30 Minute No Equipment HIIT Cardio Insist – 30 Min Tabata HIIT at Home No Equipment Cardio Workout routines

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[Music].  what"s up has fit tribe it"s your.  personal trainer coach Kozak.  I"m 14 weeks pregnant Claudia and this.  is a tabata cardio workout there is.  absolutely no equipment required for.  today"s routine and we"re gonna perform.  it Tabata style so that means we"re.  gonna go for back-to-back rounds of each.  exercise that"s 20 seconds of work.  followed by 10 seconds of rest you can.  follow coach Kozak for the standard.  exercises and I"ll be providing easier.  modifications if you"re ready to go.  let"s get to work.  [Music].  [Music].  all right tribe let"s get started with.  the warmup first one for the day warming.  up our upper bodies we"re gonna do a.  shoulder roll go ahead and pick those.  shoulders straight up to our ears and.  then bring the arms up and over form an.  arm circle shoulders up arms come up and.  over just a complete upper body shoulder.  stretch on this one nice and controlled.  not going too crazy on the pace remember.  it"s just the warm-up here now we"re not.  gonna count any repetitions during the.  workout or during the warm-up just want.  you moving at a pace that you feel.  comfortable with making sure to breathe.  on this one this funny face that I"m.  making while I"m doing it is totally.  optional don"t feel pressured into.  making it keep those shoulders back good.  posture your core is tight on this one.  four five four three two one zero good.  alright one more upper body move here.  we"re gonna do a dynamic chest open and.  bring those arms up elbows to a.  90-degree angle let"s bring the arms.  together elbows together and then as we.  pull the hands and elbows back I want.  you to press that chest forward open.  that chest up and repeat open that chest.  and shoulders up and then bring the.  hands and elbows together again keeping.  good posture and as you perform this.  want you to focus on bringing that chest.  forward not reaching with your head and.  neck but instead really reaching with.  those shoulders as well as your chest.  it"s a great one to help you improve.  your posture as well keep that breathing.  going here.  well that"s ten seconds on this one as.  you"re getting through this your range.  of motion should be improving four five.  four three two one zero all right next.  we"re moving into an inchworm so we"re.  going to start there feet shoulder-width.  apart I want you to bend over and place.  your hands on the floor now ideally.  we"re keeping our knees straight but you.  may need to bend your knees to.  accomplish it we"re just trying to keep.  your legs as straight as.  possible and we"re walking out with our.  hands and do a high plank position now.  let"s walk up with our feet keeping.  those legs as straight as we can stand.  all the way up and now repeat going.  reverse come back down hands down keep.  those legs straight as we walk back into.  a high plank and then walk back with our.  hands again if you need to bend your.  knees to accomplish this it"s alright.  and repeat we"re just trying to keep it.  as straight as possible stretching out.  that posterior chain our hamstrings.  glutes and lower back all getting nice.  and warmed up on this one again not a.  race either making sure to breathe that.  hold in your breath also keeping those.  legs straight as we walk back last one.  and up excellent.  all right last one in our warm-up we"re.  going to move into a kneeling hamstring.  stretch plus rotation so let"s get down.  into a high plank position for this one.  also known as like a push-up position on.  our hands and our feet let"s bring our.  right foot up by our right hand we"re.  going to start with our rotation so I.  want you to take that right hand and.  we"re reaching through bringing that.  elbow down and now I want you to sit.  back come onto that opposite side knee.  straighten out this lead leg and we"re.  reaching towards the foot you may or may.  not be able to touch it doing the best.  you can now we"re coming back and.  repeating back into that high plank.  reaching through and then you sit back.  or stretching that hamstring as well as.  our calf repeat and just going back and.  forth between the two and a little.  dynamic movement here loosen up those.  legs getting them ready for this work.  that is on the way.  remembering to breathe through this.  entire exercises especially when you"re.  in a plank position that"s it don"t hold.  your breath okay last one here and as we.  come up let"s go ahead and step back.  step up with our opposite foot our left.  foot and now let"s do the opposite side.  now we"re.  in through and then sitting back onto.  that opposite side knee reaching.  stretching that hamstring and calf and.  repeat focus on getting a rotation while.  you"re up in that high plank position.  and I"ll help you to loosen up that.  lumbar spine good make sure not to hold.  your breath and again not part of the.  workout so we"re just moving at a.  relaxed pace here getting our heart rate.  up overall body temperature up and at.  the same time gaining a little bit of.  extra mobility along the way last one.  good stretch and that"s it.  warm-up is complete I"m ready to do this.  I"m warm I"m going to it is warm in the.  gym today warm summer day okay we"re.  gonna get started with either a squat.  plus high knee clap or a quarter squat.  plus the high knee clap and I"ll show.  you what that looks like again we"re.  gonna do four rounds of each exercise.  we"re gonna do 20 seconds of work and.  then you get a 10 second break in.  between well joy so it goes quick it"s.  gonna go very fast feet are.  shoulder-width apart and put our weight.  back in our hips squatting down all the.  way down or quarter and on the way up.  bring out the subside knee up clap.  underneath and repeat getting in as many.  as we can and 20 seconds let"s do this.  has fit tribe okay here we go.  and three two one begin squat knee up.  flat squat knee up clap you decide which.  depth of the squat is appropriate for.  you today that"s right you feel like you.  can go all the way down do so feel like.  a quarter squats more appropriate then.  that"s alright too not much longer in.  three two one break.  excellent and then as we always say in.  these tabata that 10 seconds gonna go by.  fast.  that"s right here we go in three two one.  begin and so throughout today"s routine.  we"re gonna encourage you to choose.  which variation is appropriate for you.  you may start with my variations and.  finished with claudius or vice versa.  just encourage you to make this work out.  your own pushing yourself all the way.  through it let"s go in three two one.  break that"s two down two to go.  let"s go keep that energy high here.  getting that lower body warmed up with.  this one here we go and two one begin.  keep that weight back in your hips as.  you"re squatting keep those knees out.  don"t let them come in being sure to.  keep your feet flat as well don"t come.  forward onto your toes good posture back.  a straight chorus tight let"s do it come.  on head up chest up on that squat and.  three two one break who already got that.  whoo that burn going in the legs one.  more feeling good all right breath and.  three two one let"s go never give a last.  one tried everything you got on this one.  put it all out there 20 seconds a.  maximum effort here come on one right.  into the next let"s do it don"t forget.  to breathe inhaling on the way down.  exhaling on the way up and three two one.  break alright good we"re gonna get those.  legs a little bit of a break with this.  next one we"re moving to the floor I"m.  getting into a high plank position to do.  a push-up and I"m gonna be in a high.  plank position but from my knees you.  decide which is right for you we"re.  gonna go push-up elbows down to a 90.  degree angle.  up pull back on the elbow pull back on.  opposite elbow repeat push-up so it push.  up row row you decide if you want to be.  on your feet or on your knees but we"re.  getting this started and five four three.  two one let"s do work full range of.  motion every time on that row pulling.  back from your elbows I want you to keep.  your back nice and straight shouldn"t.  have your butt way up in the air.  and you have you to start with the.  version from your feet you need to move.  to your knees feel free to do so me too.  one break all right one down three to go.  here public deep breath and again we.  want to remind you to always work at.  your own pace don"t try to keep up with.  us do what you can and begin that"s a.  great point you are in competition with.  yourself not with us.  trying to get a little bit better than.  you were yesterday right here come on.  let"s go.  today is you versus you inhale on the.  way down on the push-up exhale as you.  come right back up and three two one and.  break two down two to go on these just.  because it"s a cardio workout we are.  getting our upper body involved as well.  total body work that"s right starting.  again in two one begin crank them out.  let"s go try Boyett this is gonna go by.  fast let"s do it get that core tight.  shoulders stay square to the floor.  shouldn"t be rotating as you"re.  performing your row nice big deep.  breaths keep it going and three two one.  and break back side okay one more down.  one last one I know.  and three two one begin this one"s.  working your chest your triceps.  shoulders upper back and even core all.  working together very efficient move.  here we"re gonna get a lot of work in in.  a short period of time today folks not.  much left and three two one and break.  excellent.  we"re back onto our feet for the next.  one we"re gonna do a skier swing hop I"m.  gonna do mine from a kickstand stance so.  I"m gonna do a staggered stance one foot.  back with a majority my weight on my.  lead leg and I am in a neutral stance.  position with my feet about shoulder.  width apart.  slight bend our knees we"re gonna drive.  her hands back as her hips go back hips.  forward top repeat hips back hips.  forward all hinging in those hips.  getting started and three.  two one begin you decide which one"s.  right for you if you"re doing my.  variation we"re gonna switch lead legs.  in between each round if you"re doing my.  variation of course you"re just hopping.  up and down with both feet returning.  that energy back into the ground nice.  soft landings this one it"s really all.  about those hips and break.  we"re hinging at those hips hips back.  hips forward every time doing my.  variation switch that lead leg and three.  two one begin hips back hips forward.  excellent.  slight bend in those knees drive those.  hips back like you"re trying to touch.  your glutes to the wall behind you keep.  that back straight squeeze those glutes.  up with the top three as you jump to one.  break I said okay that"s who two down.  two to go here those legs involve real.  quick all right starting again in two.  one begin and I switched my lead leg.  again the head in line with your spine.  so that means as I"m bending over.  hinging at my hips I"m not keeping my.  eyes up but instead I"m keeping the head.  in line of my spine looking down as I.  come down and three two one and break.  backside okay oh one more here last one.  really working that posterior chain.  hamstrings glutes and lower back.  starting again in three two one begin.  let"s do it a try come on this requires.  a little bit of balance and coordination.  as well again if you start with one.  variation you need to switch to the.  other feel free to do so.  not much longer come on keep it up what.  do you got right here and three two one.  break excellent okay we"re gonna get.  that upper body going next we"re gonna.  do some overhead punch his feet are.  shoulder-width apart hands start at your.  chin we"re punching straight up one.  right left right left.  alright let"s get it going how many.  punches can you get and three.  two one begin hot hands hot hands get.  that heart rate up pointing straight up.  burn out those shoulders you want to.  make it a little more challenging you.  can hold on to some light hand weights.  water bottles to do so or just go faster.  all about speed three two one.  break packs on shake those shoulder.  loose here we go here we go not much.  left in three two one begin make sure to.  return those hands to your chin after.  every point bring them all the way back.  the whole rotation with those hands as.  well got it you got it you got it push.  it push it hot hands hot hands alright.  and three two one break excellent okay.  two down two to go here way through.  channeling your inner boxer here and.  three two one begin come on let"s get.  after here how fast can you go let"s go.  your goal for today should be to exceed.  your own expectations achieving more.  than you thought possible right here.  come on impress yourself put it all out.  there and three two one break hi.  excellent it"s all about speed on this.  one no not especially we"re not using.  anyway all about how many can you get.  two one begin come on fast hands fast.  hands what do you got right here quick.  quick quick quick come on.  don"t hold it back last one last one.  everything you got right here let"s go.  try come on.  and three two one break.  excellent take those shoulders loose.  we"re moving to the floor for the next.  one.  we"re either gonna do a frog a mountain.  climber or a Frogger step and I"ll show.  you what that one looks like so from a.  high plank position let"s put our right.  foot up by our right hand now I"m gonna.  hop and switch to my left hand or my.  left foot is up and alternate and.  I"m stepping up stepping back to the.  plank position and bringing my hand my.  foot to my left hand.  you decide which variation is most.  appropriate for you as always but let"s.  get a crank in hand three two one.  and begin whichever variation you choose.  I want you to focus on being light.  footed shouldn"t be loud if you got.  neighbors underneath you we don"t want.  them to hear you definitely not me want.  you to breathe throughout this entire.  exercise and you might not be able to.  get your foot quite as high up as we are.  three two one break but do the best that.  you can.  that"s right this is not an easy move no.  it is not it"s gonna hurt us as well and.  three two one begin making sure to keep.  that oxygen flowing so being easy one to.  hold your breath but it would catch up.  with you keep breathing keep fighting.  right here every repetition is giving.  you just three that much closer to your.  goal one break thanks man.  come on let"s go do down who do to go.  what do you got has pit trap right here.  put it all out there all right and three.  two one begin keep that back straight.  shouldn"t have your butt way up in the.  air shouldn"t have it sinking either.  good posture slight bend in both elbows.  you don"t want your arms locked out come.  on or burn into burn in there with you.  in three two one.  break ah three down just one more to go.  one more these love pushing through.  pushing through all right starting again.  in three two one begin this is it right.  here.  come on a heavy rep getting you just.  that much closer to your goals focus on.  what brought you here today what is it.  what motivates you what made you hit.  that play button stay focused on it.  right here five seconds.  finish strong three two one break.  excellent.  all right we"re coming back up onto our.  feet for the next one this is called a.  halo slam we"re gonna do the same move.  for this one feet are shoulder-width.  apart let"s go ahead and interlace those.  fingers.  together we"re gonna bring our arms up.  and around straight down big power using.  our shoulders abs back chest and legs.  all working together alternating each.  side you know the drill 20 seconds of.  work let"s get it going in 3 2 1 begin.  slight bending those knees to start big.  power every time alternating sides on.  that halo to the right and then to the.  left keeping a slight bend in those.  elbows big power straight down not all.  upper body make sure using those legs.  three two one break using those legs and.  abs all at the same time.  come on keeping that energy up right.  here one down three to go.  in three two one begin making sure to.  breathe do not hold your breath big.  power every single time you are a.  powerhouse power factory let"s go let"s.  see it boom big top our every time and.  three two one right two down two to go.  again making sure to coordinate get that.  whole body involved doesn"t seem like.  much but man it gets yeah three two one.  begin like most good moves they catch up.  to you get that coordination going.  dropping down with your hips on every.  single slam kind of like you"re chopping.  wood baby power let"s go come on.  and three two one break excellent job.  way more if you want to ramp this one up.  you can grab a light hand weight but.  really no need just get that power going.  three two one last round.  let"s go make sure alternating right.  then left.  come on think about your goals well what.  brought you here today to begin with.  well you"re trying to lose weight gain.  muscle just be more fit than you ever.  thought possible whatever it is in three.  two one.  break alright we"re moving next into.  either skater jumps or skaters.  okay I"m gonna jump to my left we"re.  gonna step big step and I"m touching.  opposite side foot with the opposite.  side hand and now I"m jumping to the.  opposite side and I am stepping so it"s.  a lower impact version you decide which.  one is right for you let"s get a moving.  and three two one begin either stepping.  side to side or jumping side to side you.  decide what your variation is right for.  you making sure you"re bending at that.  knee hoop and this one does require some.  balance not about being perfect and.  three two one break excellent worried.  it"s okay if you"re a little wobbly.  I"m sorry you"ll see we"re not perfect.  you know just giving it your back that"s.  right.  starting again in three two one begin.  keep that back straight focus on that.  balance make sure you"re bending that.  knee don"t just bend over at the hips.  but bending that knee as well you tried.  your best to reach down to your toe if.  you"re not quite there yet don"t worry.  about it.  exactly do the best you can get a little.  bit better every time and break.  excellent work this one"s even more of a.  challenge after some of those other ones.  oh yeah your legs are more fatigued and.  starting again in three two one.  begin let"s go try where you at right.  here never repetitions getting us just.  that much closer to our goals.  whoo so easy everybody be fit but we.  know that"s not the case it takes work.  that"s it.  putting in that work right here and.  three two one break ah almost there.  almost there shake those legs loose one.  last one let"s get it going and two one.  begin making sure to focus on that.  breathing not holding your breath here.  one right into the next come on.  you start with one variation and you.  need to switch it up feel free to do so.  this one"s working your whole lower body.  and three two one break hi.  whoo my legs are all fired my goodness.  all right next we"re moving into an.  overhead kick I"m gonna do a variation.  with the jump and I"m gonna leave the.  jump out altogether arms are straight up.  overhead we"re gonna alternate kicking.  with our right and left leg but I"m.  gonna jump in between whoo you decide.  we variations right for you let"s get it.  going in three two one arms are straight.  up and kick you decide if you want to.  switch legs and kick well and jump I.  should say or do the low impact version.  which is what I"m doing either one is.  okay whatever you do do not hold your.  breath that"s right and three two one.  break that"s when it will get your heart.  rate quick fast in a hurry no I can feel.  it all right there with you try high.  right and three two one begin.  remember thousands maybe millions of us.  at home feeling that same burn you"re.  feeling feeling that same fight waiting.  that same fight you"re fighting in it.  together tribe let"s do it.  almost there almost there not much left.  not much left and three two one break.  two down two to go.  come on Seymour to go those you got this.  you got this it"s all mental at this.  point show us that mental toughness.  three two one begin not even physical.  anymore it"s all about that mental.  toughness which it prove to yourself how.  tough you are if you"re doing coach.  Kozak"s version and you need to do mine.  do it do what you can to get through.  this just keep moving don"t stop don"t.  give up and three two one break come on.  let"s do it.  whoa doing it together fighting together.  right here last one and three two one.  begin you are a fighter not a quitter.  let"s see it come on say how big that.  fight is in your heart right here not.  about your legs.  it"s about that spirit it"s about that.  mental toughness put it all out there so.  close so close and three.  to one break nice work.  we"re headed back to the floor for the.  next one we"re gonna do a one-arm plank.  I"m doing mine from a bear plank.  position coming off of my knees and on.  my hands and I"m in a high plank.  position from my knees keep that elbow.  bent we"re pulling back with our back.  muscles alright here we go three two one.  begin and if you are somewhere in.  between the bear plank and a plank from.  your knees feel free to hop up to a high.  plank and do your one-arm row keep those.  shoulders Square and parallel to the.  floor.  pull back squeeze that back muscle every.  time all one side at a time little.  switch and three two one break excellent.  core stays nice and tight switching arms.  here for this next one right and three.  two one begin keep that core nice and.  tight on this one keep a slight bend in.  the arm that"s on the ground don"t have.  that arm locked out and again just to.  reiterate what Coach Kozak mentioned you.  want to make sure your your shoulders.  are nice and straight and then you"re.  not trying to rotate as you bring your.  one arm fly up and three two one break.  excellent this one"s working your legs.  your core your upper back muscles all at.  the same time all of it all of it and.  three two one let"s go two down two to.  go.  let"s go tribe solution sides here you.  got it come on squeeze those back.  muscles up at the top every time also.  work on your chest triceps probably.  easier to name the muscle groups that"s.  not working and three two one.  break Paxson whatever you do do not hold.  your breath no easy want to forget and.  last one here in three two one begin.  come on try it finish strong right here.  last one of these keep that breathing.  going hard to do but try to keep those.  shoulders Square to the floor and.  squeeze that back up at the top every.  come on what do you made of right here.  right now.  and three two one and freak excellent.  all right we"re on our FB finishing with.  a doozy here I"m gonna do a scissor jump.  so I start with a staggered stance back.  knee down at a 90 degree angle I"m gonna.  jump up switch legs knees back down to.  90 and switch and I am doing the.  traditional reverse lunge stepping back.  90 degree angle on both legs you just I.  what"s right for you but let"s get it.  working together and three two one begin.  this is it.  is it right here no holding back it"s.  all mental at this point our legs are.  hurting too prove it to yourself how.  tough are you right here right now you.  can do this you can do anything that"s.  right and three two one break excellent.  job you start with one of these you need.  to switch it up feel free to do so.  alternate right scissors just don"t.  pause button and three two one begin.  keep moving right here pushing yourself.  cuz nobody else can or will do it for.  you what do you got right here try come.  on together push it push it push it.  alright and three two one break whoo.  shake those legs out I"m burning right.  there with you Kozak you"re a beast.  oh man I"m learning don"t let my poker.  face fool you and three two one let"s go.  tribe come on get it together.  third round it"s all about that.  discipline doing what we know needs to.  be done but nobody else is around that"s.  just you and the TV here you"re falling.  let"s get it come on and three two one.  break whoo-whee one more we got one last.  one all right come on do with us right.  make a tribe stay in it stay in it all.  right starting again in two one begin.  last 20 seconds why"d you come here for.  a tribe what is it.  what are you working towards what"s it.  gonna take to get there.  every single day you do at least one.  thing to get yourself closer to that.  goal come on what"s it gonna take only.  thing standing in between you and your.  goals is that work that has to be put in.  and break that"s it you made it and do.  we put in the work my legs are on fire.  right now folks no joke no movie magic.  here shaking loose we"re gonna move into.  a cool-down.  and the purpose of this cooldown is to.  give us a second to allow our heart.  rates to come down.  catch our breath get your breath and.  also to gain a little extra flexibility.  mobility working at the same time I.  spend a lot of time on our hands today.  so we"re in a little bit of wrist work I.  start with the wrist flexion extension.  those arms straight up now let"s make a.  fist as we bring those fists down slowly.  hold feel that stretch and now let"s.  hold hands up slowly as we peel them.  back and do an extension.  now hold pulling those fingertips all.  the way back reverses slowly make a fist.  as we come forward and to the flexion.  remember to take big deep breaths as you.  move to this routine that"s it hold that.  static stretch one more time up open.  those fingers as we extend and stretch.  those fingers back bring in that heart.  rate down focus on it four three two one.  zero we get to go to the floor for the.  next one sound pretty excited go ahead.  and sit down on your back side with your.  legs out in front of you let"s do a.  little angle here Claudia.  all right thanks out in front of you.  legs are straight we"re gonna do a hip.  hinge just our hands on our hips back.  stays straight shoulders are back as we.  bend over keep those knees down don"t.  bring them up so it doesn"t end up being.  that big of a stretch on this one cuz.  you are keeping that back straight and.  this is gonna emphasize those hamstrings.  using this form so don"t stretch with.  your head and neck but I said keep.  everything straight nice neutral spine.  nice neutral spine as you bend over and.  hold and it may not be that much of a.  move.  you might move an inch doesn"t take much.  four five four three two one.  all right similar move next but a little.  bit different in the muscles that we"re.  targeting next we"re gonna do a seated.  reach stretch so this time we"re gonna.  reach with their hands allow your back.  to bend and actually want you to pull.  back on those toes if you can"t reach.  them you can still pull back on them.  tuck that chin get a full stretch this.  one"s gonna stretch more your back as.  well as your glutes still hitting your.  hamstrings and then also hitting those.  calves all together nice big deep.  breaths here any of these static.  stretches we"re trying to get to about.  eighty five ninety percent of what we"re.  capable of feeling a good stretch but.  not feeling any real pain as you get.  into it and relax you can come just a.  little further forward and as you start.  to loosen up four five four three two.  one zero okay we"re gonna come on up.  into a kneeling position next nice and.  slow here and do a kneeling hip flexor.  stretch so one leg is up 90 degree angle.  nice and straight line from our.  shoulders to that opposite side knee.  hands are on our hips first thing what.  you do is squeeze your glutes and.  squeeze your abs now keeping them.  squeezed and contracted I want you to.  gently come forward with your hips.  doesn"t take a lot of range of motion as.  long as you"re squeezing here and here.  you can feel stretched down on your hip.  flexor as well as your quad now if you.  don"t have those squeeze and they"re.  relaxed and you can come all the way.  forward well you"ll notice when they.  would glutes are squeezed and your abs.  are contracted it doesn"t take much and.  we"re just holding here get a nice big.  deep breath for five four three two one.  zero.  all right let"s switch it up opposite.  side now and great one for the hip.  flexors as well as your quadriceps.  squeeze those glutes squeeze those abs.  and now.  ever so slowly bring those hips forward.  got a lot of working on those hip.  flexors and quadriceps today those.  agility moves some plyometric moves it"s.  a great one to help those recover so I.  don"t wake up to sewer tomorrow keep.  those glutes and abs tight four three.  two one zero relax good all right next.  we"re doing for our shoulders and a.  little bit of our spine we"re gonna do.  the thread the needle let"s come on to.  all fours hands and our knees with our.  right hand we"re gonna reach through and.  underneath our opposite side arm slight.  rotation and drop that same side.  shoulder down we"re reaching through.  just a slight rotation not a full.  rotation and reaching through as far as.  you can and we"re just holding on this.  again nice big deep breaths here try any.  best to get that heart rate back down.  four three two one zero back up same.  move opposite side reaching through with.  that left hand nice and relaxed trying.  to bring that shoulder down and a hold.  good time here to just take a minute and.  be proud of what you"ve achieved so far.  today you put in the discipline nobody.  nobody made you do this workout today.  you did it by choice you were strong.  enough to get it done might not have.  been easy but it was worth it you"re.  gonna come back and you"re gonna keep.  doing this.  day in and day out because you.  understand that this is a lifestyle and.  it"s worth it you"re worth it.  you are worth it four three two one zero.  we"re back up big deep breath and that.  is it you made it we made it we made it.  I am Oh sweaty man oh my goodness.  gracious you are whoo well you know.  a little warm in here today thank you.  for working out with us today we.  appreciate you we couldn"t do this.  without you.  we"d ask you please support our mission.  of keeping these great workouts free and.  you can do so by downloading our app.  it"s available for both iOS and Android.  you can also stop by our store pick up a.  shirt or our diet guide eating for life.  please also do not forget to give this.  video a like and follow us on your.  favorite social media network again.  thank you so much for joining us today.  it"s been our privilege to workout with.  you I"m coach Kozak and I"m Claudia and.  we will see you at your next workout.  


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