30 Day Beefy Burn: Toned Abs & Hands Boom

30 Day Beefy Burn: Toned Abs & Hands Boom by BeFiT is a supercharged, 10-minute elephantine-body strength  exercise that"s designed to burn energy and purpose the hands, shoulders, and abdominals the utilize of an efficient mix of core strengthening, boxing and weight coaching strikes to get you maximum outcomes rapid. Activate your core and put together to fight via the burn with Educated 30 Day Beefy Burn Trainer, Astrid McGuire as she retains you motivated with step-by-step instruction to make certain that good construct and allow you get the most out of every and every exercise as you sculpt lean muscle during the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, obliques, hands and midsection. Learn to invent a transformation by placing your tips into your muscle groups as you birth up down the avenue to horny 6-pack abs and chiseled hands with strikes love Dumbbell Punches, Bicep Curls, Shoulder Press, Dynamic Pulses, Overhead Tricep Presses, Bicep/Tricep/Shoulder Press Combos, Popeye Curls, Dumbbell Higher Cuts, Planks, Plank to Kickbacks, Side Planks, Full Physique Crunches, and Scissored Bugs that will ramp-up your weight reduction doable and portray lean definition. You"ll be capable to have a impart of 3 to 5 pound dumbbells, a towel, and a bottle of water to total this exercise. Adjustments are equipped during the exercise that can even furthermore be aged to compare any ability level. Alter weights, rest classes, and reps as wished depending for your level of fitness. Peep and in actuality feel your easiest as you are making the body of your wishes in correct 10 minutes a day correct from your have living room. Click here for added 30 Day Beefy Burn exercises: http://bit.ly/1dSyeul


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Boom Moves:
Dumbbell Punches 
Bicep Curls
Pulsing Bicep Curls
Shoulder Pulse
Shoulder Press
Dynamic Pulses
Overhead Tricep Press
Rest Length
Bicep/Tricep/Shoulder Press Combo
Popeye Curls
Dumbbell Higher Cuts
Plank to Kickback
Side Plank
Full Physique Crunch
Scissored Trojan horse

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hi I"m Oscar McGuire and this workout is all about toning your arms and ads so pick up your weights and let"s get ready to go here we go grab those weights whatever you have at home as this gets easier always feel free to pick up heavier set we"re gonna begin with punches get a little bend in those knees ladies let"s do this here we go punches side to side get a little twist in that torso turn your palms down this first move it"s a warming up the body getting ready for this feel how you"re already getting their arms your abs everything working we"re here for 15 more seconds so I think that means we pick up the pace let"s do it go get into this put your mind into your muscles let"s make a change you got 5 4 3 we"re going to transition right into a bicep curl and one here we go arms all the way down again put a little bend in those knees shoulders up chest up let"s go 80% up and then all the way down you want to get that crease in your bicep perfect lengthen all the way down I always like to think if you"re not going to touch your thighs that way you know you"re not cheating it"s an elbows slightly in front of the body standing here abs are always working they"re supporting you and putting a bend in those knees means you get to squeeze your butt extra credit right good you"re here for five more seconds for we"re gonna go into a pulse three two hold it up halfway right here and just give me that pulse squeeze your bicep again try not to keep them tight to the ribs push them out a little bit more work there five four we"re gonna keep going three two hold this position and just bring it up framing your face and again we"re just gonna go little list up and down pulsing your neck is long no tension to your shoulders but we are starting to warm them up got you"re here for 10 more seconds nine so it should be feeling heavy no matter what size weights you have I want to keep you working a little bit more but you will get a break so trust me on that one and hold it right there open it up tuck your tailbone as we have a tendency to hyper extend right into a shoulder press 90 degree angle on the down exhale on that up good now if you"re feeling tired you absolutely can alternate a few and then get back to both it"s too much alternate the whole time just keep working for me good what we"re doing nice keeping that bend in your knee perfect we have five more seconds we"re gonna go right into a pulse in four three notice I"d love to do that pulse it just give that burn that I"m looking for pulse it out 15 seconds go ahead lock your ribcage down don"t let it hyper extend eight seconds seven so I know you"re gonna want to drop your weights and I"m gonna tell you please don"t work through one last move push it all the way up squeeze your weights together we go right into a tricep overhead extensions breathe elbows super tight to the face framing it think about keeping them right by the temples try to make your weights disappear send it all the way up good now I promise you a break is coming but we have to do a little bit more here oh how we doing they get silent I think they"re doing great you they might not be but I think they are right good no pain no gain that"s what they always say I mean three more then we"re gonna pulse it and then that break is there to take it behind trying to make them really disappear I got a big ponytail back there so I don"t think you can see my weights go ten seconds good that breaks coming breathe five four three two one awesome take a break roll those shoulders I don"t want you to break too long but definitely we don"t want to put any extra stress everything we just did we"re gonna combine it deep breath let"s again ready palms up let"s go bicep curl lift it up frame your face open shoulder press right into that tricep overhead extension reverse the order right back down that"s all you"re doing every move together making it more compound burning more calories things we like to hear during a workout when it starts getting tough good push-up nice how we doing watch your form when you get tired things start to get droopy try not to do it if you"re on a different tempo than us no problem we just want you to keep working keep changing and make it all worth it right good all right we have 20 more seconds so let"s try to get on the same one now I"m gonna wait for you all right here we go as a group take it up lift push overhead I think we can get one more in I think you"re gonna want to get that one more in let"s do it lift open it up shoulder press tricep back of those arms and perfect deep breath bring those weights back up again I want to keep you moving so we"re gonna go right into Popeye arms here you get those biceps your chest shoulders as tight pick up that pace good how we feeling try to get it a little more push out then you roll it back in it"s got this 10 more seconds good good we"re gonna move right into uppercuts so I want you get explosive with these and three two one uppercuts pop it up to those corners give me a pivot with the leg really push with those thighs squeeze your butt awesome take a look at the direction you"re going the more you do that the more you"re gonna get that torso twist looking good guys we have 15 more seconds how about we pick it up pick it up yes go get into it ten who breathe four go three you got two and one awesome which weights down to the side and come right into a plank so you should feel like you"re a little bit out of breath that"s the point get those ABS plank position forearms and toes squeeze your butt shift your weight forward and hold it right there good so we have a tendency that if you"re alive your abs are weaker we start hyperextending pull them in you need to take a little break you can always lift that butt up a little bit as a breather and then go right back down car looks good you just go a little more forward yes you feel the difference there she"s like well I think I liked it better the other way but again we want to challenge you so three more seconds two and one so we"re gonna move on to a plank with a kick back I"m gonna do a more advanced version on my hands they"re gonna stay down on their forms grab one of your dumbbells bring your hand to the center or your form open up your legs wider bring that weight up and right here kick back good that"s perfect press that hand into the floor support yourself naturally you"re gonna want to open up a little bit try to center yourself back down flat to the floor good and again shaking muscle makes the change it"s no shame everybody"s at a different level we"re all about pushing to get stronger finding our best that"s look great we have 20 more seconds right here you love it back about arm abs everything"s engaged good let"s go five more reps for three we"re gonna move right into a side plank and one so again you have the choice here stay on your form or you can go on to your hand your level side plank get your forearm underneath your shoulder wrist in line hold it right here and we"re gonna drive that arm straight down good so right here pushing into that side plank lap pull down your abs are tight squeeze that elbow back behind your shoulder blade and let"s take a look at what"s happening here so with Ashley she has her feet crossed it makes it a little bit easier she still has perfect form we"re gonna close that ribcage down a little bit more good don"t forget to breathe really think about engaging those lats behind you perfect you have six more here nice five good get your hips up a little bit higher over here car good three more two and one let"s reset other side so we"re gonna grab back into plank positions take that dumbbell into your other hand come on down I"m more advanced so the hand is right underneath feet are a little bit wider let"s bring it up right into your kickbacks abs in tight good breathing back of that arm everything is working you"re getting a full body workout here even though I"m getting specific with the arms and those abs you"re looking good breathe got this stay with me last three - and transition right into your side plank either stack your feet or cross them over lift up and squeeze that lat push it straight up good really think about bringing that elbow behind you and then all the way up good guys we"re doing great try to get your hips a little bit higher work through it go you have ten seconds awesome let"s go three more in you have this ladies - and one more perfect let"s sit on to our back tear grab both your weights you can always do this without weights we"re gonna lay all the way down we"re gonna go into a full body crunch so standing your arms and legs all the way out inhale exhale crunch up inhale stretch exhale crunch good all the way back abs in tight the more you stretch your arms back you"re going to get more of those upper abs [Music] good let"s go ten more seconds right here breathe five get it four three more two we"re gonna lay all the way down right here keep your legs up drop your one leg down opposite leg chest press scissor legs good so while you"re here laying on your back keep your abs tight lower back press into the floor if you have a sensitive back you can always put a pin in your knee perfect elbows are just barely touching [Music] how it feeling good you"re at the end you should have a lot of energy left what you guys are doing so great you"re so strong whoo you have it ten more seconds we"re at the end whoop five we"re gonna have a hold remember that pulse I love so much in three two one take your legs up lower them as low as you can try to bring your shoulder blades up hold it right there good five four three two and one hug those knees in you guys are done come on up take a deep breath hope you feel your arms your abs have been toned great job thanks for watching keep working hard hi I"m Astrid McGuire and I"m Danielle passante your 30-day fat-burn trainer we"re here to tell you about the 30-day fat burn system and why it"s so incredibly effective 30-day fat burn is a unique high-intensity cardio program it torches calories and tones muscles with a mix of cardio and strength you"re going to get a full-body workout that sheds pallets while also toning and sculpting your body all over this program consists of 10 workouts each 10 minutes long that are designed to burn fat shed pounds all while simultaneously toning the ads arm side legs and back can be building a lean and sexy body in this program we will be jogging running and sprinting to increase endurance and shed pounds performing different types of squats and lunges to build your lower body strength and shape your funds and legs push-ups dips and tricep pulls to sculpt and tone your upper body side planks crunches and legless to create a strong defined midsection unique plyometric exercises such as ski jumps and mountain climbers to increase your agility and stamina we will show you step by step how to do each move to achieve correct form and get the best results out of each exercise and for best results follow the 30-day fat burn fitness calendar this calendar will show you exactly which workouts do each day now are you ready to get into great shape let"s go 


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  1. Wow! Love you Astride and the entire lot you’re doing! Gargantuan exercises. Repeatedly fair a miniature of a topic to me, but within the identical time now now not too spirited to present up all alone. Thank you for maintaining me in shape and being my feature mannequin, you’re continuously motivating me to enact my routines.

  2. WHen doing most of these exercises is it handiest to enact them each various day? Ought to you enact them on each day basis enact your muscle groups have time to heal?

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