper back.  with each row loop a resistance band.  around a low object and lie on your side.  facing the band hold the handle with.  your top hand and get into a side plank.  slowly pull the handle to your ribcage.  pause then slowly return to start keep.  your hips raised the entire time with.  each row make sure that you"re not.  rotating your body you want to keep your.  body in a straight line and the only.  thing that should be moving are your.  arms complete all your reps then switch.  sides and repeat this move is great.  because not only are you working your.  superficial ab muscles that 6-pack but.  you"re also really engaging your deep.  abdominal muscles in your obliques with.  each crunch you really want to challenge.  yourself to not let your body twist.  towards the band attach a resistance.  band to a low object and lying next to.  it holding the band in front of your.  chest with both hands arms extended.  perform a crunch without letting your.  torso rotate towards the band keep your.  core tight as you raise your shoulders.  off the ground the idea of this exercise.  is to not let your body twist towards.  the band with every rep don"t rush.  through your reps you want to perform.  these at a nice slow and even pace.  complete all your reps then switch sides.  and repeat this move is really going to.  challenge all of your tiny stabilize and.  muscles throughout your entire core but.  what"s great is that it also improves.  your balance and engages your hip.  flexors with every rap start in a.  push-up position with your feet on a.  medicine ball being your core tight and.  your legs straight raise your hips as.  high as you can to roll the ball towards.  your hands until your feet are on top of.  the ball pause then return to start.  that"s one rep for this move you really.  want to focus on getting your butt up.  into the air and keeping your legs.  straight do the first few reps slowly to.  get used to the challenge for your.  balance.  the plank is hands down one of the best.  ab exercises there is but this variation.  makes it more challenging by engaging.  the muscles in your arms shoulders and.  upper back start in a push-up position.  with both feet on a bench and your hands.  on the ground without dropping your hips.  walk your hands around the bench as far.  as you can go with good form pivoting.  from your feet you want your arms about.  shoulder width apart and nearby should.  form a straight line from head to heels.  to start focus on squeezing your glutes.  and keeping your core tight as you move.  around the bench.  


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